10 Best Mattresses for Motion Isolation

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Puffy Lux

  • Great temp. regulation
  • Four layers

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Helix Midnight Luxe

  • Hybrid Design
  • Medium Firmness
  • Top Memory-Foam Layer for Motion Isolation

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  • Affordable
  • Hybrid Design

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Falling asleep again after waking up in the middle of the night is difficult.

Although waking up in the middle of the night has numerous causes, one of the most common – and, fortunately, the easiest to remedy – is motion transfer.

Motion transfer is how much energy is transferred from one side of the bed to the other. For example, when sharing a bed with your partner (or a dog or a young child), their nighttime tossing and turning can quickly wake you up, especially if you’re a light sleeper.

Mattresses specifically designed for motion isolation target the root of this problem. Their materials and construction (most often memory foam or individually-encased coils) deaden motion, so your partner’s late-night stirring doesn’t wake you up.

For a better night’s sleep, no matter how much your partner tosses and turns or even gets in and out of bed, the best mattresses for motion isolation below can’t be beaten.

What Is the Best Mattress for Motion Isolation?

Here are our top choices for the ten best mattresses for motion isolation:

Our top selections are based first and foremost on their ability to isolate and deaden motion from a restless partner. We also take mattress type, temperature regulation, mattress firmness, overall comfort, and individual sleeping styles into consideration.

Jump to the motion isolation mattress you feel is right for you or continue reading all of our detailed mattress reviews below.

Why You Need a Motion Isolation Mattress

A motion isolation mattress is ideal for anyone that is a light sleeper.

Even if you sleep alone, such a mattress can help deaden the motion from your own body to promote a better night of sleep.

However, couples most often seek motion isolation mattresses. In fact, many of the mattresses included in our product round-up below also make our list of the best mattresses for couples.

A motion-isolating design reduces the effects of your partner’s nighttime motion so that it doesn’t wake you up (or vice versa if you’re the one that tosses and turns!).

Not only does this make these mattresses ideal for restless partners, but pretty much any couple will benefit from the reduced motion transfer.

Motion isolation mattresses are likewise ideal for couples with different sleep schedules. They are essential if one of you is an early riser, gets into bed later than the other, or stays awake in bed for some time before going to sleep.

The best motion isolation mattresses are so good that even the motion of getting into and out of bed barely transfers motion across to the other side.

Of course, good sleep is vital to the physical and mental health of everyone. But it’s especially beneficial to the quality of your relationship with your partner.

According to a study by the Academy of Sleep Medicine, most people sleep worse in bed with their partners than they do alone. This lack of quality sleep can be detrimental to your health and the health of your relationship.

Rather than resign to sleeping in separate beds at night, all couples, especially those with restless partners, will benefit from investing in a mattress designed for motion isolation.

In addition to their benefits for couples, motion isolation mattresses are also ideal for those that frequently share their beds with dogs, cats, or small children.

How to Choose the Best Mattress for Motion Isolation

Rather than simply take our word for the best mattresses for motion isolation, we want to give you the tools to evaluate the options on your own.

You can personally assess our top 10 favorite motion isolation mattresses above by considering mattress firmness, temperature regulation, and mattress type in addition to your sleep position and each product’s overall motion-isolating properties.

Sleep Position

Always think about your preferred sleep position when buying a new mattress – whether it’s made to isolate motion or not.

The three main types of sleep styles are side sleeping, stomach sleeping, and back sleeping (although WebMD states that back sleeping is best for sleep quality and health!).

Our round-up of the best mattresses for side sleepers, best mattresses for stomach sleepers, and best mattresses for back sleepers will help you cross-reference which of the best motion isolation mattresses will work the best for your sleeping style.

To make it brief, back sleepers typically require a firmer mattress while side sleepers require something a softer mattress to reduce pressure points.

For stomach sleeping (a sleeping position not recommended by experts, such as those at Healthline), look for a medium firmness mattress with ample back support in the middle of the mattress.

Select a mattress that not only limits motion transfer but also suits your sleep position for the best night of sleep possible.

Mattress Firmness

The best mattress firmness for you is largely related to sleeping style.

But, firmness should also reflect your personal preferences. Some people prefer firmer mattresses (even if they’re side sleepers) while others prefer softer mattresses (even if they’re back sleepers).

Just remember, no matter the firmness you select, it should support your neck, back, and head in your preferred sleep position and also eliminate any pressure points.

