Big Fig Mattress Review 2023 : Is It Worth It?

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With over 5 generations of mattress designing experience, the Big Fig mattress family has made a truly unique product line. Their most recent line was designed and tested in 2016. Since then it shows massive success and raving reviews.

We’ve brought everything together in this review for the Big Fig mattress. If you’re looking for a hybrid mattress to fit your sleep needs, the Big Fig mattress might be the best choice!

Company Review

The Big Fig mattress company focuses on providing quality sleep solutions. Recently Big Fig mattress has taken an interest in sleep solution for heavy people.

With their many years of experience, it’s difficult to argue that they don’t have some insight into quality design. For those of you who are looking for a reputable brand, Big Fig mattress could be the right option for you.

Product Offering

Currently, there is only one Big Fig mattress. Big Fig has put all their focus into engineering a top-quality mattress, and the one model they have is a major success.

The Big Fig mattress is made from high-quality materials, will stand the test of time, and offers support. But, the Big Fig delivers excellence for a specific group of people: heavy people. If you have a bit of weight or are a large person, you might notice certain issues with your mattress.

Issues that heavy people regularly experience with their mattress are:

  • Mattress sagging
  • Losses support in the center of the mattress
  • Virtually no edge support
  • Poor temperature control when sleeping
  • Top or cover shifts regularly
  • Overall not comfortable
  • Shorter mattress life

These issues build up quickly and typically mattresses only last for about 5 years with heavy people. So, the Big Fig mattress aims to address all these concerns.

The Big Fig mattress stands as a solid foundation for Big Fig to introduce more products when they feel it’s necessary. Maybe next time they’ll craft a mattress specifically for hot sleepers!

Customer Support

Based on the United States East coast there’s someone available to help you with your questions, but not around the clock. You can reach a representative by calling, chatting online or emailing. But, odds are if you need help outside of standard work hours (8 am to 4:30 pm) EST then you will have to wait.

Big Fig is well known for responding to questions, requests, and inquiries within 24 hours. So, if you have a midnight concern or a question randomly pops up, then send an email or start a chat. Even if it’s after hours, you’ll have an answer before the next day.

Sleep Trials, Warranties & Return Policy

There are a few aspects to consider with the Big Fig mattress. First, you have 101 nights to decide if you like the Big Fig mattress or not. The sleep trial does require you to consider the mattress for 30 nights, which is standard for most mattress sleep trials.

Outside of the sleep trial, you have a 20-year warranty. The Big Fig mattress doesn’t skimp when it comes to manufacturers defects. The 20-year warranty covers any manufacturers defects, however, does not cover normal wear and tear. Because hybrid mattresses are newer to the market, we’re not sure how the Big Fig mattress will hold up to everyday use over the years.

Never plan on a warranty to be the deciding factor in your mattress choices. Instead, consider a 20-year warranty a bonus.

Coupons, Discounts, Sales & Deals

Big Fig varies their deals by the season. They offer a $199 off sale where $100 is part of the mattress discount, and then shipping is free, but the shipping is usually $99. This sale is a great deal for any mattress, but most people don’t account for the shipping costs until they see the charge on their final checkout.

During standard mattress weekend sales, like Presidents Day, discounts will occasionally rise to $150 or $200 off depending on the promotion.

If you’re looking for the best sales and discounts on any Big Fig mattress, I will keep an eye on their website. They update it often, and their sales change regularly.

Reviewed: Big Fig Mattress

The Big Fig mattress outdoes itself by using both foam and springs to offer otherworldly support. This mattress is something that is great in theory, and with the well thought-out design, it’s everything you would expect.

The Big Fig mattress features everything that heavy people need. Foam offers even weight distribution, while springs control sinkage. The mattress uses design to cater towards heavy individuals by starting and finishing with dense foam. The density of the mattress doesn’t offer better weight distribution but also extends the life of the mattress.

The cover acts as sort of the secret sauce of the Big Fig mattress. This cover is a unique knit blend that offers softness, comfort, and temperature control. With a 1-inch layer of foam of moderate density, the cover can breathe. Unlike other mattress covers, the Big Fig mattress cover won’t trap heat against the body.

Initially, the Big Fig mattress is comfortable because of the top layers of foam which lay directly beneath its unique cover.

When you stretch out over the Big Fig mattress, there is almost immediate pressure relief. There’s a quick response that delivers pressure relief at key points of stress. The lower back and across the shoulder regions respond quickly by conforming to your curves. But, you don’t feel stuck.

Even though this mattress considers every aspect of the larger person, the first area we noticed it began to lose its appeal was with the bounce. The bounce of a spring mattress is a personal preference. Some people can’t stand a foam mattress and miss the bounce. But others hate it.

The region of support ensures that the lower back and shoulders are adequately cared for while you sleep. Because heavy people, especially people who carry their weight in the hip or belly areas experience a lot of lower back strain, proper support is imperative.

