Casper vs. GhostBed Mattress Comparison 2023 : Which Is Better?

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Casper is a household name in the bed-in-a-box business, but Ghostbed aims to take that name over. It just might, too, particularly for one specific type of customer, those on the heavier spectrum.

Can Ghostbed hold it down for the rest of their potential customer base, or does Casper still have the edge? We’ve put together a comparison for you that should settle the question. Let’s take a look.

About the Brands

First, we’ll take quick inventory of each with a few quick points.

Casper Recap Full Review

What To Like

  • Ideal for combination support
  • Cools well
  • Edge support is above-average
  • 100-day trial period that includes free shipping and returns
  • Certified by Centri-Pur
  • Less off-gassing than other boxed mattresses

What Not To Like

  • Lacks response and bounce
  • Heavier sleepers will find Casper a bit less forgiving
  • Only three different styles available

Ghostbed Recap Full Review

What To Like

  • Ideal for heavier sleepers
  • Foam remains very cool through the night
  • High-quality and excellent value at the price point
  • Longest trial period at 101 nights
  • Certified by Centri-Pur

What Not To Like

  • Lacking innerspring “bounce”
  • Not ideal for side sleepers
  • Lacks zone support

Casper and Ghostbed Comparison

How are Casper and Ghostbed similar?

As far as beds-in-a-box go, these two are pretty similar.


Both types of beds are technically medium firmness. They aim to suit a wide range of sleepers and provide combination support. Both are good for the average range of sleepers in weight and sleep position. Both are good for couples who have different sleep positions as well. Ghostbed is slightly firmer within that medium range, however.

Layers of Foam

Both companies get rid of that dead foam feel by using contour foam/support foam construction. The contouring foam layer or layers give way under your body weight and curves. This is especially important if you’re a side sleeper where you’ll put pressure on key points, or if you’ve got back issues that require proper lumbar support. It often uses gel or open cell foam to increase airflow and keep temperatures lower.

The support layer or layers are a much denser foam that pushes back against the body to keep the body from bending entirely and curving the spine unnaturally. The heavier density foam keeps the bed from feeling like quicksand or being too soft for most sleepers.

Motion Transfer

Both offer excellent protection against motion transfer. You might hate or love those mattresses using wine glasses and bowling balls to demonstrate motion transfer control, but be sure that both of these mattresses wouldn’t spill wine all over your bed. Your partner won’t disturb you much either even if it might feel like they adjust position like a falling bowling ball.


Both of them offer multiple types of accessories to complement their mattresses. You can purchase bed bases, sheets, mattress protectors, and pillows made specifically with your mattress in mind. Everything is intended to increase your sleep comfort, reduce night sweats, and maintain proper sleep position. Both companies’ accessories are affordable.

Bed Sizes

Both companies offer all standard sizes of bed from twin to California king.

Customer Support and Manufacturing

For many, manufacturing location is an essential component of deciding what company to support. Both companies produce the mattresses in the United States although some of Casper’s parts come from abroad. Ghostbed’s materials come from the United States.

Customer service can be a complete breaking point for a relationship and experience with a company regardless of the quality of products. Neither company specifies the location of their customer service, but the majority appears to be located in the United States as well. This factor should ease some worries about buying from an internet-based company.

Ghostbed is backed up by Nature’s Sleep, a company that’s been in business for 15 years.

How are Casper and Ghostbed Different?

You’re probably more interested in how the mattresses differ. Let’s get into that now.


Let’s first talk about this medium-firmness range. Casper’s construction style and type of foam produce a medium firmness on the softer end of the scale, particularly on edge support. The contouring foam provides a firmness of about six on a ten-point scale. The Ghostbed is rated more like a seven on a ten-point scale.

Both of those are in the medium range, but the Ghostbed’s construction is more supportive for customers who are on the heavier end of the scale or have a partner who is. It’s going to offer just enough pushback to maintain the proper amount of support. It adapts slowly to the contours of the body even more as the sleeper continues to lie down.

Foam Layers

Casper’s traditional construction is four layers of foam in the contouring/support categories. Casper uses open cell foam with no gel layers, and it has a zoned support layer. The zone support layer uses softer foam for the shoulder area, and the foam in the hip area is denser. For side sleepers, this allows shoulders to sink further into the foam while propping up hips. This layer discourages tossing and keeps the spine in proper alignment.

Ghostbed uses three layers of foam. The top layer is an open cell latex foam much like the Casper, but the middle layer is a gel foam insert that provides better airflow and cooler temperatures. The higher density base offers the firm support that puts the Ghostbed just a bit higher on the firmness spectrum.

The Ghostbed Luxe uses something called an Ice Layer that goes beyond gel to infuse even the fabric in heat dispersing properties. It keeps the inner layers cool and prevents body heat from getting trapped inside the core of the mattress only to reflect back on the sleeper. The upper layers and the cover material work to disperse that heat not only away from the inner mattress core but also away from the body.


Ghostbed offers a more extended trial period than Casper, but just by one day. Granted, sometimes that small amount can make a difference, but we feel like you’d probably know before then. Both do ask that you spend at least 30 days on the bed before initiating a return.

