Brentwood Mattress Review 2023 : Is It Worth It?

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Brentwood Home opened in 1987. From Los Angeles, California their mission stayed the same over the years: provide “luxurious home essentials at honest prices.” Brentwood Home keeps to this mission well, establishing handcrafted items and focusing on high quality standards. The company prides themselves on their environmentally conscious design team.

Having a base in southern California means many strict environmental regulations. Brentwood Home took these regulations as a challenge to deliver only healthy materials. Through 30 years of experience in design and handcrafting, healthy materials are now only one aspect of their environmental-friendly business.

Product Offering

Brentwood Mattress has several mattress offerings.

Cedar Mattresses

Completely natural and eco-friendly, Brentwood’s Cedar mattresses are made with responsive natural latex. The Cedar mattress collection offers 3-zone pressure relief, and 5-zone support throughout the entire bed. Brentwood used a computer-design to layer different zones for pressure relief and support.

Many people enjoy the eco-friendly nature of these natural beds and say that Brentwood lives up to the claim of “the most comfortable natural mattress ever.”

Oceano Mattress

Claiming to provide “5-star hotel comfort at home” this mattress is the moderately priced Brentwood mattress option. The Oceano mattress has a layer of cooling gel, micro-coils to mimic a spring-coil feel and 5-zone support systems.

One of the few hybrid beds on the market, Brentwood brought their A-game with the Oceano line. The memory foam provides pressure relief while the micro-coils are super responsive. This bed has 7 layers of foam and coils to support you throughout the night.

Ojai Mattress

Brentwood’s most affordable option, this mattress still has the 5-zone support system and a cooling layer of memory foam. The Ojai line also uses 7-layers to support and provide relief. But, the edge retention, motion isolation, and temperature regulation are severely limited when compared to the Oceano or Cedar product lines.

Customer Support

Many customer’s care about who provides support for their products. Well, Brentwood’s mattresses are made in California. They maintain a customer service team based in the United States that responds quickly to any concern.

You can contact them through either the “talk now” feature on their website, email or by phone. It is very easy to get in contact with a Brentwood representative. As a bonus, they usually respond within a day or two if you’re sending your questions in through email.

Sleep Trials, Warranties & Return Policy

Every Brentwood mattress offers a 120-night guarantee. Brentwood is sure their product will stay in your home, so they offer free returns and free shipping. But, if for any reason you don’t completely enjoy your Brentwood mattress you can easily get a refund and return it. The risk-free trial period is allowed so you can test the comfort of a Brentwood bed.

After you end your sleep trial, they arrange for a local charity or shelter to pick up the bed. Essentially, they donate the bed on your behalf. Brentwood takes pride in their philanthropic efforts and donating trial rejections is just one of the charities they use.

The Brentwood warranty is good for 25-years, but like other warranties, for foam mattresses, it doesn’t cover standard wear. So, in 7 or 8 years when the bed begins to sag, despite all your rotating efforts, the warranty won’t cover a new mattress.

Material defects and issues with craftsmanship are covered. However these issues usually present themselves in the first few years, not 25-years into ownership. You’ll probably find yourself purchasing a new bed, rather than receiving a replacement through your warranty.

Coupons, Discounts, Sales & Deals

Brentwood home has an entire section on their website dedicated to sales, and they regularly have flash sales. These deals and discounts are substantial. The most commonly seen flash sale is $225 off any mattress.

Watch these deals closely because they change every few weeks, but there is usually some discount for their customers. Brentwood also issues a few coupons which again, vary every few weeks. However, their coupons are usually similar to their flash sales with a discount of up to $250 off any mattress.

Reviewed:  Brentwood’s Oceano Mattress

Brentwood’s best-selling model, the Oceano is a mattress that promises to leave you feeling like you slept in a luxury hotel. There are raving reviews, but also unanswered questions, and a few unhappy comments. There must be a reason that the Oceano remains Brentwood’s best-selling mattress for so long.

First and foremost, the Oceano is a hybrid mattress. It relies on multiple levels of foam, and spring coils to provide a quality night’s sleep. They alternate these layers to solve the issues that people experience with both spring-coil and foam mattresses.

Where foam mattresses are known to sleep hot, the Oceano offers coils in 2 layers throughout the middle of the bed for increased airflow. Then spring-coil mattresses are known for increased pressure and a lack of support. The Oceano uses layers of foam to support you and the coils.

The support system in the Oceano does exceptionally well for side and back sleepers. Because the coils distribute the weight evenly and are individually wrapped, they don’t transfer motion or pool. They don’t collapse like other micro-coils. But they provide a quality bounce that many people miss after switching to a foam mattress.

The support system and air flux layer do well to contour to your curves while still offering a lot of airflows. Most foam or hybrid mattresses fail to cater towards hot sleepers. Because the foam usually hugs so close to the body hot sleepers are trapped in heated air pockets and sweat.