Another region of the bed that we expect premium support from is the edge. The edges are often disappointing for every new mattress owner. If you’re sharing the bed, it’s likely that one of you spends most of the night at the edge of the bed.

Any luxury mattress should offer top quality support throughout the mattress, not just in the center. If you or your partner rolls over towards the end of the night, there shouldn’t be a fear that you’ll end up on the floor!

The Big Fig mattress shines in performance with a responsive foam construct that is supported by a pocket coil system. The construction and design of the Big Fig mattress offer support that evenly distributes your weight over the surface of the mattress rather than over the surface area your body covers.

When you’re laying on your back in the Big Fig mattress the pressure relief isn’t just a matter of sinking into the comfortable foam. The mattress is firm and keeps your back aligned. Over a few nights, it’s easy to see how it’s a remedy for ongoing back pain.

The cover is soft enough to bunch slightly above the top of your hips, so the space from the lower curve in your back is filled without hitting the dense foam right away. The sinkage of the Big Fig mattress is what you would expect from a mattress designed for heavy people. Minimal!

With a 300-pound person on the Big Fig mattress, we see about 4-inches of sinkage at its deepest point. The mattress firmness isn’t the only reason for the low amount of sinkage. The pocket coil support system uses regions to distribute pressure and prevent unnecessary sinkage.

If you sleep with a partner in bed, less sinkage also means less disturbance in the middle of the night. Because some people wake up from even the tiniest shift in bed many couples consider the amount of disturbance before buying a bed together.

When looking at the Big Fig mattress, you notice that the support system which uses regions to reduce sinkage also reduces disturbances. Your partner can get in and out of bed or toss and turn all night without waking up every time they roll over. The foam part of the mattress also contributes to the low amount of distribution.

Of course, the best part of a hybrid mattress is the many layers of foam. The Big Fig mattress uses multiple layers to offer support in the center of the mattress for all night comfort and protect the mattress through years of use. When mattresses experience significant compression each night, their lifespan deteriorates quickly.

With the Big Fig mattress, the dense foam fights compression to make your mattress last for years longer than the competition.

Overall the Big Fig mattress performs well at every turn if you’re a heavy person. The support is amazing, the edges are sturdy, the mattress breathes well, and it doesn’t compress very far so it should last for years.

What Sizes Is It Available In?

The Big Fig mattress is available in most standard sizes with familiar dimensions and luxury prices. But the noticeable difference with the Big Fig mattress is that it’s taller than most other mattresses. The Big Fig stands 3 inches taller than standard dimensions. That is 3 additional inches of super dense foam to cater to heavier people.

Size Dimensions Price
Twin 39” X 75” X 13” $1,299
Twin XL 39” X 80” X 13” $1,399
Full 54” X 75” X 13” $1,499
Queen 60” X 80” X 13” $1,699
King 76” X 80” X 13” $1,999
California King 72” X 84” X 13” $1,999

What’s It Made Out Of?

The Big Fig mattress uses many layers woven together seamlessly for high-quality results. The topmost foam layer is about half of an inch of gel that uses latex to allow air to travel throughout the top region of the mattress. The top layer of latex offers some additional bounce as well.

There are 3 total layers of foam although they vary in density and thickness. The first layer of foam, right beneath the top latex layer is a solid inch of poly foam. Polyfoam is exceptionally durable and moderately dense. This layer is denser than the standard top layer of foam mattresses.

The other layers of foam throughout the Big Fig mattress are denser than the first foam layer. They help aid the pocket coils in support but also offer quick response to mimic the bounce of a traditional spring coil mattress.

Perhaps the premier feature of the alternate foam densities is that you never feel stuck. For years many heavy people have actively avoided foam or hybrid mattresses because you feel like you can’t get out of them. With the Big Fig mattress, the stuck feeling is not a problem.

One of the layers of foam functions specifically as edge support. There is a 3-inch layer of 1.8-pound density foam that reinforces the edges to prevent compression and side-sagging.

The support system is complex interworking of pocket coils that stand, uncompressed, at 7-inches. The pocket coil layer adds bounce throughout the Big Fig mattress. Because the coils are wrapped individually, they isolate motion on compression.

The pocket coil system also allows for a lot of air to flow throughout the interior of the mattress at night. It creates a 7-inch layer of clear airflow for cooler.

Finally, the base deserves special mention in the Big Fig mattress. The base is an inch and a half of very dense foam. The pocket coils sit on the base layer directly which offers a stable foundation to reduce motion transfer and unnecessary bounce. The base was designed with the life of the mattress in mind.

If you’re looking at the overall materials of the Big Fig mattress you’re looking at 3 different layers of foam, a top layer of latex and gel, all supported with individually wrapped pocket coils.

Included Foundation

The Big Fig mattress comes with its foundation. Where many foam mattresses require you to purchase a specific foundation, the Big Fig doesn’t try to trick you into buying another piece of furniture.

