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Bedsores impose a severe problem that affects people of all ages. For those who are bedridden or sick, bedsores can creep up in a variety of ways. Although rest can heal sickness, bedsores can develop on the skin, near bony parts of the body. If you are not educated about proper treatment or prevention methods, ulcers can cause serious health problems for your bones and muscles.

In this article, we explain what bedsores are and how they develop. We also dig deep into the treatments and prevention methods to minimize your risk of contracting bedsores. As you decide on the best mattress to prevent bedsores, we list the essential things to consider and the top products available on the market.

We end the article by ranking the top ten mattresses for bedsores on the market. A mattress is a big investment, so we provide you the key insights to make an educated purchase decision.

What Causes Bedsores?

A bedsore appears when blood supply is blocked from the skin for 2-3 hours. The skin will initially turn red, and the affected person will feel irritating pain. As the skin continues to die, the bedsore will eventually turn purple. If you leave this area untreated, the skin will burst open and become vulnerable to infection.

Pressures sores tend to develop in a series of four stages:

  • The skin will feel warmer to the touch, and there may be some color change and itchiness
  • A painful blister or open sore starts to develop, with multicolored skin surrounding it
  • The wound will begin to develop a crater-like resemblance because of the tissue damage beneath the surface
  • Severe damage will continue to affect the tissue and skin, leading to infection

If you neglect to address a bedsore, it can cut even deeper into the bone and muscle. The healing process for bedsores is slow, and they can stick around for days, months, or years, depending on the person’s physical condition or severity of the situation.

Three main factors contribute to bedsores and the limit of blood flow to the skin: pressure, friction, and shear.

If you apply consistent pressure on any area of your body, it will decrease the necessary blood flow to your tissues. Blood is the primary vehicle for oxygen and nutrient delivery to your tissues. Without access to these critical nutrients, skin and proximal tissues will deteriorate and potentially die.

Friction is another common cause of bedsores. When you rub your skin against bedding or clothing, this can irritate, leading to bedsores. Friction also makes delicate skin more prone to injury, especially if the skin area is damp or moist.

When two different surfaces glide in opposite directions, shear will occur. If your bed is uneven or elevated toward the head, you can slide throughout the night. When your tailbone moves downward, the skin on the bone will stay stationary. This situation pulls it in the opposite direction and causes shear.

What are the Best Treatments for Bedsores?

There are a variety of ways to help treat bedsores. You can adequately treat the sores from home if you catch them in their early stages. If you start by frequently switching sleeping positions, you can assist the sores in healing and prevent newer ones from forming.

Depending on the severity of the sores, you can treat them with simple strategies. An excellent method is relieving pressure, which involves implementing pillows or foam pads to prop up any impacted areas. Effective cleaning of the wound can also be useful. You can clean minor sores through mild soap and water while utilizing the saline solution for open sores.

Proper application of dressings helps accelerate the healing and protect the infected wound. You can buy dressing online, but you should focus on hydrocolloid and antimicrobial options. Dressings that contain alginic acid are another excellent choice. Antibacterial creams are another useful solution to attack an infection, while barrier creams will guard vulnerable or damaged skin.

While your diet may seem unrelated to bedsores, increased protein intake can play a pivotal role in reducing wound size and boosting the healing process. There is not much evidence of a diet eliminating bedsores, but ample nutrients and increased hydration will help you achieve higher overall health. Your proper ingestion of nutrients will undoubtedly play a role in improved skin, however.

Lastly, a careful review of the bedding or mattress is essential in combating bedsores. There are particular mattresses like latex foam, memory foam, and static foam to help subside pressure. In this article, we dive deep into some of the more effective solutions on the market.

What are the Risk Factors for Bedsores?

Some several factors and conditions can raise your chances of developing bedsores:

  • Lessened mental awareness
  • Conditions like diabetes, which reduces your ability to feel pain
  • Older people with more fragile or thinner skin
  • The inability to move without being aided
  • A body mass index (BMI) that is too high or low, which causes more pressure
  • Low body weight, which tends to have less padding or to cushion around the bones
  • Incontinence, which raises the risk of infection and skin damage

How Can You Prevent Bedsores?

