Casper Mattress Review 2023 : Is It Worth It?

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The Casper Mattress company is based on the idea that buying a mattress in a retail store is a terrible experience – and that a better shopping experience can be found online. CEO Philip Krim and his three college roommates created Casper back in their dorm room before eventually launching the company in 2014. They were actually motivated to do so after one of them couldn’t find a good deal in a mattress store.

Casper prides itself on simplicity. They offer three different mattresses instead of the dozens found in a typical mattress store. Plus, they let you try the mattress in your home for 100 days. They take quite a few steps to remove the perceived risks involved in ordering a mattress online.

Casper is also well-known for their low prices. By starting their company with minimal retail stores, they can save on showroom-related costs. Manufacturers are sourced one on one. The unique properties of the memory foam allow the mattresses to be compressed down for easy shipping, which also helps keeps costs lower.

Product Offering

Casper makes three different types of mattresses. All use hybrid foam construction. The three mattress lines Casper offers are The Wave, The Casper and The Essential.

The Wave

The Wave is Casper’s most technologically advanced mattress. The mattress is 11.5 feet long with five layers of support.

Mattress layers include Hyper Targeted Support to support ergonomic spinal alignment. A high-density memory foam layer relieves pressure on your body. Also includes a Transition layer for extra comfort.

This mattress uses an open-cell foam to help keep you cool and comfortable all night long. Often an ideal solution for anyone sweats while they sleep or lives in a warm location but doesn’t have air conditioning.

The Casper

Casper’s namesake mattress is their best-selling model. A bit shorter than The Wave, The Casper is 10 feet long.

This mattress has four layers. Zoned Support provides targeted comfort for your entire body. The open cell foam is the same as The Wave, which maintains a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

The Essential

This the most inexpensive mattress offered by Casper. While there aren’t quite as many features as you’d find in the other two mattresses, The Essential is affordable for practically every budget.

The Essential is 8.5 feet long. Constructed with three layers, the hybrid foam mattress provides plenty of support without sacrificing breathability.

Coupons, Discounts, Sales & Deals

As a primarily online retailer, a variety of deals on Casper mattresses can be found across the web. Here’s a look at some coupons and discounts which can help lower costs:

Sleep Trials, Warranties & Return Policy

Casper mainly sells mattresses online, which means there aren’t a ton stores you can go into to really try before you buy. Instead, Casper wants you to use the product in your own home without worry. They offer a rather unique 100 Night Trial.

As the name implies, you get 100 nights to sleep on the bed in your own home. If the mattress isn’t a good fit, you can return it for a full refund. This lets you try the mattress with your own sheets, pillows and linens.

(They do have some retail stores, which are detailed below. If you buy from a store you still get the 100 Night Trial to try the mattress out at home.)

Casper actually makes returning the mattress easy and simple. A courier will arrive to remove the mattress where it be either donated or recycled. This service also applies to foundations, bases and other large products. You’ll need to send back smaller products on your own. Casper will provide a prepaid UPS label.

All returns made within 100 days result in a complete refund. However, you’re only allowed to do this once. Any Casper product, even a small one, which you return counts as making use of the 100 Night Trial. So you probably only want to use the policy to return a mattress instead of sheets or a pillow.

There is an exception for unopened items. If the item is still in its original packaging, it can be returned without counting as part of the 100 Night Trial. Of course, you can’t sleep on the mattress without taking it out of the box, but this exception is worth remembering if you change your mind soon after making a purchase.

Also, while your purchase price is completely refunded, that doesn’t apply to financing. Any interest paid will not be refunded.

Reviewed: Casper The Wave

The Wave is Casper’s most advanced, feature-filled mattress. If you’re looking for their absolute best mattress, you’ll want to catch The Wave. Let’s take a deeper look at the pros and cons of the Casper Wave mattress:

What Sizes Is It Available In?

The wave is available in six different sizes. Here’s a quick rundown of the dimensions and weight of each mattress:

  • Twin 39” x 75” x 11.5” 63 lbs.
  • Twin XL 39” x 80” x 11.5”68 lbs.
  • Full 54” x 75” x 11.5” 91 lbs.
  • Queen 60” x 80” x 11.5”109 lbs.
  • King 76” x 80” x 11.5” 141 lbs.
  • Cal King 72” x 84” x 11.5” 140 lbs.

What’s It Made Out Of?

The Casper Wave is a five-layer hybrid foam mattress. Let’s take a look at each layer:

The bottom layer is made from Support Foam with Contouring. This provides a solid yet flexible foundation for the entire mattress.