Do note, however, that many of the best motion-isolating mattresses are somewhat soft, usually around medium firmness. A little softness goes a long way towards eliminating motion transfer, although firm models that perform well are available.

Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulation is an often-overlooked factor when buying a mattress.

As its name implies, it boils down to how well the mattress keeps you cool in the summer yet simultaneously warm in the winter.

Temperature regulation is important when sleeping alone, but it’s even more important if you share your bed with a partner. The best temperature-regulating mattresses ensure that your partner’s body heat doesn’t make you too hot at night.

When it comes to motion-isolating mattresses, a model that effectively regulates temperature is ideal as uncomfortable temperatures are one of the most common causes of tossing and turning during sleep which is what causes motion transfer in the first place!

Mattress Type

You have a few main types of mattresses to choose from.

Memory foam and innerspring are the two most common. But gel memory foam, latex, encased coil, and hybrid mattresses are also available.

Know that not all models are created equal. Even models within the same general “type” boast remarkable differences thanks to materials and construction.

For motion isolation, we usually recommend a memory foam mattress. They are better at deadening motion and preventing motion transfer.

This is why memory foam mattresses rank highly on our lists of the best mattresses for couples as well as for restless sleepers.

That said, there are innerspring mattresses specifically designed for couples that limit motion transfer, although these are less common than their memory foam counterparts.

Rather than delve into the nitty-gritty here, you can check out our guide to memory foam vs innerspring mattresses for the full breakdown of what makes these types tick.

Just remember to keep mattress type, materials, and construction methods in mind during your search for the best mattress for motion transfer.

Helix Midnight Luxe – Best Overall

The Helix Midnight Luxe comes out on top as the best overall mattress for motion isolation.

It boasts a medium firmness design, so you know it’s not too soft and not too firm. This also makes it ideal for all sleep positions, although some back sleepers that prefer very firm mattresses might find it too soft.

The medium firmness also helps contribute to its overall motion-isolating properties. Motion transfer is minimal with the Midnight Luxe, even when sleeping next to a restless partner.

This mattress has a hybrid design with a multi-layered construction that incorporates memory foam, pocket coils, and a cooling gel layer. Extra features like zoned lumbar support coils, a breathable cover, and a premium quilted pillow top take comfort to the next level.

The Midnight Luxe itself is popular and well-loved while Helix maintains a solid brand reputation backed up with quality customer support.


  • Hybrid Design
  • Medium Firmness
  • Top Memory-Foam Layer for Motion Isolation
  • Excellent Temperature Regulation
  • Dense Base Layer for Durability


  • Expensive
  • Too Soft for Some Back Sleepers

Overall Value

The queen-size Helix Midnight Luxe starts at $1,849. A full range of sizes is available, from twin to California king.

This mattress not only eliminates motion transfer but is also comfortable for nearly all sleepers to boot. It regulates temperature well. It’s durable enough to last for years on end. All in all, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better value motion-isolation mattress despite the steep price tag.

Puffy Lux – Best Runner Up

Not far behind the Helix Midnight Luxe is our runner-up, the Puffy Lux.

The Puffy Lux is a great quality mattress but truly excels in terms of eliminating motion transfer.

Why is this mattress so great at motion isolation? Its ability hinges on its all-foam design with four layers of different premium materials. All-foam mattresses perform notably better at reducing motion transfer compared to spring and hybrid mattresses.

Yet one of the downsides of many of the otherwise best memory foam mattresses is lack of temperature regulation. Not so with the Puffy Lux. The company includes four separate layers of foam, including a mid-layer of Climate Comfort foam, and a top cooling layer to ensure adequate temperature regulation without sacrificing motion isolation or comfort.


  • All-Foam
  • Four Layers
  • Excellent Temperature Regulation
  • Climate-Adaptive Materials
  • Superior Motion Isolation


  • Expensive
  • Too Soft for Many Users

Overall Value

The queen-size Puffy Lux costs $1,795. Twin to California king sizes are available.

This mattress boasts fantastic overall value thanks to its great motion isolation, overall comfort and temperature regulation, and long-lasting durability. It’s made in the United States. Puffy offers free delivery, a 101-night sleep trial, and a lifetime warranty.

Prefer a hybrid mattress over an all-foam mattress? A hybrid version of the Puffy Lux, the Puffy Lux Hybrid, is also available.