You can do your part in preventing bedsores by repositioning your body or taking care of your skin. If you shift your weight about once an hour, this can eliminate pressure and sores’ development. If you hold enough upper body strength, you can also lift yourself through pushups. If you raise your body off the bed or chair, this will also reduce the pressure on your body’s at-risk areas.

Careful selection of mattresses or cushions can also make a difference. A unique mattress will relieve pressure and make sure your body is positioned correctly. Try your best to avoid doughnut cushions, which only focus the pressure on surrounding tissues. You can also adjust the bed elevation to less than 30 degrees, preventing sliding or shearing.

Proper skin care also plays a crucial role in preventing bedsores. One of the best things you can do is keep your skin clean and dry. It would be best for you to implement a gentle cleanser, pat dry, and formulate a daily cleansing routine to block your skin’s exposure to urine, moisture, and stool.

Investing in barrier creams also does an excellent job of protecting your skin from stool and urine. After you purchase a quality bed to prevent bedsores, please ensure that you change the bedding frequently. Lastly, inspect your skin every day to check for warning signals of a pressure sore.

Things to Consider when Purchasing a Mattress to Prevent Bedsores

There are many things to consider before you invest in a mattress to prevent bedsores. You must think about the type of foam, mobility of the sleeper, mattress design, current pain experienced, and bedsores’ absence or presence.

Latex Foam

The success of latex foam is because of memory foam’s effectiveness. The latex material is from the milk of a rubber tree. Latex mattresses contain breathable cells, which keep it cool throughout the summer and warm during the wintertime.

Much like memory foam, latex mattresses will provide conforming support. Because latex is responsive to your body weight, it quickly springs back into its initial shape as your weight moves around at night. The latex mattress lowers peak body pressure, promoting a more even pressure distribution than a polyurethane mattress.

Memory Foam

Initially, memory foam served as a shock protection solution for NASA airplane seats. Temper foam has also been utilized for lining shoe soles, football helmets, and hospital beds to prevent bedsores. Memory foam relies on body heat to conform, and it works to morph back into the original shape when you apply weight.

High-density memory foam is an excellent option to stop pressure ulcers from worsening or developing. Memory foam is also one of the top choices for relieving pressure. The foam cushions your bones and muscles to respond to both pressure and temperature. The material is breathable, comfortable, and hypoallergenic, which helps it reduce pressure points.

Memory foam does more than help people who suffer from joint or neck pain, muscle aches, sciatica, and fibromyalgia. Its morphing properties will eliminate the tossing and turning, which reduces friction and bedsores’ chance of appearing.

Mobility of the Sleeper

The sleeper’s mobility is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing a mattress to prevent bedsores. Individuals who cannot move without assistance will require an adjustable, high-tech bed. These types of mattresses change position periodically, which will most effectively prevent ulcers. Adjustable mattresses can deflate or inflate at specific times, catering to the needs of the individual.

Sleepers who are fully mobile can select memory foam or latex mattresses. These types of mattresses conform to body weight and will adjust themselves as the sleeper tosses and turns.

Presence of Pressure Sores

If the individual already develops bedsores, the ideal mattress choice will depend on the sores’ stage and how far they have created. The more severe the sores are the more care needed to prevent further injury in the specific spots. A hi-tech mattress that is easily adjustable will provide the best option.

Current Pain Level

If your bedsores are in the advanced stages, it can cause a lot of pain. If you are already living with mature ulcers or in recovery, you need a mattress that delivers ample padding, weight distribution, and construction. The design must reduce pressure on the areas experiencing pain. Many individuals with developed ulcers gravitate toward gel-filled or water-filled mattresses for added comfort.

Other Factors

As you browse the different mattresses, focus hard on materials that will conform to the body, like latex and memory foam. It would be best to consider upgrading to a customizable mattress or adjustable bed, which will help relieve pressure on the body’s specific areas.

Temperature regulation is also a critical factor for the mattress that prevents bedsores. Certain materials tend to sleep much hotter, which will cause sweating and increase the chances of developing pressure ulcers. Place a priority on a mattress that contains a variety of cooling materials.