The next layer is High Resiliency Foam with a Polymer Network. A polymer network is a type of structure used to mold the foam. This layer helps the mattress contour to the individual shape of your hips and back.

Next up is the Visco Elastic Memory Foam. Also known as NASA memory foam, Visco Elastic Memory Foam conforms to a body’s natural heat and weight. Shoulder, hips and other pressure points are fully supported by the open cells of the foam.

Visco Elastic Memory Foam is used in both hospitals and homes to help treat a variety of health ailments. Aside from helping you get a solid night’s sleep, the foam also helps improve spinal alignment and circulation. Memory foam is also resistant to dust mites.

The next layer is made from latex foam. Latex foam has been used as mattress material for almost a century. Made from the sap of rubber trees, latex foam is instantly soft. You don’t need to wait for your body heat to warm up the foam like with the Visco Elastic foam.

Plus, latex foam is naturally hypoallergenic and antifungal. Having a latex foam layer near the top of the mattress helps prevent allergens from taking root inside.

Finally, the top layer is made from Flo Foam. This is a thin layer which provides both comfort and protection.

Is It Good For…?

Do you sleep like a rock or do you toss and turn all night? Everyone has a different preferred sleeping position. Here’s a look at how well the bed is suited for a few common sleeping situations:

Side Sleepers

Yes. The memory foam layers adjust to your specific shape. This provides extra support for your elbows, hips, ankles and other body parts which make the most contact with the mattress when sleeping on your side.

Stomach Sleepers

Yes. The combination of latex and memory foam provides full body support. Plus, the latex foam is germ and dust mite resistant, so you can rest your face directly against the mattress without worry.

Back Pain

Yes. The Visco Elastic Memory foam helps improve spinal alignment, which can then help reduce back pain. In fact, this same memory foam is actually used in hospitals and other medical settings to help treat a variety of orthopedic issues.

Hot Sleepers

Yes. Although memory form can get warm, the Wave maintains a comfortable temperature throughout the night thanks to each layer’s open cell technology. This ensures a consistent airflow to regulate the temperature of the mattress – while still allowing for plenty of support.

Heavy People

Yes. The memory foam layers will contour to your individual pressure points regardless of your shape or size. Additionally, the Polymer Network helps distribute body weight evenly across the mattress.


Yes. The mattress is comfortable and provides plenty of support. Plus, full sizes and up can easily accommodate two people.

Where Can I Buy It?

Casper started out as an entirely online store. Because customers couldn’t try out the mattresses in stores, Casper came up with the idea of the 100 Night Trial. This was designed to help potential customers overcome any reluctance about purchasing a mattress they couldn’t physically touch first.

Casper still sells a lot of mattresses online through their own site. You can also buy online through most major online retailers such as Amazon and eBay.

Over the years, Casper has also opened quite a few retail stores. They have over 15 stores in 11 states. In most stores only the Casper and Wave models are available.

Additionally, Casper recently partnered with Target. Mattresses are available in over 1,000 Target stores nationwide.

If a physical store isn’t near you, you still might be able to test out a mattress. Casper offers pop-up spaces where you can feel the mattress material. These mobile experiences are announced in advance through Casper’s electronic Snoozeletter.

How Much Does The Wave Cost?

The Wave is an affordable mattress which costs around $1,000. However, retail stores often list the mattress lower at around $900.

The Casper mattress starts around $600, making it a pretty good buy for the money. If you want to save even more, the Essential is priced at a very low $350.

The prices for all three Casper mattresses are very low compared to similar mattresses from other brands. In fact, the price is one of the strongest features of the Casper brand.

Is It Worth It?

Casper has a unique mattress philosophy. They believe one type of mattress will be comfortable for just about everybody. This is because the unique hybrid foam construction contours a person’s unique body shape, supporting pressure points regardless of sleeping position.

The price is a major positive here. As explained by the manufacturer, you’re paying for materials but not for any costs related to store maintenance or re-sellers.

The 100 Night Trial is another major point in Casper’s favor. Being able to try the bed in your own home is a great way to know if you’ll want this mattress long-term. Laying on a mattress for a few minutes in a store really doesn’t tell you much about comfort. But sleeping on the mattress for over three months lets you make an informed decision.

This mattress is also a great choice if you suffer from frequent back pain. It provides contoured spinal support unique to each person’s shape. While many people believe a firm mattress is best for the back, the National Sleep Foundation recommends a mattress with a bit of give to it. So the Casper line of mattresses can be a good choice for anyone with frequent back pain and back mobility issues.