Self-proclaimed as “America’s Most Awarded Mattress,” the DreamCloud is worthy of every mattress shopper’s consideration – not just those interested in motion isolation.

The hybrid mattress combines an innerspring design with layers of foam for medium firmness comfort. It’s not too soft and not too hard. It suits most sleep styles, including back and side sleepers.

Thanks to its hybrid design, the DreamCloud is notable for its tremendous support, fantastic pressure relief, and overall temperature regulation. Despite all of this, the high-density foam layers provide quality motion isolation.

Unlike some hybrid mattresses, this one isn’t too bouncy. Use with a restless partner, and you’ll nary feel a movement throughout the night. That said, couples with very light or very restless sleepers should probably opt for an all-foam mattress instead as there is a very slight bounce due to the springs.

The mattress is built to last and stand up to years of abuse, even if you regularly let your pets sleep in your bed. All of these benefits and the DreamCloud remains somewhat inexpensive compared to its competition.


  • Affordable
  • Hybrid Design
  • Quality Motion Isolation
  • Fantastic Temperature Regulation
  • Durable Construction


  • A Little Bouncy
  • Heavier Than Competitors

Overall Value

The queen-size DreamCloud costs $1,099. Twin through California king sizes are available.

In addition to its quality as a motion isolation mattress, the DreamCloud comes with free delivery, a 365-night trial, and a lifetime warranty. Of course, vastly improved sleep is the number one factor that makes this a great value purchase.

Loom & Leaf

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better luxury motion isolation mattress than the Loom & Leaf.

It reduces motion transfer nearly as well as our top selections thanks to its memory-foam design. As an all-foam mattress, motion isolation is in its very nature without the need to add in any special motion isolation features.

That said, the Loom & Leaf is slightly less breathable than its competition, although it does regulate temperature well. Breathable foam inner layers and cooling gel on top help prevent overheating. Those that get very warm at night, however, should probably look elsewhere.

Two firmness options are available. “Firm” is best for back sleepers while “Relaxed Firm” is ideal for side sleepers. Although “Relaxed Firm” does provide some give, it’s not nearly as soft as most medium firmness mattresses.

The Loom & Leaf is a comfortable mattress. It isolates motion transfer with all but the best of them without sacrificing pressure relief, support, or overall comfort.


  • All-Foam
  • Quality Motion Isolation
  • Two Firmness Options
  • Excellent Pressure Relief
  • Eco-Friendly Construction


  • Can Get a Little Hot
  • Even “Relaxed Firm” is Still Quite Firm

Overall Value

The queen-size Loom & Leaf costs $1,699. It’s available in twin size through California king.

Like all of the top mattresses on this list, the Loom & Leaf is a workhorse in terms of comfort and durability. It will keep you comfortable all night long for years on end without losing its original feel. Sure, there are better options for motion isolation, but the Loom & Leaf certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Saatva HD

The Saatva HD is a top-quality mattress specifically engineered with larger bodies in mind. It’s designed for people between 300 and 500 pounds.

Although it’s a sometimes-overlooked factor when buying a new mattress, your body weight and type play an important role in the right model for you.

Naturally, great support is a chief concern for bigger sleepers. The same goes for motion isolation. Bigger bodies transfer more motion than smaller ones, potentially creating even more nighttime disturbances for your partner.

The Saatva HD nips this issue in the bud. The 15.5-inch thick mattress is incredibly supportive without cutting corners in terms of overall comfort or pressure relief. The hybrid design with a mixture of coil layers (utilizing 12.5-gauge steel coils) and dense, long-lasting memory foam help accomplish this.

The design also promises great motion isolation, even for large sleepers. The thick memory foam helps reduce motion transfer to promote better sleep for couples.


  • Hybrid Design
  • Engineered for Large Sleepers
  • Strong Edge Support
  • Cotton Pillow Top
  • Heavy-Duty Construction


  • Expensive
  • Too Firm for Lighter Sleepers

Overall Value

The queen-size Saatva HD costs $2,399. It’s available in twin through California king sizes.

The Saatva HD is the best choice for big bodies. It’s a quality mattress through and through with several features specially included to fight motion transfer. Almost unparalleled support and decent temperature regulation top off this complete package.


The Sweetnight Twilight is another great mattress for motion isolation worth mentioning here.

What sets the Twilight apart from other mattresses on this list is its low cost. It’s one of the most affordable mattresses for motion isolation available now.