No one wants that, so instead the Oceano’s layers allow for a lot of airflows and ease pooling. Part of the way Brentwood combats pooling, a constant problem in memory foam mattresses, is with their 5-zones. They segment the mattress into regions or zones based on how your body lays. They identify the different needs of your head and shoulders, upper body, hips, lower body and lower legs.

With these zones defined they offer different densities and levels of pressure resistance to provide the support you need. They also made a point to enlist smaller, more condensed coils near the edges of the bed. This edge support helps in 2 ways.

First, you won’t feel like you’re slipping off the bed if you prefer to sleep near the edge. Or, are forced to the edge by a bed-hogging partner. Secondly, edge support helps minimize motion transfer. If you and your partner are on different sleep schedules, you can keep each other up all night, or day.

Easily get in and out of bed or toss and turn through your sleep cycles without disturbing your partner. The motion reaches the edge support and quickly disperses with the increased volume of coils. For the Oceano, it is a lot of these little things that are making a huge difference in your sleep quality.

An important note, although many foam or hybrid mattresses spring up in a few hours, the Brentwood takes a bit longer. Yes, after 3 or 4 hours it looks like a bed. But, it might take 24-36 hours to reach its full firmness, and maybe a few days for off-gassing.

What Sizes Is It Available In?

Brentwood offers 7 different sizes, which range from the standard kid’s bedroom twin mattress to a lush, long and wide split king.

Size Price
Twin $995.00
Twin XL $1,195.00
Full $1,295.00
Queen $1,495.00
King $1,995.00
California King $1,995.00
Split King $2,195.00

What’s It Made Out Of?

Brentwood’s Oceano mattress isn’t designed with simplicity in mind. Instead, the system of layers works cohesively together to deliver a luxury feel that lasts for years. Because of these layer’s, it feels closer to a traditional spring mattress, with all the benefits of a foam mattress.

The first layer is New Zealand wool that is hand-tufted for premium air flow. The wool is spun with a 4-way stretch, so it easily moves with the weight applied to it. In other words, your top layer won’t pull from the sides when you sit on it. The wool is also great for airing out the other top layers to keep your mattress smelling clean.

After the layer of micro-coils is the first layer of memory foam. The medium dense foam allows for firm support but even pressure relief for side sleepers. Brentwood does well with their choice of foam, and it cradles the body’s pressure points well.

Under this first layer of foam is a layer of micro-coils that extend to 4-inches. There are 1353 micro-coils to provide support. They are situated closely together and condense even more towards the edges to provide edge support.

Beneath the micro-coils are the final 3 layers. First, an “air flux foam” that is designed to allow air to pass through the mattress easily. Second is another layer of coils which are wrapped individually to provide structured relief in 5 zones of the mattress. Finally, is the base foam. Although it’s only ½ an inch of foam, it’s extremely dense which helps the coils stay in place and prevent sagging.

This final layer of coils is used to provide an eco-friendlier mattress. Where other mattresses use various layers of foam which require fossil fuels for production, this hybrid mattress forgoes that option.

Finally, the Oceano is only made with Certi-PUR US Certified materials. Brentwood doesn’t use unhealthy chemicals or dangerous fire retardants. They also avoid heavy metals and phthalates.

Is It Good For…?

Side Sleepers

Yes. The layer of wool under the cover but over the first layer of foam provides an adequate amount of room for your shoulders and hips to rest. There isn’t immediate pressure on the foam mattress that would lead to aches or pains in the morning.

Best of all, the first layer of coils is under the wool and 2 inches of foam, so you get the comfort of a foam mattress and pressure distribution while maintaining a good level of spine support. Side sleepers can find it difficult to get the right amount of spine support. Usually, a hybrid mattress like the Oceano is their best option.

Stomach Sleepers

No. Some stomach sleepers enjoy the Brentwood Oceano. However, the division of the coils into 2 layers means there isn’t enough support from the coils or the foam to result in a good night’s sleep. The Oceano is also a medium in the degree of firmness. Typically stomach sleepers benefit from greater back support with a firm mattress.

With a medium like the Oceano they can experience sinkage in their hips, shoulders, and throughout their thigh area. Sinkage in these regions means that their lower and upper back dips, while the center of their back is resting where it should. In the end, you’ll wake up with aches and pains.

Back Pain

Yes. The Oceano model adjusts to each curve well, but most importantly to the curve in your lower back and upper shoulders. The combination of foam and wool allow for the lush feel of a euro-top with an additional level of support.

Hot Sleepers

Brentwood has adapted their designs specifically for hot sleepers. Although their bamboo or all-natural options don’t cater towards hot sleepers as well as the Oceano line.

With hand-tufted covers, the mattress looks appealing and allows for increased breathability. The small pathways for air are interwoven throughout many layers. The coil layers help segments the foam, so it doesn’t trap heat inside the mattress throughout the night. The coil system is more breathable than a foam option, and as you move through the night, it will increase air circulation.

