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You think you know all the newest bed-in-a-box brands and you’re going to choose the one you saw on Ellen. Maybe you like the one backed by Ashton Kutcher.

We can get in a rut when we make decisions, going with what we know rather than what’s the best option. There are so many new brands out there that it can be hard to figure out which to choose.

We’ve got three up and coming brands with a lot to offer sleepers. We think they might be worth your time. Let’s take a look.


DreamCloud is a new company with a single hybrid mattress and one of the most generous sleep trials and warranties in the business.

Mattress Construction

DreamCloud uses eight different layers to give you a highly comfortable bed. The first two are memory foam, one gel infused and one quilted to provide loft. They have excellent air flow, and the gel helps draw heat away from your body.

They contour to your curves, sinking in at your broadest points and filling in around your curves. The next layers are transitional layers with targeted support. They adapt as you move around, pushing back against your weight.

One layer is made of all latex to improve response. Underneath, individually pocketed coils help the mattress with structural support and push back against your weight to provide support. They keep your spine aligned and allow your lower back to decompress.

Edge Support And Motion Transfer

The mattress has excellent edge support because of the combination of coils and foam layers. You can lay at the edge of the bed without feeling too much compression, allowing couples to use every inch of the mattress to get comfortable.

Couples can also sleep soundly even if one of them moves around a lot. The foam and latex layers help dampen the motion so you can sleep through the tossing and turning. There’s no sweet spot in the middle of the mattress and no reason to kick your spouse out of bed for doing the cha-cha in his or her sleep.

Sleep Trial And Warranty

DreamCloud has one of the best sleep trials around. You have a full year to try the mattress out. It can take some time for your body to adjust, so make sure you sleep on the bed for at least a month before deciding if it’s the right one. The mattress will need some time to break in and offer the most support and contouring.

If you sleep on the mattress for a while and it just doesn’t suit you, you can initiate a return any time before the sleep trial is over for a full refund.

The mattress is covered by a lifetime warranty against mattress defects. Make sure you support your mattress fully so you don’t accidentally void the warranty. During the first ten years, they’ll replace your bed if it shows any sign of abnormal wear and tear. After the first ten years, they’ll decide if it’s more appropriate to replace or repair your mattress. Either way, you’re covered.

Price And Shipping

The DreamCloud is very affordable at just under $1500 for a California king. They offer financing for qualified buyers right through their website.

Your DreamCloud ships compressed safely in a box and arrives on your doorstep. When you’re ready, just unpack the box and gently tear the plastic away to help the mattress inflate.

DreamCloud also offers white glove delivery if you need someone to help you with set up. A delivery person will bring your mattress at a prearranged time and help you get everything set up. They’ll also remove your old bed so your entire sleep transition will be seamless.

Who It’s For

We recommend DreamCloud for people who like the feeling of memory foam but want to retain the responsiveness of inner springs. We also think it could work great for couples who have different sleep preferences because it feels very soft and yet still highly supportive.

Heavier people should still find it supportive as well. The combination of layers may help support heavier amounts of weight without compressing too much. It’s a very affordable mattress with a lot of appeal for a wide number of people.


Frankly is a budget, all-foam mattress engineered for great sleep. Its medium firm feeling and zippable cover make it a convenient choice for busy households.

Mattress Construction

Frankly uses four different layers of foam with targeted support. The top layer is two-inch foam and gel-infused. It quickly draws heat away from the body and redistributes it throughout the mattress for a more cooling sleeping surface.

Underneath, adaptive foam disperses your weight across the entire mattress surface, helping your back decompress and removing pressure from common pressure points such as the shoulders. The core support foam is eight inches deep. It pushes back against your weight, keeping your spine aligned and giving the mattress structural integrity.

The final layer is a smaller, dense foam that improves airflow through the entire mattress. Altogether, the bed offers medium-firm support and is suitable for combination sleepers.

The cover materials are machine washable and unzip to remove. The angle of the zipper makes it a lot easier to get them on and off. This is good news if you frequently need to clean the surface of your mattress or you’re worried about allergens collecting on the cover.

The company offers just two sizes, king and queen, to bring down the cost of production and pass those savings on to you.

Edge Support And Motion Transfer

Frankly’s edge support is good, and you should be able to sleep near the edge of the mattress without falling off the side. It’s not the best we’ve ever seen, so you’ll see more compression when you’re sitting on the side than you would with other mattresses, but overall, it performs good enough.

Couples should be able to use the entire mattress without having to fight over a sweet spot in the middle of the night.

