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Wedge pillows have several different uses. These tiny wonders can cure any number of ailments. From orthopedic support to a place to rest your legs wedge pillows can serve many different purposes.

People suffering from indigestion, acid reflux and snoring have found much need relief from using a wedge pillow to stay inclined.

Wedge pillows also offer a great deal of support. You can turn wedge pillows a few different ways for different areas of your body. Slide wedge pillows under your legs to relieve swelling and support your back. Use a wedge pillow behind your back while you rest, read or watch television to give your back some additional support.

Choosing The Best Wedge Pillow For You

When shopping for a wedge pillow, there are a few key features and benefits to keep in mind. Depending on the symptoms you have, take a look at the many uses and ways a wedge pillow can help you.

Uses For A Wedge Pillow

Here are some of the many uses for a wedge pillow.

When using it at an upright angle, a wedge pillow can provide a comfortable place to watch a movie or read in bed. To sit at an upright angle, place the wide, shorter end on your bed. Put the flat, longer side along the headboard. You can sit up straight at a slight recline giving you a supportive and comfortable spot to curl up with a good book or binge watch your favorite TV show.

To use a wedge pillow while sleeping on your side or back, place the long flat side on the mattress. Lie on your back with the wedge end along your headboard. Use this same position to sleep on your side. You can scoot your body up or down to increase or decrease the incline.

To use a wedge pillow under your knees, put the long flat end on the mattress. Hang your knees over the high end and let your feet hang over the pillow.

To use your wedge pillow like a desk, put the lowest end in your lap. Your computer or book will rest on the elevated part giving you a slight incline.

How Can A Wedge Pillow Help?

When you’re sitting up with a wedge pillow behind your back, the angle of the pillow provides ergonomic support while you’re watching TV or reading. The slope of the pillow provides a nice cushion for your back.

To help relieve indigestion and acid reflux, using the pillow while sleep on your back or side can greatly help your symptoms. Pregnant women have found wedge pillows particularly helpful for relieving acid reflux from pregnancy. Sleeping at a slight incline has also been noted to reduce snoring, help with sinus pressure and even alleviate headaches.

Using a wedge pillow under your knees is a great way to take pressure off sore muscles and tired feet. They also greatly improve circulation. Circulation issues can cause varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis and poor blood flow.

After a long day at the office, you may still end up with a pile of work to be done before bed. When you’re just too tired to sit at a desk, you can use a wedge to lay comfortably in bed while still cranking out some work. You can also use it to journal or write before you hit the hay. The angle of the wedge keeps your wrists in a comfortable position and keeps your back supported.

Filling And Support

The material found inside of your wedge pillow is as crucial as the position you put it in. The pillow filling has a lot to do with how it functions. The best filling is one that properly supports your body while also providing a soft place to rest.

Pillows are typically filled with memory foam, shredded foam, gel, down or natural fibers. Down filling can be soft, light and airy. This type of light filling can be useful for supporting your body in certain ways. Down does tend to wear over time and often needs to be re-fluffed. Down can also be problematic for allergy sufferers and animal lovers. It’s not ideal for a wedge pillow.

A foam filling may be the best option if height is what you’re looking for. Foam is a thicker material that offers a lot of support and it will nicely contour to the shape of your body or extremity. While some find it too hard to sleep on, a foam filling won’t lose its shape and can stand up to pressure from your legs or back when you’re using it in a wedge pillow.

Shredded memory foam or combinations of shreds and all-natural fibers are often the most recommended fillings for pillows. The shreds of foam are lighter and more pliable but also offer a sturdy support to keep you properly aligned and supported. Because natural fibers are free of pesticides and chemicals, they are also eco-friendly and great for sleepers with allergies.

Best Wedge Pillows

Brentwood Foam Bed Wedge – Top Pick

The Brentwood Foam Bed Wedge is our top pick for many reasons. This wedge pillow can be used in a variety of different positions. You can use it as a reading pillow, a leg support or to support your back. The design of this pillow also helps with digestion by properly aligning your torso to reduce acid reflux.

This pillow is made in the United States without harmful chemicals and is filled with CertiPUR certified foam. It includes a washable cover for easy cleaning and care.

The Brentwood Foam Bed Wedge comes in three different sizes to ensure the best fit for your needs. All three pillows are offered at an affordable price point with free shipping through Amazon. The 7” is $31.99, the 10” is $33.09 and the 12” is sold for $40.39.


  • Several different uses
  • Removable cover
  • Chemical free
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Affordable price point


  • Needs to be aired out upon arrival to eliminate smells from packaging
  • Too hard for some sleepers

Xtreme Comforts – Best For Acid Reflux

The Xtreme Comforts Wedge Pillow is positioned at a 30-degree angle to help acid reflux sufferers. The angle of this pillow is specifically designed to promote proper digestion, help reduce stomach pain and keep acid reflux at bay.

