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You’ve heard memory foam is the new thing, but you don’t like the feeling. Now, everyone is telling you to switch to it for your pillow, but you’re skeptical. You like the feeling of your regular pillow, you’d just like a little more support. If someone could blend the two, that would be awesome.

Good news. Shredded memory foam pillows have similar feelings and loft as a regular pillow, but with more support and regulated temperature. We’ve got our favorite for best-shredded memory foam pillow, and we’ve answered a few questions you might have. Let’s take a look.

Why Shredded Memory Foam?

Dense memory foam is great for support, especially if you suffer from neck pain, but it has a particular feel. If you can’t get used to the feeling of memory foam on a mattress, you probably won’t like a memory foam pillow either. Here are a few reasons you might want to choose shredded.

Loft And Customization

Shredded memory foam has a range of lofts for a variety of sleeping styles. It can be firm or soft, flat or deep. Many shredded varieties can also be customized to fit your particular sleep preference. If you save the foam, you can change it as your sleep needs change.

Temperature Control

Dense memory foam has a reputation for being hot, but the latest types of foams have things built in to help regulate temperature. Many are open-celled to help air flow. As you move around, air is forced through the pockets in open cell foam, continually refreshing the foam.

Other types of pillows add infusions such as gel or graphite. These materials actively draw heat away from the head and distribute it throughout the pillow. The surface returns to room temperature much faster than standard surfaces, and as moisture dries, it produces further cooling.

When you take those traits and shredded the actual foam, you get even better airflow and an even more cooling surface. Shredded foam has the maximum amount of air circling through the pillow so you should feel even more refreshed.

Sleep Position

The great thing about shredded foam is that you can mold it a bit. For those of you who like to mold your pillow around your neck and shoulders, shredded foam does have some give that solid foam doesn’t.

For stomach or side sleepers, the shredded foam doesn’t interfere with your breathing. Even if your face is right in the pillow, you should still have some breathing room because the shredded foam doesn’t have the same stiffness.

For those who need a very high loft because of shoulder width, shredded foam might be able to handle the loft without feeling too firm.

How Do I Choose A Shredded Foam Pillow?

Now that you’re on board with shredded foam, here are a few things to consider.


If you aren’t sure what loft is the right one for you, or you think your sleep needs will change in the future, a customizable pillow is a good idea.

Customizable pillows have an inner insert full of foam. You can unzip the insert and remove or add filling as you like until the pillow feels the best to you. Once you take the foam out, saving it in a sealed bag can help if you decide later that you need a thicker pillow.


The “loft” is the amount of depth and fluffiness a pillow has. If you don’t want a customizable one, getting the right loft for your sleep position is crucial. Be aware that while traditional pillows can have a very high loft and compress a lot to be the right level of support, shredded memory foam doesn’t usually have the same amount of compression.

Stomach sleepers need a more firm but flat pillow. It should support your head without pushing it backward and stressing your spine. It should also stay in the proper position so that you don’t block your airway.

Back sleepers should have a low to medium loft that allows your head to sink a little but supports the neck without pushing your head forward.

Side sleepers should have the highest loft, and those with very broad shoulders have the highest loft of all. Make sure the pillow comes underneath your neck and prevents your head from tipping or compressing your shoulder. The true loft will vary depending on how broad your shoulders are.


Memory foam is naturally allergen and dust mite resistant, but it can still irritate respiratory allergies by off-gassing. Memory foam can have a weird odor because many memory foam products are mostly petroleum by-products.

Newer foams use different methods of production to reduce off-gassing, including reducing the amount of petroleum and replacing it with plant-based products. These memory foams are better for your respiratory system and won’t require as much, if any, airing out.

Some organizations can help you decide if the foam is suitable. CertiPur-US, for example, certifies that there are very few emissions or VOCs responsible for toxic odors. GreenGuard Gold also helps verify that the product preserves clean air standards and doesn’t make unnecessary emissions.