Ghostbed offers a 20-year warranty in graduated stages. During the first ten years, the company will replace a defective mattress at the cost of handling. The second half of the warranty, the bed will be replaced at a prorated cost, plus shipping and handling. Repairs and replacements will be done at the discretion of the company.

The Ghostbed Luxe is a newer model and subject to an extended warranty of 25 years under the same discretionary policies as the original warranty. The company reserves the right to decide what constitutes repair or return.

Casper has a ten-year limited warranty. If there’s a defect in the mattress, the customer will not be responsible for shipping or handling. In the course of normal wear and tear, the company will repair or replace the mattress at their discretion.


Both companies offer financing for customers who can’t produce the full price all at once. Ghostbed goes even further by accepting payments in Bitcoin. Customers who don’t have traditional financing but have invested in the popular cryptocurrency can pay through this alternative method.

Mattress Styles

As you know, most mattress retailers have a few different styles to choose from. Let’s review what is available from Casper and Ghostbed.


Casper offers four different mattress styles. The Casper is the original four-layer foam mattress. It has the zoned support layer for general, combination support and is suitable for people who sleep in a different position than their partner.

The Wave is a five-layer mattress with hyper-targeted support good for those who have particular pressure point issues such as lower lumbar support. It focuses on keeping the spine in proper alignment despite position changes. If you’re a side sleeper who resorts to the “sprinter” position (one leg straight and one leg bent), you’re more likely to cause overextension of the torso if the bed doesn’t give properly.

The Essential is a basic bed that hits all the fundamental points of a memory foam mattress. It has three layers of contouring/support foam and uses open cell foam for better air flow. Its target is the general crowd that needs combination support and doesn’t have any existing pain issues that need attention.


The original Ghostbed uses three layers of foam to provide stable support. It uses a latex upper portion of foam with an open cell design for better airflow. The middle layer is gel infused for more cooling, and the base layer provides the density of the medium firmness. The entire bed offers more pushback to accommodate even heavier sleepers or couples who have one heavy partner to prevent depressions.

The Ghostbed Luxe is designed heavily towards those who have trouble regulating their temperatures at night. It uses a Japanese technology to produce something called “Ice Layers” which Ghostbed claims helps reduce high temperatures and distribute heat even better than gel layers or open cell foam. This version is a significant price increase over the standard Ghostbed and negates any price difference between Ghostbed and Casper.


Casper also offers pet beds. If you’re a self-proclaimed pet parent, getting your furry companion the same level of comfort as your own could help make the decision. It comes in three sizes and features Casper’s foam support technology. Pet parents, rejoice. You’ve taken care of your best friend, too.

Social Initiatives

Both companies are dedicated to producing environmentally friendly mattresses with fewer toxins and less off-gassing. Casper goes even further to showcase the link between sleep and wellness. They create a print and online magazine, Woolly, dedicated to topics concerned with wellness and comfort. It hopes to reach an audience to showcase the benefits of slowing down, taking time to relax, and performing self-care.

The magazine means to combat the idea that we must engage in constant work and productivity to be valuable. Article subjects are engaging and sometimes a little controversial.

And The Winner Is…

The Casper Mattress Buy Online Now

We’re confident recommending Casper as the best choice based on our analysis of critical factors that an average, discerning mattress shopper would care most about. It offers the most generalized support with the zoned support layers that help even side sleepers get comfortable. It has excellent motion transfer protection and remains cooler at night than traditional memory foam.

  • Quality -Casper
  • Price -Tie
  • Reputation – Casper
  • Sleep Trial – Ghostbed
  • Warranty – Ghostbed
  • Customer Support – Tie
  • Product Selection – Casper

For Sleepers with Specific Needs

Side Sleepers: Choose Casper

You really can’t beat the zoned support layer for side sleepers. Most have shoulders that require more depth and give, but if the hips sink too far, the spine can come out of alignment. Side sleepers should be able to find a more comfortable position to reduce tossing and turning.

Stomach Sleepers: Choose Casper

Stomach sleepers also need the zoned support to keep the hips from overextending at the torso and putting pressure on the lower lumbar.

Back Pain: Choose Casper

Targeted zone support, and the medium firmness should suit most sleepers who need lower lumbar support and have a high risk of wrenching their lower back through poor positioning. The Casper helps reduce tossing and turning, which reduces the chance of that poor positioning.

Heavy People: Choose Ghostbed

The Ghostbed edges out Casper regarding firmness. The support is denser and handles the extra weight of heavier sleepers. The Luxe also adds some significant cooling support to prevent night sweats while still providing the same level of comfort.

Couples: Choose Casper (Unless One or Both Partners is Heavy)

Casper gives excellent combination support for couples who don’t sleep in the same position. The zoned support layer prevents tossing and turning. However, if one or both partners are heavy, the Ghostbed is going to offer more support and prevent the depression caused by a heavier partner.


The Casper is going to be the best choice for couples aside from one specific condition, weight. Casper gives excellent general support and has a range of options for those who have more specific concerns. Unless one or both partners is heavier, Casper is going to hit all the fundamentals.

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