Best Time To Buy A Mattress

Everyone needs a good mattress. It’s one of the few things that really justify spending a decent amount of money on, since you’ll be spending a majority of your life sleeping on it.

While it’s perfectly acceptable to spend money on a mattress, they can get expensive. Knowing when and where to buy a mattress can make a pretty big difference. This article covers the best time to buy a mattress, where to look, and a few extra tips on how to save money when buying a new bed.

Average Cost of a Mattress

There are a few different factors that go into the pricing of a mattress, such as what size you need, what kind of mattress it is and where you purchase it from.

The average price for a regular spring mattress is around $900, while the average cost for a memory foam one is a little higher at just under $1,400. The cheapest mattresses are futons and waterbeds, which average around $200, while the most expensive is latex at $2,400.

Online vs. Brick and Mortar

While there are both high and low prices to each type of mattress, whether you buy it in store or online is a huge cost factor.

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Online Mattresses Tend to be Cheaper

There are tons of sites where you can buy a mattress online, and new ones always seem to be popping up. Online mattresses tend to be cheaper since the brand doesn’t have to pay for the overhead of a physical location and sales floor staff. Online can also be a bit more convenient, since it’s automatically shipped right to your door.

While you won’t be able to physically try out online-only mattresses before buying one, most of them have trial period (typically 90-120 days) where you’re allowed to test out the mattress, and can send it back for a full refund if you don’t like it. You can also look up consumer’s mattress reviews and watch unboxing videos so you know what you’re getting.

Try Before You Buy with Brick and Mortar

Although online mattress retailers are becoming the new way to shop, a lot of people still prefer a physical mattress store. The only real plus side to this is that you’re able to try out the bed before buying it. You won’t have to deal with any hassle of returning the mattress if you don’t like it, since you’re able to get a good feel for it in-store.

In a mattress store, you’ll likely pay a bit more since the company needs to pay for the location and staff.

When is the Best Time to Buy a Mattress?

While there is one specific month that’s best to purchase a mattress, there are a few other times during the year when mattresses are on steep discounts.

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The Best Month to Buy a Mattress

May is the best time to buy a mattress. New mattresses hit the floor from June through September, so retailers will be clearing out old models to make room for fresh inventory. As the new stock comes in, buyers can save money by opting for an older model or even the floor model.

The Best Year-Round Mattress Sales? Holiday Weekends

Have you ever driven past a mattress store around a holiday weekend and seen all the huge blowout sale signs? Check your local mattress stores for sales during the following holiday weekends:

Is Black Friday a Good Time to Buy a Mattress?

While there are usually mattress sales during Black Friday, you can still find good deals year-round during the holidays mentioned above and during the month of May. Also, just keep an eye out for local sales.

When to Buy a New Mattress

Mattresses are good anywhere from 5-10 years, depending on the quality. It’s recommended to replace your mattress every seven years. If it’s been seven years, or especially more than ten years, it’s probably time to replace your mattress.

How to Save When Buying a Mattress

Look for online sales. While there are great sales in stores during holiday weekends, keep an eye out for huge online sales too. Events such as Amazon Prime Day and Cyber Monday could mean great online mattress sales.

Find a liquidation sale. Look for a local store that’s going out of business (or moving locations) and having a liquidation sale. They want to get their inventory gone as soon as possible, meaning these are probably the most rock bottom prices you’ll be able to find.

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Shop online. As I mentioned before, online-only mattress retailers tend to be cheaper than ones from brick and mortar stores.

Is It Worth It to Buy a Used Mattress?

A used mattress might significantly knock the price down, but it’s not worth it in the long run. You never really know what that mattress has been through, if it’s infested with bed bugs or how old the mattress truly is. If it’s already fives years old, it would really only be good for another few years.

Mattresses are something you should always buy new, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Plus, having a good mattress goes hand in hand with getting a good night’s sleep.

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