You should also check out what cover materials the company uses. Organic cotton is a good one because it contains no pesticides or toxic chemicals. Other materials may be synthetic, but they can also be certified by a reputable organization as non-toxic or low emissions.


You can’t launder memory foam, but it’s helpful if the pillow comes with a protective cover that can zip off and be washed. Otherwise, you’ll have to spot clean your pillow, and you may never feel like it’s truly clean.

Removable covers offer another layer of protection for your memory foam. For some, you don’t even have to use a pillowcase because the cover functions as one on its own. If you’re particularly sweaty or have oily skin, this is a huge plus.


We know that many of you are looking for a deal, but we also want to remind you that spending more for your health and well-being is valid. Pillows that cost a little bit more often come with better quality materials and sleep trials.

We do have some things on the list that won’t blow your budget, so don’t give up hope just yet.

The List

These are our personal favorites, and you should have plenty to get you started.

Puffy – Our Top Pick

Puffy’s pillow is an all shredded memory foam pillow with cooling properties. It has an inner sleeve that can unzip to take foam or add it back in to customize the loft. This insert is good news for different sleep positions because you can customize it to suit you.

The cover is a cooling fabric that’s a blend using bamboo and rayon. It allows air to pass easily through, keeping the surface cool and wicking heat and moisture away from your head. You don’t have to keep flipping the pillow over to find a cooler spot. You can unzip the cover and throw it in the wash.

It naturally resists allergens and dust mites. It’s CertiPur-US certified. The pillow uses no formaldehyde, lead, or mercury. It doesn’t contain any sort of synthetic, toxic flame retardants and off-gasses very few emissions. It shouldn’t cause any reaction in your respiratory system and might require just a little airing out because of packing.

You have 101 nights to try the pillow out before you decide if it’s the right one for you. Be sure to give the pillow a few weeks to break in and to allow your body to adjust so that you can make the best decision. If you decide that it isn’t the right one for you, you can return it any time before the trial period is over.

It ships free lightly wrapped in plastic. Just unpack and allow any remaining plastic smell to dissipate before using it.


  • customizable loft through an inner sleeve
  • 101-night sleep trial
  • CertiPur-US certified


  • may still have a plastic smell from packing

Muse Dual Sided Pillow – Runner-Up

Ok, we’re cheating a little with this one. Muse’s memory foam pillow has both shredded and solid foam. The shredded foam gives it that classic foam feeling while the solid foam provides complete support.

The pillow has four different lofts to accommodate different bodies and sleeping positions. The extra low loft is good for stomach sleepers, and all the way on the other end of the spectrum is the deepest loft, suitable for side sleepers with broader shoulders.

The cooling diamond cover quickly draws heat and moisture away from your head, so you sleep easier. It’s cool to the touch and can be unzipped to wash. The interior is naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

It’s not entirely shredded. Fans of ultra soft pillows may not like the dense foam, and it can take some getting used to for a dual sided pillow. However, you do have 120 nights to try the pillow out before deciding if it’s the right one for you. It’s covered by a three-year warranty against defects, so make sure you’re not using the pillow for anything other than it’s intended purpose.


  • dual sided shredded and solid foam
  • four loft choices
  • excellent sleep trial and warranty


  • the dual-sided pillow may not appeal to everyone

Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow – Best Warranty

Coop Home Good’s pillow has an adjustable loft and a five-year warranty. It uses a shredded memory foam blend is naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. It’s a medium firm loft that’s great for combination sleepers.

The pillow is certified non-toxic by CertiPur-US and independently tested for low emissions and VOCs. It’s not going to irritate your respiratory system, and there’s very little odor. The cover is machine washable so you can further clean the pillow and remove allergens.

The cover comes from sustainable bamboo. It’s cooling and breathable, allowing air to flow through easily. As you move around, you continually force air through the pillow refreshing it and helping to keep you cool.