Lastly, pay close attention to the firmness of the mattress. Many sleeping experts recommend medium-level firmness, but you cannot go wrong with a softer mattress. Depending on your level of comfort, choose a bed that is not too soft or firm, so that you can eliminate the chance of increasing pressure.

Top Mattresses to Prevent Bedsores

Puffy Lux

The Puffy Lux mattress is an ideal mattress for side, stomach, and back sleepers. Sleepers receive a relaxing comfort and excellent spine support with each sleep. This mattress was also manufactured to work on any surface. It comes in flat frames, box springs, adjustable frames, and slats.

A unique feature of the Puffy Lux is the cooling cloud, which regulates temperature no matter the season. The breathable materials keep you cool during the summer and warm during the winter months. The Puffy Lux mattress also comes with an enhanced hypoallergenic cover, which prevents dust mite buildup and decreases allergy triggers.

The body adapting dual cloud foam prevents and attacks bedsores by minimizing straight from your body’s various pressure points. This foam works especially on your hips, back, stomach, and other vulnerable spots. Puffy Lux also comes with a core support layer, which aids in keeping your spine aligned while relieving your different pressure points.

Puffy Lux’s cover is also stain-resistant, which easily and quickly wipes up spills while keeping it clean and white. The zip-N-wash feature enables you to deep clean your cover seasonally, eliminating any germs, dirt, and buildup from consistent use.

The Puffy company is so confident in its product that it offers free shipping and a 101-night warranty. You can test the comfort of the mattress for this timeframe, and if you are not satisfied, you can send it back in free of charge.

Saatva Solaire

The Saatva Solaire mattress provides you a versatile bed with many adjustable settings. You can choose from 50 firmness and six layers of comfort. The individual controls allow you to personalize your level of pressure, depending on the current presence of pain from any bedsores. The streamlined components, including the rail inflator, gives you a mattress with a smooth appearance.

As you adjust the ideal level of pressure, there is an air chamber that changes incrementally. The hidden pump goes to work silently whenever you press the buttons and adjust. The significant moisture barrier also guards the mattress components, which lowers the risk of developing bedsores from overheating.

When you invest in a Saatva mattress, you get to sleep on the company’s luxurious materials. These components include latex, gel-infused memory foam, and organic cotton. When you examine the different layers, you enjoy benefits from the following:

  • Power edge enclosure (bottom)
  • Air chambers
  • Moisture barrier
  • Memory foam that is gel-infused
  • 5-way latex
  • Organic cotton pillow top

Many consumers enjoy personalized support, which is derived from the adjustable air chamber. For someone who is dealing with bedsores, you can relieve your pressure points and switch positions effectively. The ability to choose your firmness level also accommodates various age groups, mobile sleepers, and people who suffer from current ulcers.

When you invest in a Saatva mattress, you enjoy a 25-year warranty and a complimentary white glove setup and delivery.


The DreamCloud luxury hybrid mattress supports your body shape through its individually wrapped coil design. The 5-layer bed does an excellent job of giving you a comfortable night’s sleep. The foam keeps you cool and cozy with its top layer of cashmere. Beneath the top is the press-relief comfort layer, which consists of a gel memory foam that morphs to your unique shape.

The middle layer provides an ideal balance because it allows you to sink in but not feel like you are getting swallowed. The fourth layer is what makes this option unique. The targeted-support coil layer utilizes individual coils that adhere to your body. At the bottom is the essential base layer, which holds everything else accountable to deliver a happy night’s sleep.

The coil and latex system are what make this mattress an ideal option for preventing bedsores. The combination effectively diffuses body heat, promoting optimal airflow to give your skin a breather. The quilted cover and gel foam also play a pivotal role in regulating your internal temperature.

The DreamCloud supports all bed frames, including divan bases, box spring, adjustable bases, foundation, and traditional frames. Many customers attest to the mattress’s ability to relieve pressure, address aches and pains, and hold its shape, even years down the road.

Loom & Leaf by Saatva

The Loom & Leaf mattress by Saatva delivers you a product with premium foam, but for an affordable price. Compared to the top retail brands, the luxury Loom & Loaf foam mattress is 70% less expensive because it utilizes premium materials from the U.S.A.

