Black Bedroom Ideas

Black might not be the first color that comes to mind when you think about decorating a bedroom, but after looking through these inspiring examples of black bedroom ideas you might think otherwise. Black does tend to bring a bit of darkness into a room, but all of these examples show different ways to either combat that or lean into. (After all, a little darkness can be really nice for sleeping!) Black also happens to come in a variety of shades and tones, so you might be surprised how many different ways you can fill a room with black items without looking like it’s been overdone. In addition to different shades and tones, there are also endless textures that can be used on black walls or black items. The possibilities are really quite endless. Read on for some gorgeous photos and inspirational ideas about how a bedroom can be decorated and designed using the color black.

1. Pairing Giant Windows With Black Walls

It’s no secret that black can end up holding a light of the light in a room, so it’s not always the best choice of wall color if there are limited windows. In a bedroom such as this, however, having white walls could almost be too bright. This provides the perfect balance for those giant windows and makes the room feel cozy at the same time.


2. Mixing Black and Shades of Grey

This bedroom is a gorgeous mixture of black and grey shades. There’s nothing that is stark white in this bedroom, but the light grey color serves to be the opposite of the black color. All of this is balanced together by laying a rug on the floor that shows the gradation in a cool design.

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3. A Black Floral Wallpaper

Just because a wall is black that doesn’t mean that has to be solid black! We love a black wallpaper with a floral design on it. It looks sophisticated and chic in a bedroom, and then leaves room to play with options when it comes to bedding and the rest of the bedroom design.


4. One Strong Black Wall

In this living situation, the dresser and the bed are in different rooms. They decided to paint the portions of the rooms different colors to separate them a bit, and maybe even to offer them more independence between them. This strong black wall manages to camouflage the TV above the dresser.

5. The Black and Silver Bed

This bedroom is all black and it has matching black sheets and a comforter. To keep it from looking to basic or bland they threw some silver pillows on top as well as a fluffy blanket with some grey tones at the foot of the bed.


6. A Black Wall as a Spot for Art

This black wall is basically being used as a spot to hang out. The artwork is hung in different frames varying from black ones to metallic ones. A mirror with a mirrored silver frame looks gorgeous next to the hanging art and really ties in all the angles.


7. A Solid Black Wall and a Statement Lamp

This black wall is quite dark, so an extremely bright light was brought in to hang above the bed. But not only that, the light is also a strong statement piece in general. It basically looks like a work of art itself and it serves as a focal point in the room as much as it is something totally functional.


8. A Large Black and White Space

This is a huge bedroom that could easily feel a bit lost if there wasn’t a dynamic decorating style going on. They decided to alternate black and white throughout the space which moves the eye along and makes it feel very dynamic as well as easy to understand.

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9. A Black Wall for an Exposed Closet

Here’s a bedroom with an exposed closet rack and all black walls. The black wall looks great behind the rack. it doesn’t draw too much attention, and it actually allows the clothes to stand for themselves and look nice in the space rather than feeling like a distraction.


10. A Bold Black Bed Frame

In this bedroom, the main black element is this bold black bed frame. This turns the bed into a statement piece, and then a couple other black detail items were brought into the room to balance all of that out.


11. A Glam Black Bedroom

This bedroom is a great example of a black bedroom done glam. Obviously, the chandelier gives off that vibe but so does the black with silver behind the bed. The geometric patterns are repeated throughout the room, down the bed, and even onto the rug on the floor.


12. A Giant Black Rug

This bedroom has a lot of black items in it, including a black wall and some black curtains. But we’re particularly drawn to this gorgeous black rug. It serves to anchor the room and visually support this black bed, making it feel extended and larger than it is, as well as pretty cozy.


13. A Cozy Black Bedroom Nook

This bedroom nook is made extra cozy by the fact that the room is designed in all black. It looks gorgeous next to the expansive window and provides the perfect corner vibe for getting cozy and reading a book. A minimal bed and side table allow the attention to flow towards the window and the view outside.


14. The Black on Black on Black Bedroom

This bedroom really went all out when it came to choosing a black theme. They did, however, choose a few different shades of black to ensure that all of this went together nicely, and it certainly does. Using a few different styles of texture also makes this room feel well curated and liveable.

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15. Floral on Floral in a Black Room

In this bedroom, there is a version of the black floral wallpaper, which is then paired with a floral bedspread, and more flowers on the bedside table as well. In this case, black is one of the few colors repeated over and over, which also include this maroon and dark green.


16. A Textured Black Wall

In this room, there is a strong, textured black wall. Due to the texture the wall almost looks like fossilized wood or marble, which of course adds in a ton of great detail. It serves as a great backdrop for the other items in this room, many of which are also quite textured themselves.


17. Black Balanced With Lighter Colors

A black wall does not only need to be paired with darker colors like grey. In this bedroom, it’s shown how a black wall can be balanced out really nicely with some white items and light wood as well. The key is tying it all together with other black details, such as the black on the picture frame and the black lamp next to the bed.


18. Painting Over Existing Wall Texture

In this bedroom, a black paint was an awesome choice for painting over some existing wall texture. A common choice would have been using a white, but the black looks great and actually highlights the texture and creates a visual interest rather than looking too blank or stark.


19. A Gorgeous Black Bedspread

A quick and easy way to bring a bunch of black into a bedroom is to put a black bedspread onto the bed. You can imagine how cozy this one would feel on a really comfortable mattress. We love the texture of the knit, it looks well made and interesting as opposed to something that’s all black.


20. Beautiful Black Artwork

Whether or not a full black wall is used in a black bedroom, black artwork is always an option as well. This black and white swirl painting is mostly black but it looks marbleized and super chic is this all black bedroom. The black book on the bed could be used as decoration in the room as well.


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