But just because it’s budget-friendly doesn’t mean that it doesn’t perform well. Like all Sweetnight mattresses, the Twilight is built with care and precision to prevent uncomfortable body pressure, back pain, and pressure points.

This Sweenight mattress also ranks well in terms of motion isolation. Although it’s a hybrid model, the memory foam layers suck up a lot of motion and prevent it from transferring to your partner’s side of the bed. The mattress is also notable for its great temperature regulation and especially its cooling properties.

The Sweetnight Twilight is a fantastic choice for couples on a budget, although we recommend investing in a higher quality model if you can afford it.


  • Affordable
  • Great Cooling
  • Hybrid Design
  • Two Thicknesses (10-Inch & 12-Inch)
  • Individually-Wrapped Coils for Less Bounce


  • Still a Little Bouncy
  • Lacks Edge Support

Overall Value

The queen-size Sweetnight Twilight (10-inch thickness) costs $428. It’s available in full size, queen size, and king size models. All are offered in 10-inch and 12-inch thick versions.

Lucid Latex Hybrid

Don’t forget to consider the Lucid Latex Hybrid when it comes to the best mattresses to reduce motion transfer.

Long a favorite of couples on a budget, this Lucid mattress combines premium mattress features with a budget price tag. The 12-inch thick hybrid latex mattress has all the elements you need for an excellent night of sleep.

The layers of real latex, memory foam, and transition foam do wonders to absorb energy from restless sleepers to provide a more sound night sleep.

At the same time, the hybrid design, which includes individually-encased steel coils, does wonders to increase the overall stability of the bed. Unfortunately, while the bulk of the bed is stable, it lacks that edge support that the very best mattresses dutifully provide.

Although the Lucid Latex Hybrid doesn’t provide the overall motion isolation of a completely memory foam mattress, it is a good option for those that want better motion isolation in a new mattress without completely losing that classic slightly bouncy feel that coils provide.


  • Affordable
  • Hybrid Design
  • Good Compromise Between Bounce and Motion Isolation
  • Cooling Features Regulate Temperature
  • Individually-Encased Coils


  • Lackluster Edge Support
  • Durable But Not as Long-Lasting as Top Models

Overall Value

The queen-size Lucid Latex Hybrid costs $529.99. The mattress is available in twin through California king sizes.

The overall value is Lucid’s strong suit. It’s far from the best motion isolation mattress on the market today. But it gets the job done while remaining cool, comfortable, and stable. Plus, it’s available at a fraction of the cost of the top performers in this category.


Investing in a new mattress can feel risky. Especially when the best mattresses (like the Nectar) cost upwards of $1,500.

That’s where the Nectar mattress comes into play. Although the offer is matched by a handful of other manufacturers, the Nectar’s 365-night trial period is one of the best. If you don’t like this mattress, simply send it back – no questions asked.

That said, we doubt you’ll send the Nectar back. You’ll almost certainly fall in love with it within the first few nights, especially if you struggle with restless sleeping.

As one of our favorite mattresses for couples, the Nectar excels at a wide range of things, including motion isolation. Energy transfer is minimal even for the most energetic of nighttime wigglers. On top of that, this model’s temperature regulation is top-notch to prevent overheating.

The Nectar is an all-foam mattress with several layers of memory foam. To skirt the overheating issue which all too often plagues memory foam mattresses, several layers of breathable foam, including a cooling top layer, have been added.


  • All-Foam
  • Fantastic Motion Isolation
  • Above-Average Temperature Regulation
  • Excellent Trial Period
  • Comfortable & Supportive


  • Expensive
  • Somewhat Soft Even Among Soft Mattresses

Overall Value

The queen-size Nectar mattress costs $1,198. It’s available in twin and California king sizes.

The Nectar mattress is a good value option for anyone looking for a new mattress. Thanks to its all-foam construction, it’s a particularly good choice for light-sleeping couples that demand the utmost in motion isolation. It’s a little more expensive than much of the competition but the extra price tag brings with it superior craftsmanship and a host of luxury features.

Leesa Original

The Leesa Original is perhaps the best overall value mattress on this list.

It’s not the most affordable but it’s far from the most expensive. It combines many premium and luxury features you only find on the best mattresses at a reasonable price.

Leesa now makes several mattress models but their original version is still one of the best for motion isolation without breaking the bank. Its all-foam multi-layer construction utilizes premium foam to reduce motion transfer, improve comfort, and ensure temperature regulation.