The high-density foam layers and 5-pound memory foam each do its party to provide premium pressure relief, which adheres to your body contours. The breathable, gel-infused foam also does an excellent job of keeping your body temperature cool while supporting your lumbar region. Saatva Loom & Leaf’s CertiPUR-US foam is also odor- and chemical-free, keeping you healthy throughout the night.

Loom & Leaf’s custom-crafted layers are designed to deliver optimal comfort, durability, and temperature regulation. The quilted organic cotton top and gel cooling layer ensures that your sleep is comfortable and sweat-free. Saatva ensures that this organic cover is treated with a botanical, antimicrobial solution, which keeps your skin healthy and clean.

The multi-layer support and premium memory foam combine to provide well-balanced support and pressure relief for peaceful night sleep. Much like the cotton cover, the CertiPUR-US foams are also free of chemicals and environmentally friendly.

Saatva offers its customers a 180-night home trial with the ability to return the mattress if it does not meet their needs. The company is also confident in its quality because it offers a 15-year warranty. There is also an easy setup process with the mattress because of the free white glove delivery.

Nectar Memory Foam

The Nectar memory foam mattress is another valid pressure-relieving option that addresses bedsores. Standing at 11 inches in height, the 5-layer bed delivers premium materials to meet all your sleeping needs.

The aerodynamic and soft top layer regulates temperature properly because of the cooling Tencel mattress cover. Beneath the top layer is the gel memory foam, which evenly distributes your body weight so you can easily change positions throughout the night.

The mattress’s central component consists of an adaptive response transition layer. It provides an ideal balance of support to prevent a feeling of excessive sinking. The base layer reinforces the mattress’s support, including a bottom cover, which reduces slippage on the floor or bed frame.

The breathable cooling capabilities and minimal motion transfer will create a serene sleep. You can toss around feeling without disturbing your partner or feeling the bed shake. Nectar’s mattress delivers a memory foam, which is just right on the softness-firmness scale. The adaptive layer of foam helps relieve pressure points in the hips, shoulders, and legs, promoting optimal spine alignment.

According to the company website, you can place the mattress on all bed types, including box spring, divan bases, adjustable bases, traditional frames, and platform. Nectar also offers all loyal customers with a 365-night sleep trial to back up its quality.

Thomashilfen ThevoRelief Mattress

The ThevoRelief mattress is made for people with body aches, arthrosis, and other painful conditions. The bed comes with unique wing components, which promote a comfortable and soft sleeping surface. Customers enjoy Micro-Stimulation technology, which stimulates nerve tracts in the body. It not only relieves the sleeper’s soreness, but it also promotes range-free movement throughout the night.

The wing suspensions also do an excellent job of adapting to body contours, which relieves pressure and prevents bedsores from appearing. For people who frequently experience back pain, the foam helps deliver optimal back support.

The 8-inch thick mattress also includes cell memory foam with wavy pattern design for free airflow. The therapeutic base supports all pressure points because of the 3-inch suspension, and it tailors to the demands of sick or immobile people.

When it comes to the bed cover design, the materials are hygienic with an enhanced microclimate that is moisture-wicking, breathable, and easy to clean. The product comes with a 10-year warranty and will properly fit on any type of bed frame.

Layla Memory Foam

The Layla Memory foam is backed by a unique copper-gel memory foam, which provides many benefits. Sleepers enjoy a plush and soft feel throughout the night, relieving pain points and preventing ulcer development. The memory foam delivers an effective body heat transfer and rapid cooling properties, making this the perfect mattress all year round.

Layla’s memory foam mattress provides firm and soft cooling covers, providing the sleeper’s optimal balance. The thermo-gel technology implements reactive cooling, which adheres to your ideal body temperature. The grey and white hexagon pattern also ensures an aerodynamic surface for proper airflow, including a zipper for convenient removal.

Airflow is one of the critical benefits of the Layla memory foam mattress, thanks to the max airflow support foam. The 2-inch layer delivers deeper channeling for maximum cooling, technology for surface modification, a zoned SMT for personalized support.

Layla’s mattress certainly differentiates itself from the other options on the list because of the versatility of the firm and soft sides. Depending on what type of sleep you prefer, you can switch to whichever side you like. The copper gel infusion material also provides a cleaner, cooler, and more supportive rest overall.

