Best Weighted Blanket : Top Choices for Adults (Updated for 2023)

Life is chaotic and stressful and often non-stop. You come home from a busy day and have trouble unwinding when it is time for bed. Tossing and turning is common for you and you struggle to both fall asleep and stay asleep.

When your mind is moving too fast to relax, it is time to look at options to improve your sleep and allow your body to do the computer equivalent of shutting down and restarting.

A weighted blanket is an excellent tool to calm yourself and allow your body to reach a relaxed state. Weighted blankets help a variety of people.

If you are a caregiver or family member of someone who experiences sensory issues or other similar disorders, you hate seeing them restless and sleep deprived. Not to mention increased anxiety levels. A weighted blanket can make a huge difference in your loved one’s life.

What is a Weighted Blanket?

A weighted blanket is designed to be more substantial than your average blanket. Most weighted blankets range anywhere from ten to twenty-five pounds. The weight distributes evenly and the heaviness provides pressure all over your body. It is similar to experiencing a gentle, firm hug.

The pressure is said to allow your body to relax and release hormones like serotonin, which is responsible for calm and happy feelings.

The weight from the blanket limits your movement while you sleep, which in turn limits the number of times you might disturb your sleep from movement.

Why Use a Weighted Blanket?

If you experience anxiety, have a sensory disorder, or experience similar moments in life, a weighted blanket is an excellent option to try. If you have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or know someone who does, these types of coverages can be very beneficial.

You can use these types of blankets as calming tools, especially when it is time to relax and sleep.

If you wake up often in the night or struggle to get good sleep, it begins to affect your life while you are awake. Your mood can suffer, your relationships can become strained, and more. Deep, restful sleep in necessary to live a healthy life. And weighted blankets are one choice to help reach that goal.

How Do I Choose a Weighted Blanket?

Because these blankets come in a variety of sizes and weights, it can be confusing deciding which blanket is the best fit for you. Should you go with the most massive first? Or try one on the lighter end?

It is usually recommended to follow the general idea of about 10% of your weight. For example, if you weigh 160 pounds, you would look for a blanket around sixteen pounds.

As for size, choose the length and width that you are most comfortable using. After all, this blanket is intended to ease your stress and anxiety. It is helpful to purchase a blanket that will cover you entirely so you won’t roll out from under it and defeat the purpose.

Of course, most manufacturers have guidelines for their products that they recommend buyers consult. You can always review those before purchasing.

Pricing for weighted blankets is higher than your typical blanket, but it is an investment in your sleep and well worth the cost. Expect to pay anywhere from $70 to $250 depending on the weight and size.

Because of the price, it can be helpful to try a weighted blanket first to see if you like the feeling. Ask friends and family if they have one you could demo or look for companies that have return policies if you realize the one you purchased isn’t right for you.

And keep in mind a weighted blanket provides a unique feeling and may require a couple uses before you feel a difference.

While choosing a blanket, remember that ten pounds may not seem like a lot, but in a non-compact form, the blankets can be cumbersome to lift and move. Children should never sleep under a blanket that they cannot raise themselves. And pregnant women should not lay under a blanket challenging to move either.

Care and Maintenance

Weighted blankets exist in a separate category for many areas but especially when it comes to care and maintenance. They aren’t difficult to clean, but it does require more than throwing it in the washer with a load of towels and transferring to the dryer.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to care for your blanket, but most weighted blankets follow a similar routine.

Blankets should be washed separately in cold water. The average washing machine should be sufficient, though some recommend using a commercial washing machine, which you can find at nearly any laundromat. This tip is usually best for blankets weighing over twenty pounds. Gentle detergent should be used and avoid any bleach or fabric softeners.

The blanket should then be air dried if possible or run through the dryer on the lowest setting possible. Cold drying in the dryer the best if using a machine, but some blankets say to avoid the dryer. When hang drying, drape the blanket over a shower rod or whatever you use to dry. Hanging like this will allow the blanket to retain its shape. And hanging a weighted blanket from one edge is complicated and not recommended.

It is essential to know the care instructions before purchasing a blanket. If you aren’t able to clean the material properly or don’t want to spend the effort to do so, it may not last as long, and then you spent all your money on a blanket that has limited use.

If you want to avoid the whole process of washing and drying a blanket, many companies sell a duvet-like cover to go over the weighted blankets for easy cleaning. You can also choose different designs and even change it up with the seasons.

We recommend keeping pets away from your weighted blanket. Cats and dogs and other animals can scratch, claw, or bite through the individual pockets, releasing glass beads and damaging the blanket as well as creating a hazard to themselves.

The List

We reviewed a variety of weighted blankets to gauge their pros and cons. We’ve gathered all that information for you here, so you don’t need to do the research. Learn more about the blankets we like and see if any fit your lifestyle and are what you are looking for in a weighted blanket. We know you can’t go wrong with any of these.