Then there is the wool. Wool is known as a natural temperature regulator. The topmost layer helps wick away heat and disperse it throughout the bed rather than letting pockets of hot air cling to your body.

Heavy People

Yes. Unlike many foam mattresses, a hybrid mattress denies the foam it’s full ability to sink. This density is the main problem that heavy people have with foam mattresses. They lay down and are almost engulfed in foam, they usually feel stuck and can’t move easily throughout the night.

This stuck-feeling is a phenomenon that many people easily adjust to, but heavy people have the hardest time because it’s much more severe. The coils here help fight sinkability, and there is a stark difference between the Oceano and other all-foam options. Heavy people should try the Oceano.


Yes. Another benefit of a hybrid mattress is you’re not giving up the bounce. Many couples report that when they switched to a foam mattress, there was a period of transition in their love life. Usually, one partner or the other doesn’t enjoy sinking deeper into the mattress with added weight.

The Oceano recreates the traditional feel of a spring-coil mattress and offers all the bounce and resistance that a traditional mattress would. You won’t have any disruption in your love life with the Oceano.

Additionally, the limited motion transfer and stable edge support you won’t bother your partner getting in and out of bed.

Where Can I Buy It?

The Oceano is easy to purchase on the Brentwood Home website. Brentwood, like many other online mattress companies, has cut out the middleman. Instead, they pass on their savings to you.

How Much Does It Cost?

Brentwood is known for luxury, and although the Oceano is its moderately priced bed line, it is still in the expensive or luxury range. What you are paying for though is a high-quality mattress. And, even though we aren’t pleased with their warranty conditions, the Oceano should last you for a long time.

With the twin mattress starting at $995 you could easily use one of their flash sales to bring this price down to $775. The queen Oceano mattress, the most commonly sold size is $1,495, and $1,275 with their sales.

Many people are willing to pay $1,275 for a traditional mattress, but not a foam mattress. With the Oceano’s hybrid blend, this price is worth it.

Is It Worth It?

Yes, you’re paying for quality, an eco-friendly product, longevity, and support. You could spend double this amount on a traditional spring-coil mattress that will only last 7 or 8 years and still not have enough support.

The pressure distribution makes the Oceano a great buy for side sleepers. The support level makes it an excellent choice for heavy people and back sleepers. If you’re looking for plentiful back support, the Oceano is a great product.

However, if you are a stomach sleeper or prefer a firm mattress, you probably want to review other options first.

Shipping Info

Once you have your mattress on your doorstep, setup is easy. Those who are new to purchasing a mattress online usually worry about how they set up the bed. Do you need equipment, or does it take days to fluff?

The answer to both of those questions is no. When your mattress arrives, drag it into your bedroom and place it on the bed frame to expand. If your bed frame is the appropriate size, there’s no need to purchase a new foundation.

Then, remove the protective layer of plastic and roll the mattress out. Your mattress should immediately start to expand. After the mattress is rolled out, it could take a few hours to build up but might take a day and a half to reach its final firmness.

Shipping can quickly increase in expense though. If you were planning on paying to ship for a 65 to the 75-pound product you are mistaken. Brentwood beds are much heavier than most mattresses shipped in a box. For instance, the queen Oceano weighs in at 113-pounds.

Why Not To Buy a Brentwood Mattress?

If you prefer the feel of a foam mattress, you won’t get that from a Brentwood. The feel of the Oceano is unique to hybrid mattresses. Because they use coils and foam, they mimic the feel of a traditional mattress and offer some of the benefits of a foam mattress.

However, that slight sink and cozy hug of memory foam isn’t a feeling you’ll have with the Oceano.  Then, on the other hand, is the issue with firmness.

Looking past the Oceano as a single model, all of Brentwood’s mattresses are medium on the firmness scale. This works best for side sleepers who struggle to find a quality mattress option. However, back and stomach sleepers struggle with a medium.

If you sleep on your stomach, all night, you will want something that has more firm support. Although the coils help, the distribution of coils through 2 layers doesn’t provide the support you need. These foam mattresses provide quality support and that memory foam feel.

Compare Similar Brands

Brand Trial Period Warranty Price
Nest Bedding 100-nights Lifetime $899+
Purple Mattress 100-nights 10-year $699+


The Brentwood mattress earns itself an A- as it achieves quality, delivers on pressure and support, but its warranty and price might drive some customers away. Although the Oceano is a high-quality, luxury, mattress, there are many cheaper options available.

If you’re looking for a hybrid or foam mattress to save money, the Oceano isn’t for you. Additionally, if you’re a strict stomach sleep you probably need a more versatile, or firmer option. The Oceano delivers a great night of sleep for most people though.

With a unique blend of foam, and coils you get the best of both a traditional spring mattress and a new-age foam mattress. Great for side sleepers, and hot sleepers the Oceano is a mattress that will last for years.

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