Leesa Hybrid

The Leesa hybrid mattress mixes the premium foam benefits with pocket springs for plushness and enhanced support for all pressure point areas. Leesa hybrid’s top layer is hole-punched and optimized for a cold surface, which gives a hug and bounce for all customers.

Leesa’s white, soft cover displays its signature grey stripes, which adds a beautiful elegance to the bed. The memory foam recovery layer reinforces the comfort layer by providing an extra level of body contouring. This layer relieves pressure on your hips, back, and shoulders to decrease the chance of developing bedsores.

The quick response layer on the bottom is what makes this mattress so great. Its pocket springs do not slack on stability and durability. There are over 1000 springs that deliver enhanced support for all sleeping types.

All customers enjoy a 10-year limited warranty, and all mattresses are made-to-order, making the setup process simple and straightforward. Leesa is so confident in the product quality that it offers a 100-night, risk-free trial for everyone who purchases the mattress.

Idle Sleep Gel Plush

Much like the Layla memory foam mattress, the Idle Sleep Gel Plush mattress gives you a versatile, two-sided sleep option. The bed enables you to flip it to eliminate any sag and extend the life, compared to the shorter lifespan of a one-sided mattress.

Idle’s cooling buoyancy foam is manufactured without any elastic chemicals, which allows it to remain cooler than typical memory foam. This advantage plays a crucial role in improving pressure relief and minimizing the chances of getting bedsores.

Sleepers also enjoy a cleaner, CertiPUR-US certified foam. It contains no PBDEs, ozone depleters, TDCPP, lead, or mercury. The Thermocool fabric on the cover also aids in regulating the body’s natural temperature. When you are cold during the winter, it makes you feel warm. For the hotter, summer months, the fabric reverses its effects and keeps you cool.

Idle’s 6-inch quantum edge-to-edge pocketed coils redefine world-class comfort and support throughout the mattress. It helps to reduce emotion transfer, which minimizes disturbances from your partner or child.

The Idle Sleep mattress company offers the most attractive trial period of 548 nights. You can try it risk-free until you are 100% ready to make a financial commitment. The company also allows customers a full refund on all returns and a hassle-free process.

Solace Resolution Glissando Mattress

The Solace Resolution Glissando Mattress is manufactured to combat shear and friction, the two leading causes of bedsore development. It combines comfort with its unique gliding layer, which protects against the friction process. Customers also enjoy a high-density foam, which minimizes pressure points on the body.

For redistribution of pressure, the mattress includes a castellation-cut foam for added comfort. The fluid-resistant cover also consists of a concealed zipper, which eliminates potential foam contamination. The Solace Resolution Glissando mattress contains foam sections, which move around independently to prevent shear and development of bedsores.

This mattress is specifically designed for older, immobile customers who are already experiencing bedsores. The built-in raised sidewalls aid sleeper egress and ingress. Many customers remark on the comfortability of Solace and its ability to provide wound care effectively. This product is an ideal option to help relieve pressure points that are already dealing with developed ulcers.


Bedsores are not something you should ignore. Many people have questions about ulcers and their relationship with choosing the right message. Below are the most frequently asked questions.

What is the most ideal sleeping position for preventing bedsores?

The best sleeping method to prevent bedsores is to limit putting extra pressure on a single part of the body for too long. If you sleep flat on your back, it can help evenly distribute pressure than sleeping on your side. But it would be best for you to alter sleeping positions throughout the night, if possible. It is also smart to put pillows on your shoulders, under your knees, and between your ankles.

Are memory foam mattresses a good choice to prevent bedsores?

Yes, foam mattresses that are high-density tend to relieve bedsores or ulcers from growing or worsening. If you are looking for the best pressure relief option, you should always start with memory foam. If you think memory foam mattresses will prevent you from moving positions while sleeping, try turning to an adjustable bed.

How long does it take for bedsores to develop?

Depending on the person or amount of pressure, bedsores, or pressure, ulcers can develop in hours or days. The skin begins to deteriorate when pressure blocks blood supply for at least two hours. If you ignore treatment methods, the skin will get damaged further and chew down to the bone or muscle.

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