Overall, the five layers of hybrid foam are comfortable, supportive and easy to care for. Plus, the price is very low compared to mattresses of similar size and materials. Finally, customers seem to be generally pleased, and the return policy is more than fair. Overall, this mattress seems it’s a good buy for most people regardless of size, shape or sleeping needs.

Shipping Info

Mattresses are shipped via UPS. Standard shipping takes between one and five days. Shipping is free.

The Wave box measures 19 by 19 by 41 inches. The Casper box is 17 by 17 by 42 inches while the Essential box is 16.25 by 16.25 by 42.5 inches.

All of these boxes are actually pretty small, especially for a mattress. UPS might leave them on your doorstep if you’re not at home. So be sure you’re ready for a package during the delivery window.

Casper mattresses are vacuum sealed and packed into a cardboard box roughly the size of a nightstand. Upon delivery, you open the box and unseal the mattress from the packaging. The mattress will then inflate and expand to full size is about two or three hours.

Casper also offers a While Glove Delivery option. This is available in the 48 contiguous states, usually in most major metropolitan areas (including Toronto).

With White Glove Delivery, a local courier will not only deliver your mattress, but they’ll set it up, too. In many areas, the courier will also remove your old mattress and box springs (as long as they’re in sanitary condition).

A White Glove shipment usually takes between three and five days. You’ll be notified the night before delivery, where you’ll be given a delivery window of about two hours. If you live in Los Angeles or New York, White Glove delivery is often available for same day delivery if you order before 3 pm.

Best Bed Frame / Foundation for the Casper Brand Mattress

Casper also makes a line of foundations and bed frames. They’re designed to fit the Casper lines of mattresses perfectly while also providing additional support.

The main Casper foundation does require some slight assembly. Four wooden baseboards are connected to create a rectangle, and then non-woven material is unfolded across the top to support the mattress.

The metal bed frame completes the setup. Made from 100% recycled steel and high impact polystyrene and polypropylene, the frame supports all Casper foundations. Frame is placed directly on the floor to raise the bed and provide storage space underneath.

The foundation and bed frame are both covered by the 100 Night Trial period. You can try out the complete setup. Remember that any return will count towards the 100 Night Trial, so if you return either the foundation or bed frame you won’t be able to return the mattress later. You can return all three at the same time, however.

Why Not To Buy a Casper Mattress

Overall, customers don’t have very many complaints about Casper mattresses. However, one issue which can occur is related to the temperature of the mattress. Memory foam is activated by body heat, but sometimes that heat becomes trapped and the mattress becomes too warm for comfortable sleeping.

Another reason you might want to consider a different brand is if you don’t want a memory foam mattress at all. You might prefer down or another type of filling. Shipping a non-memory foam mattress can be a bit more complicated because the mattress can’t be condensed like a memory foam can be.

Compare Similar Brands

Tuft and Needle is another mattress retailer with a similar business model. While Tuft and Needle was technically first in the market, Casper has become a close competitor.

Generally, Tuft and Needle mattresses are priced slightly lower than Casper mattresses. However, there are pluses and minuses.

The mattress covers on the Tuft and Needle are much thinner than the ones on the Casper. While this means the Tufts and Needle mattresses generally stay a bit cooler, especially in warmer weather, their thin covers are also more likely to tear. Plus, you can often see through the thin Tufts and Needles covers. Unless a warm bed is your number one sleeping issue, you’ll probably be better off with Casper.


Overall, Casper mattresses gets a solid A or maybe even an A+. There’s a lot to like here. The quality is very high. Each of the layers in every mattress is carefully balanced to create an experience of total comfort and support. The best aspects of latex foam, memory foam and high resiliency foam are all highlighted.

Plus, delivery is easy. While you want to make sure the box isn’t left unattended on your front door, the boxed mattress is lightweight and portable. Setting up the mattress is also simple.

Buying a mattress online can feel a bit uncertain, but Casper’s 100 Night Trial turned out to be the perfect solution. After a few months, you’ll know for sure if the mattress will be a long-term boost to your health and sleeping habits.

Casper seems to have found an effective way to lower mattress prices without lowering the overall quality.  With up to five layers of memory foam, you’ll have a comfortable, supportive night’s sleep in any position. If you’re looking for a great deal on a quality mattress, the Casper brand is what dreams are made of!

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