YnM Weighted Blanket – Best Overall

We like the YnM Weighted Blanket because it comes in practically any size, weight, and color. You have options from five pounds (smaller size blanket) to twenty-five pounds (in various sizes).

A seven-layer design is used to produce the weight. Glass beads woven in the pouches with some fiber filling make up the pressure. The glass beads help regulate temperature control while the fiber fill gives it some fluff. The beads are sewn into place to avoid movement and noise while still providing weight that conforms to your body. The blanket is 100% cotton material on the outside and has evenly distributed weight.

This blanket is breathable and will not heat you while you sleep. It hugs just right while keeping you the perfect temperature for a good night’s sleep.

A three-year warranty covers unexpected damage to your blanket and includes free mending, though shipping not included. This company recommends dry-cleaning the product, but sells duvet covers to avoid the need for regular cleaning of the weighted blanket. – Buy It


  • Variety of colors, sizes, and weights
  • Temperature controlled
  • Seven-layer design


  • Dry-cleaning required for blanket
  • Weight shifts within pouches during use

Quility Premium Adult Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover – Best for Adults

This blanket has all the aspects of a great weighted blanket. The glass beads are constricted to polyester pockets within the blanket to avoid slipping and sliding. The outside is 100% cotton and comes in a range of sizes and weights. Five, seven, ten, twelve, fifteen, twenty, and twenty-five pounds are all available with the latter weights in multiple sizes.

This blanket should be dry cleaned or hand washed with a hang dry. But the company includes a duvet cover of minky material. The removable cover is soft and includes places to tie the inner blanket to avoid slippage. And the cover is machine washable with air dry.

And this company understands that sometimes a product isn’t a good fit and they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the product once you receive it, they offer a refund, no questions asked. – Buy It


  • Great customer service
  • Comes with a duvet cover
  • Variety of size and shape


  • Sizes run small so double check when ordering
  • Ties that hold the blanket to duvet may require adjustments

CuteKing Weighted Heavy Blanket – Best for a Budget

This weighted blanket has a material of 100% high-density cotton. The focus is on more glass beads and less fiber in the blanket to help with temperature control so you can use the blanket all year round. The size of the pouches are ideal for evenly distributed weight while still allowing the blanket to be soft and comfortable.

This company believes in its products and offers a three-year warranty for free mending. There is also a 30 day ‘no reason return’ with a full refund if you find it isn’t what you are looking to use.

The blanket does not come with a duvet cover, but has six loops along the edges to connect to one should you make the additional purchase.

This blanket is machine-washable on a gentle setting, though dry clean or hand-wash may extend the life. – Buy It


  • Affordable
  • Large sizes
  • Great customer service


  • Duvet cover not included
  • Some noise when moving from beads
  • One color

ZonLi Sensory Weighted Blanket – Best for Kids

As a parent, you want the best for your children. That includes restful sleep. The ZonLi Sensory Weighted Blanket is ideal for kids and can help improve rest.

A blanket designed for children, weight options are five pounds to fifteen pounds depending on size. This blanket comes in dual colors, each side a bright shade. There are fun purples, pinks, greens, and blues. Or chose a more neutral cover like grey and black. Duvet covers sell alongside at an additional price. The blanket is machine washable with attention to care instructions.

The squares filled with glass beads are smaller to distribute weight more evenly, and the material is 100% breathable cotton. The blanket is designed to last a long time, and your child can use it for many years. – Buy It


  • Designed for kids
  • Fun colors
  • Beads make limited to no noise


  • Restocking fee if returned
  • Duvet not included

CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket Set w/Duvet Cover – Best for Year-Round

One concern you may have with a weighted blanket is if it will be too hot. All that weight, close around your body, it makes sense you are concerned with over-heating. The good news is, most blankets are designed to regulate temperature to prevent you from getting hotter than you’d like. The CMFRT Cozy Weighted Blanket Set w/Duvet Cover takes it one step above and beyond.

This blanket comes with a duvet designed with one side made of 100% cotton, excellent for summer nights to keep you cool. The other side is made of minky microfiber to keep you warm in the winter. You can use this blanket all year without discomfort. Plus, the duvet is machine washable.

The evenly distributed weight comes from small pockets. Silica sand is used to help with noise, and so you won’t feel the individual beads at heavier weights. – Buy It


  • Duvet cover included
  • Dual materials with dual colors
  • High quality


  • Blanket needs to pin to duvet
  • Only one color option

Final Thoughts

Weighted blankets offer a unique coping tool in today’s busy world. Ease your anxiety, help yourself sleep better, and experience the ‘hug’ from a weighted blanket. After reviewing our picks, we know you’ll find an excellent to improve your sleep and shut down those stressful thoughts.

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