It has a 100-night sleep trial so you can figure out if it’s going to fit. You should have plenty of time to adjust and allow old pains to fade away. You should have plenty of time to tell if it’s the right one for you. It also comes with a five-year warranty against mattress defects. If you notice any abnormal sagging or wear and tear, you’re covered.

Shipping is free but make sure you allow the pillow to air out for an hour or so to get rid of any plastic smell from the packaging.


  • excellent warranty
  • sustainable bamboo cover
  • adjustable loft


  • the foam sometimes clumps together

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Snuggle-Pedic’s pillow has an extra-breathable, vented cover that increases airflow and quickly moves heat and sweat away from your body. The removable outer cover is machine washable, and you can also adjust the loft of the pillow.

It’s best for combination support or back and side sleepers who like to mold their pillow underneath the neck and shoulders. It’s CertiPur-US certified, so even if you smash your face in the pillow while sleeping on your stomach, it shouldn’t cause any irritation with your respiratory system.

Snuggle-Pedic’s foam is proprietary. It’s designed to mold like down but reduce the overall weight of the pillow. It stays fluffy and light without compacting through the night. If you like the fluff of standard pillow filling, but want the conforming benefits of down or solid memory foam, this pillow might strike a good balance for you.

You can remove the cover to adjust the loft to suit your sleep style and your body type. The most filling is suitable for side sleepers with broad shoulders, but you could remove as much of the filling as you need to. The micro vented cover won’t block airflow either.

The foam has a tendency to get harder the colder your room is. If you tend to sleep in an icy bedroom, it may not ever be as soft as you’d like.

It comes in three different sizes and has a 120-night sleep trial, plus Snuggle-Pedic’s 20-year warranty against defects.


  • comes in three different sizes (standard, queen, king)
  • proprietary foam filling balances fluff with conforming
  • excellent sleep trial and warranty


  • foam filling hardens with colder temperatures

Brentwood Home Helena – Best Shredded Latex Option

Our last pillow is a memory foam alternative for those of you concerned for the environment. 100% natural latex ribbons are an excellent alternative to memory foam because the latex is harvested naturally and contains no petroleum byproducts.

The Helena has a soft outer cover made of 100% natural cotton. The interior filling is adjustable for loft. It also uses soft kapok fibers, natural plant fibers that mimic cotton. You don’t need to use a pillowcase with it unless you want the extra layer of protection because the outer liner is soft and breathable on its own.

You only have 30 days to try the pillow out so it might not be long enough for you to get an accurate idea. However, the pillow is covered by a one year warranty against defects. If you notice any unnatural compression or wear and tear, the company will replace your pillow.

Latex and sustainably harvested kapok are excellent alternatives if you just can’t bring yourself to buy a memory foam product. It has similar conforming properties, and ribbons keep the pillow nice and fluffy. You could even tumble it on the gentle setting in your dryer periodically to really get the fluff going.


  • latex ribbons are a natural alternative to memory foam products
  • customizable loft
  • comes in three sizes (standard, queen, king)


  • the 30-day return policy is the shortest on the list

Final Thoughts

Shredded memory foam (or latex) is an excellent alternative to traditional pillow fill. It doesn’t compress or show signs of sagging. It doesn’t need to be flipped or fluffed during the night. It can handle the support required for all sleep positions including combination support.

It also strikes a balance between the fluff of a traditional pillow and the solid support of memory foam blocks. You may not be a fan of the way dense foam pillows feel. They aren’t moldable and can sometimes cause headaches if they’re too firm for you. Shredded foam has the potential for better cooling because the interior isn’t a solid block.

We think upgrading your current, cheap pillow to shredded memory foam may be just the thing you need to iron out your sleep issues finally. And since most of the pillows on our list come with an extensive sleep trial and warranty, you don’t have anything to lose by giving one a try. Nothing to lose except your aches, pains, and grumpy mornings, that is.

Have you given shredded memory foam a try? Would you opt for natural latex instead? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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