The Xtreme Comforts Wedge Pillow is made of a high-quality memory foam that will keep its shape and properly support your torso and back while you rest or sleep. Sleeping at an incline on this pillow can greatly reduce symptoms felt by acid reflux sufferers.

The cover on this pillow is fully removable and machine washable. You can purchase the pillow on Amazon in three different quantities. One pillow is sold for $44.97, a two pack of pillows are sold for $84.97 and a three pack can be purchased for $124.97. There is a lifetime guarantee on this pillow that it will never go flat.


  • Angled design to help acid reflux sufferers
  • Removable cover
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Discounted pricing available when you purchase more than one


  • Memory foam filling is hard for some sleepers
  • Pillows come vacuumed packed and rolled so you need to let it air out and open up to its true size before use

DMI Ortho Bed Wedge – Leg And Lower Back Support

The DMI Ortho Bed Wedge is great for elevating your legs, improving circulation and reducing back pain. The unique design is specifically created to help your legs recover and rest. It can be used daily, after surgery, while sleeping or just while resting.

The DMI Ortho Bed Wedge is made of high-density foam and features a large, supportive base. The wedge is angled at 40-degrees which is thought to be the optimal angle for leg recovery and circulation. The angle on this pillow can also help with restless leg syndrome, varicose veins and reducing pressure on your back.

The cover on the DMI Ortho Bed Pillow is fully removable and machine washable. You can easily zip it on and off.

The DMI Ortho Bed Wedge comes in three different sizes. The 6” pillow is sold on Amazon for $38.57, the 8” pillow is sold for $28.00 and the 10” option can be purchased for $51.00.


  • Angled to reduce leg pain, swelling, and circulation
  • Memory foam filling holds its shape
  • The cover is removable and machine washable
  • Available in three different sizes


  • Can only ship this pillow in the United States
  • Some users find that even the smallest size is too high
  • The memory foam filling is too hard for some sleepers

InteVision – Best Bed Wedge

The InteVision Foam Bed Wedge features a 2” memory foam top layer with a firm foam base. The two-layer design helps with air circulation and will help the pillow keep its shape while you’re resting or reading in bed.

You can position this pillow with the wedge side down and the long side along the headboard. This position is great for watching a tablet, reading or watching TV. With the pillow angled this way, you’ll have extra support on your back and your spine will be nicely angled.

This pillow can also be used in a traditional position to sleep on your back or side.

The InteVision Foam Bed Wedge features a removable cover that is machine washable.

The InteVision Foam Bed Wedge is available in three different sizes on Amazon. The 25x24x12 is priced at $39.98, the 33×30.5×7.5 is priced at $69.95 and the 33×30.5×12 is available for $79.95.


  • Great for reading and resting your back while watching TV or a tablet
  • Can also be used for back or slide sleeping
  • Removable cover that is machine washable
  • Available in three different sizes


  • Too soft for some users
  • Some sleepers find even the smallest size to be too long
  • Pillow comes vacuum sealed so you need to let it air out before use to let it fill to its intended size

NOVA Medical Products – Top Bed Desk

The NOVA Medical Products pillow is foldable and conforms to different configurations. This pillow can be used as a wedge, as a lap desk or as a pillow table. This pillow folds for easy transport and storage. You can use the pillow table to elevate or rest your arms while lounging. This can be very helpful if you’re in a cast as well.

The wedge pillow can be used in different inclines and works well as a bed desk. If you need to bang out some work from the comfort of your bed or if you find yourself on bed rest or in recovery, this wedge pillow is a great option.

The NOVA Medical Products pillow features a removable cover that is machine washable. It comes in three different sizes and is available in two colors on Amazon.

The blue option comes in a 7.5” priced at $39.45, a 10” priced at $40.73 and a 12” size available for $37.15.

The white option comes in a 7.5” priced at $33.95, a 10” priced at $42.95 and a 12” available for $46.42.


  • Folds for easy transport
  • Can be used in multiple configurations
  • Removable cover that can be machine washed for easy care
  • Available in 3 different sizes and two different colors


  • Too firm for some sleepers
  • The smallest size option may still be too high for some sleepers


Wedge pillows can be used for a variety of health issues and ailments. The uses are almost endless when it comes to wedges. Whether you’re using a wedge pillow for back support, acid reflux relief, to help with snoring or to increase circulation in your legs, they can be a great addition to your bedtime routine.

Wedges are also great for additional support while reading, watching TV or working in bed. The different positions you can put them in, make them versatile and useful for almost anyone. For this reason, we consider the InteVision Best Bed Wedge to be the all-around winner of the roundup.

While there are countless wedge pillows out there and several ways to use them, we hope this round-up of a few of the best helps to narrow down your shopping.

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