The foundation uses wood with the focus on center rails to support the foam of the mattress and the weight of the sleepers comfortably. The Big Fig mattress can sit on the foundation placed on top of a bed frame but, the foundation is already tall.

The mattress feels firmer with the addition of the included foundation. The foundation is meant to provide as much support as possible.

Is It Good For…?

Side Sleepers


Side sleepers need some give in their mattress, and the Big Fig mattress is simply too firm for side sleeping. Changing positions is easy, but the issue is in the pressure. Because side sleepers place a lot of pressure directly on their should and hip, they tend to prefer softer mattresses.

Stomach Sleepers


The Big Fig mattress offers enough support to keep your back aligned even when sleeping on your stomach. The support keeps your hips even and in line with your shoulders which is a stomach sleepers dream come true.

After sleeping on your stomach in the Big Fig mattress for a night, you can feel the difference!

Back Pain

Yes and no.

The Big Fig mattress can help your back pain if what you’re missing is support. However, if you have pre-existing back issues where a firm mattress can cause more stiffness than comfort, then this is not the mattress for you.

Big Fig mattresses focus on support and minimizing compression. For side sleepers with back pain, this will only aggravate your back pain because your back will be super out of shape.

Hot Sleepers


The Big Fig mattress offers a solution for hot sleep that is unique to hybrid mattresses. Because it has pocket coils that stand at 7-inches tall, you have about 7-inches of airflow directly through the center of the mattress.

The cover’s gel material help keeps heat away from the body and cools down the topmost layer.

Heavy People


The Big Fig mattress was made with only heavy people in mind. If you’re over 200 pounds and looking for a hybrid mattress, then you need to give the Big Fig mattress a shot. It offers a blend of support with pressure relief.

With minimal sinkage, and motion transfer the Big Fig mattress is a top contender for the best hybrid mattress for heavy people. Then because the foam is high-density the mattress will hold up through the years without sagging or leaving you feeling stuck.

The Big Fig mattress handles up to 1,000 pounds of overall weight. The foundation also provides extra support and won’t cost you extra money!


There’s some concern whenever you decide to switch to a foam or hybrid mattress. But the issue that most people worry about, and don’t want to discuss, is will intimacy be the same?

The short answer is not really. The extra firmness and support will significantly reduce the bounce you’re used to during sex. However, for obese or heavy set people you’re going to need as much support as you can get and Big Fig is the best it gets for sex outside of a custom-made bed. The pocket coils help retain some spring and help make the mattress feel more responsive.

You and your partner aren’t going to sink into the mattress during sex. Even if both people are heavy.

Where Can I Buy It?

Big Fig comes from a long history of well-made mattresses from this father-daughter founder duo. But, they took a different route with the Big Fig than they used for their previous mattress lines.

Instead of competing with the nations leading mattress manufacturers in dying furniture and mattress shops, Big Fig is only available online.

As an online-only store, Big Fig allows you to get the lowest price available because they eliminated the need for a middleman. With the only place to buy being online, you can place your order at any time of the day or night.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Big Fig is a luxury hybrid mattress. This mattress is worth the cost if both you and your partner are heavy people.

The twin mattress is $1,299, and the prices only go up from there. This price range is a bit steep for many people, but the comfort is worth the luxury you’re getting from this mattress. Overall, the cost is not in many people’s budgets.

Is It Worth It?

Absolutely! The Big Fig mattress was designed with quality in mind. It focuses on longevity, and the father-daughter duo behind the Big Fig mattress succeeded.

The initial price may send you into sticker shock, but the Big Fig mattress will last for years to come. Long after you would need another mattress, the Big Fig mattress will still be in top condition.

If you have the budget for the Big Fig mattress which starts at $1,299 and goes up to $1,999, it’s worth every penny.

Shipping Info

These mattresses are different from other order online mattresses. The Big Fig mattress ships in a box that is the size of the mattress. So, there’s no time spent waiting for it to fluff back up.

Why Not Buy a Big Fig mattress?

There are 2 reasons not to buy a Big Fig mattress. First, you’re a smaller person who doesn’t need that much support. And secondly, the price. Although the Big Fig mattress is worth every penny, it doesn’t fit into many budgets.

Compare Similar Brands

If you’re looking for a hybrid mattress that is good for a heavy person but needs a lower price, check out these options!

Brand Trial Period Warranty Price
Amerisleep 100-day 20-years $999+
Loom and Leaf 120-day 15-years $1,099+


The Big Fig mattress gets an A- in our book. First, it caters to heavy people which isn’t a bad thing but, it means that it’s not useful for anyone under 200 pounds unless they prefer a firm mattress.

The second factor which lowered the Big Fig mattress’ score was the price. Because you can get a similar hybrid or foam mattress for a few hundred dollars cheaper, we anticipate that many users may choose the cheaper option.

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