Motion isolation is excellent. Foam naturally dampens any motion that happens, so it’s possible to sleep next to the abominable snowman and sleep peacefully. Foam’s ability to dampen that motion transfer makes this an excellent mattress for couples or those who sleep with larger pets in the bed.

You won’t have that indent underneath the heavier partner either. Motion isolation prevents the mattress from sagging as much right underneath the heavier partner so you won’t roll towards each other all night (unless you want to).

Temperature Regulation

The mattress is very breathable. The base layer helps to elevate core foam and create better airflow throughout the bed. The foams are open cell, so air pockets force air through as you move around, continually refreshing the mattress.

The top layer is gel-infused. Gel actively pulls heat away from your body and returns the mattress to ambient room temperature more quickly. The gel traps heat and disperses it, preventing heat from storing up in the core of the mattress.

You should stay pretty cool with Frankly. It’s not the coolest that we’ve tried, but if you sleep moderately warm, it offers plenty of protection. If you prefer the memory foam hug, with the right blanket and a warmer room, you could accomplish the opposite.

Sleep Trial And Warranty

You have 60 nights to try the mattress out before deciding if it’s the right one. While that may have been generous ten years ago, it’s on the short side by industry standards now. It does still give you plenty of time to try the mattress out, however.

Be sure you sleep on it for at least a few weeks to allow the mattress to break in and for your body to adjust. If it still isn’t right for you, return it any time before the trial period is over for a refund.

The mattress is covered by a ten-year full replacement warranty against mattress defects. As long as your mattress is supported properly, the company will replace a mattress that shows signs of abnormal sagging or wear and tear.

Price And Shipping

Frankly shines in the price department. A queen is just under $700 while the king is just under $850. That’s not a sale or a coupon either. They don’t worry about constant sale promotions, so you’re always going to see that same low price.

Many customers can also qualify for financing. It’s fast, and you can complete everything including checkout right from their page.

The mattress comes safely compressed in a box and arrives right on your doorstep. When you’re ready, you can unpack the box and gently tear the plastic away from the mattress to allow it to inflate. There’s no option for white glove delivery, so make arrangements if you can’t handle mattress set-up on your own.

Who It’s For

We recommend this mattress for couples on a budget. It has good motion isolation, and the price is great for newlyweds who are building an entire household. The lack of other sizes might be a problem for some households, however.


Bryte is an entirely new concept for sleep. It’s not just a mattress but a fully integrated sleep system that cools, calms, supports, and wakens. It’s not cheap, but if you’ve got the budget and sleep is a priority, it may be an excellent option.

Contouring And Support + Technology

Bryte is a mattress reinvented. The top layer is full of comfort materials, but the bottom layer is a matrix of active coils that adjusts to your individual body type as you move around. The entire bed is outfitted with powerful AI that learns how you sleep best and continually adapts to give you more restorative sleep.

The Bryte bed manages your room temperature and that of your mattress, gently cooling you through the night and warming you in the morning to help wake up your natural circadian rhythm.

If you connect it to your smart home lights, it removes blue frequencies that keep you awake. In the morning, it brightens your room gradually encouraging your body to wake up without a sudden alarm.

The whole concept of the Bryte bed is using powerful, targeted AI to learn how you sleep best and to integrate that into your entire sleep environment. You aren’t just supported. It adjusts to fit how you sleep all through the night.

Edge Support And Motion Transfer

The bed has excellent edge support because of the coil matrix, and the dual zones optimize for couples’ sleeping. You won’t be woken up by your partner’s movements, temperature, or anything other than when you want to wake up. The whole system works together to customize both of your sleep patterns.

Temperature Regulation

The mattress adjusts to your temperature all night long. Your side can always be cooler or warmer when you first get in, and as you sleep, the mattress learns how your temperature helps you sleep. This gives you not just cooling, but complete tech-enabled temperature control.

Price And Shipping

Bryte is an investment. A queen size is $7000 while king and California king are $7500. You aren’t just buying a mattress, however. You’re buying a complete tech update for your bed and your sleep environment. If you’ve got the budget for a showroom mattress, you could transform how you sleep completely with the Bryte.

Bryte ships with white glove delivery. The delivery person will help you get everything set up so that your sleep transition is smooth and trouble free. You have a full year to try the mattress out with a customer care package before you decide if it’s the right one for you.

Who It’s For

If you’re serious about your sleep habits, the Bryte can be one of the crown jewels of a smart home. It’s the wave of the future, so we recommend it for those with bigger budgets and an earnest desire to improve sleep quality.

Final Thoughts

Don’t get stuck in a rut and just invest in a mattress whose name you recognize. Some of our newer models deserve some attention. The mattress industry is continually evolving, and these three companies deserve some of your attention.

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