Blue Bedroom Ideas : 20 Shades of Blue Inspiration for Your Sleeping Quarters

Blue is one of the easiest colors to integrate into a bedroom. It not only looks nice and is easy to match with existing belongings, but it’s also one of the more relaxing colors around. The bedroom should be a retreat of sorts, and choosing a color like blue to decorate the space will help ease you into that feeling of tranquility that’s so necessary for a good night sleep.

The following blue bedroom ideas offer inspiration for everything from bedroom walls to the comforter and everything in between. Some use blue as the main color in a variety of shades, while others use it only just as an accent to make other natural elements of the bedroom pop. There’s inspiration for here for every type of blue bedroom around.

1. Calming Light Blue Bedroom


This bedroom went all that with the blue bedroom idea, but it still manages to look subtle thanks to the shade of blue that was used. This light color of blue pairs perfectly with a white comforter while creating a calming and serene space. They even used blue accessories as accents in a slightly darker shade of blue to create a bit of depth to the space.

2. Blue Patterned Bedroom


The design of this bedroom manages to incorporate a lot of blue without being overwhelming. This was accomplished by adding a lot of blue through patterns, which still allows a lot of white to pop through. When sticking with a single color scheme, mixing and matching becomes a seamless process.

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3. Deep Blue Painted Bedroom


This bedroom gets most of its blue color from the paint choices for both the walls and the bed. It might seem like a bold choice to choose a deep dark blue as a wall paint color, but as you can see in this room it really acts a nice solid primary base color. From there you can add on pinks and other brighter colors to balance things out.

4. Blue Shades Offsetting a Natural Vibe


This room has a very natural, earthy vibe, thanks to the gorgeous scene right outside the double doors. It makes sense to create a space that feels like an extension of the trees rather than try to compete with them. Blue might not be the most popular color in the forest, but it is common in nature and therefore creates a serene naturalness about this space.

5. Barely Blue Touches in a Minimal Bedroom Setting


The blue in this bedroom shows up as a very light, barely blue, which we can see repeated in the dresser as well as the lamp. This choice adds some dimension to the very minimal space without disrupting it’s straightforward and simplistic nature.

6. Royal Blue Room Accents


The blue in this room is a bright royal, which does an amazing job as adding some dimension to the clean and upscale looking space. Choosing to use blue for the couch in front the of the bed serves to draw your eyes there rather than the bed itself, creating the feel of a living space more than a bedroom.

7. Blue Bed Focal Point


The design in this room uses blue to make the bed the focal point of the bedroom. Everything is light colored and almost in the sandy range, making this seem like a room that could be beachside anywhere in the world. Making the bed the focal point makes perfect sense for a spare room or a vacation home, as the bed is truly the most important part of those bedrooms.

8. Bold Blue Bedroom Walls


This bedroom didn’t shy away from creating some boldness with those teal walls. They added a lot of soft touches to balance out the boldness of the wall color, such as the various throw blankets and even the softness of the greenery.

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9. Taking Up Space With Blue Pops


Here we have an example of blue being used to help fill a very large space. Walls these high could easily cause a disorienting sensation in a room of all one color, but adding a few repeating colors and interesting patterns helps to fill space and really make the bedroom look like a piece of art.

10. Barely Blue Bedroom


This room just utilizes a touch of blue but in such a great way. By using a bright blue for the sheets and pillowcases there ends up being a layered feeling to the bed that plays off the pattern on the headboard. This is a good example of using various colors that don’t need to match exactly to nicely complement one another.

11. Matching Deep Blue Bedroom


In this room, they chose to use all the same shade of blue for the wall, bed, and footstool. There’s more blue in this bedroom than anything else which makes it a place to start from. Everything else added in is just an accent to the base color that rules the room.

12. Blue Bedroom Office


Bedrooms aren’t just all about the bed, and this blue office area is a great example of how to bring some color into other parts of the bedroom as well. A small, basic desk area becomes a gorgeous and serene scene when this comforting shade of blue of used to link all the office furniture with the wall.

13. All Blue Everything Bedroom


This bedroom is all blue and any blue goes. They chose to fully embrace the blue theme and in doing so made space for pretty much every blue shade out there. Everything from the palest blue to borderline slate gray-blue colors have found their way in through furniture and prints.

14. The Opulent Blue Bedroom


This bedroom fills its large space with opulent details like a four poster bed, chandelier, and drape curtains. The blue patterned wallpaper adds a playful element to an otherwise stately space.

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15. Periwinkle Pops


This bedroom is the perfect balance of lighter vintage colors and periwinkle blue. The room would be at risk at looking a little washed out if it didn’t have some color in there, and the shade of blue managed to brighten things up without distracting from the gorgeous furniture and floor.

16. Bottom Half Blue Bedroom


This hangout corner of a bedroom only uses blue on the bottom half of the room. In this way nothing competes with that beautiful light pouring in the corner window. The blue details running through the white rug serve to tie together the strong usage of both colors in the room.

17. Stately Blue Bedroom


There’s something stately and dramatic about a tall canopy bed and this blue version is no exception. Having the blue patterns at the base of the bed as well as on the top of the canopy allows the eyes to move up and down taking in the sleep space. The periwinkle blue of the walls is the perfect balance with the wood floor.

18. Playful Blue Bedroom


This bedroom is all about fun, from it’s slightly zany headboard the to the wavy lampshades. (Both in blue!) With the dog wallpaper it’s clear why the designers chose to leave the rest of the space white. The blue creates just the right amount of aliveness without taking things too far.

19. Vintage Blue Bedroom


This bedroom draws on all things vintage and the color palette is a very important element of that design choice. The light blue florals manage to bring a warmth to that vintage feel despite being a cool color.

20. Blue Focal Point Bedroom


At its base this bedroom is made up of wood and brick so there’s a lot of room to play with contrasting those colors and patterns. Here we see how using a blue mandala bedspread as the focus point immediately moves the eyes towards the bed whether than highlighting the basic nature of the surrounding space.

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