In fact, this mattress features one of the best mixes of motion isolation and bounce that we’ve seen in an all-foam model. It hugs your body, keeping you in one place and limiting energy transfer, while simultaneously providing a little of that firm bounce some all-foam models lack.

The Leesa Original is a good choice for all sleep styles and body types. It’s a stellar option for couples but works just as well for solo sleepers.


  • All-Foam
  • Five Layers
  • Perfect Hug & Bounce
  • Great Motion Isolation
  • Fantastic Value


  • Short Warranty
  • Overheats for Hot Sleepers

Overall Value

The queen-size Leesa Original costs $999. It’s available in twin through California king sizes.

As mentioned above, this mattress is perhaps our top choice for the best overall value. It combines stellar comfort, support, and durability into a relatively affordable package. Couple that with quality motion isolation and you have a winner.

Layla Memory Foam

The Layla Memory Foam Mattress might come in last on this list but it’s far from last in our hearts.

In fact, its position as the final motion isolation mattress we’re looking at today is largely meaningless. It’s just as comfortable and supportive as several others on this list.

We rank the Layla so highly thanks to its all memory foam construction. Like most all-foam mattresses, it provides ample hugs and sinks (without feeling too soft) to trap extra movement to reduce the risk of waking up light sleepers.

For couples with restless or light sleepers, the Layla is a godsend. Its motion isolating properties are second to very few. Yet, it remains reasonably priced.

In addition to motion isolation, the Layla Memory Foam excels in terms of temperature regulation (rare for memory foam), edge support, and overall durability.


  • All Memory Foam
  • Great Edge Support
  • Good Cooling for All-Foam
  • Ample Hug & Support
  • Reasonably Priced


  • Foam is Somewhat Stiff
  • Heavier Than Other All-Foam Models

Overall Value

The queen-size Layla mattress costs $1,049. It’s available in twin through California king sizes.

There’s little denying you and your partner will be more than happy with the Layla. Not only is it great for motion isolation, but it’s one of the best mattresses for couples bar none.

Which Motion Isolation Mattress Is Right for You?

All of the above 10 best mattresses for motion isolation will greatly reduce motion transfer and increase the quality of your sleep.

But the Helix Midnight Luxe sticks out above the rest. Not only does it excel at motion isolation, but it’s also incredibly comfortable all around with medium firmness, a multi-layered hybrid construction of memory foam and individually-wrapped coils, and top-notch temperature regulation. It’s the perfect choice for motion isolation as well as for couples, restless sleepers, and those sharing their bed with pets.

Not sold on the Helix Midnight Luxe? Coming in close behind it is the Puffy Lux. An all-foam mattress, the Puffy Lux excels at temperature regulation in addition to its phenomenal motion isolation properties.

Even though the Helix Midnight Luxe and Puffy Lux are our top two choices, you’re sure to be more than happy with any of the top selections on our list.

Motion Isolation Mattress FAQ

What is motion isolation?

Motion transfer is simply how much motion is transferred through the bed when an occupant moves. A mattress with good motion isolation effectively deadens this motion transfer so less is transferred across the bed.

What are the benefits of a motion isolation mattress?

Better sleep is the number one advantage. Restless sleepers and couples benefit most as these sleep scenarios often bring about the most motion. Those with dogs, cats, and young children sleeping in their beds will also benefit from a lack of transferred motion.

What are the disadvantages of a motion isolation mattress?

Many of the best models are all-foam. Many all-foam mattresses are notoriously hot and bad at regulating temperature. Luckily, many encased spring and hybrid models are excellent at isolating motion. In addition, many all-foam mattresses include special features to effectively regulate temperature.

Do I need a motion-isolating mattress if I sleep alone?

Not necessarily, but maybe. These mattresses are generally sought out by couples. But if you’re a restless solo sleeper or you have a pet that shares your bed, a mattress with minimal motion transfer will likely help you sleep more soundly.

Are there other ways to reduce motion transfer in bed?

A quality mattress is the number one way to reduce motion transfer. But the rest of your sleep system also plays a role. A sturdy, stable bed frame and headboard are key. You can even invest in a separate memory foam mattress topper to pair with your new mattress (or to use on your old mattress if you’re on a tight budget). Comfortable pillows, well suited to your preferred sleep position, further promote sound sleep for couples and individuals alike.

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