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You decide to invest in a mattress together with your partner, and once it arrives, it’s…fine. I mean, sure it’s pretty comfortable, but it lacks that something your old mattress had for your couple’s activities.

It might not seem like a big deal, but anything that puts a damper on your sex life is a huge bummer in the long run. If you’re investing in a mattress together why not get something that’s supportive, helps you sleep, and helps keep things interesting.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite mattresses for sex. Plus, we’ve answered a few questions you might have about how to choose one. Let’s take a look.

Why Should I Consider The Mattress?

Mattresses can make or break couple’s activities. If you’re used to the bounce of an innerspring mattress, and you suddenly switch to all memory foam, you may not like the movement of it. Memory foam is excellent for motion isolation, but it can take some getting used to.

Springs have more response than memory foam. Memory foam is far less responsive, which might be worth it if your partner tosses and turns all night. However, the bounce does create a good environment for when you and your partner are intimate.

If you’re already used to the feeling of memory foam, it might not bother you so much to have sex on a memory foam mattress, but switching mattresses over might be a surprise.

What Do I Need To Consider?

Here are a few different terms you might want to ask about or consider when you’re picking a mattress for better sex.


The response is how quickly the mattress adjusts to your movement. If a mattress has a high amount of response, some couples enjoy the way the movement feels during couple’s activities.

Memory foam typically has a lower response than inner springs or mattresses, but some types of latex foam can be more responsive. Also, quilted layers of memory foam can also provide some responsiveness if you prefer not to use inner springs.

Bounce is related to responsiveness. A mattress that rebounds quickly after compression might feel more exciting or at least, easier to move around in. Good bounce doesn’t absorb the impact and helps create a good rhythm.


The downside of inner springs is they’re noisy. If you’re in a position (see what we did there?) where noise matters, memory foam might be a better option.

The lower bounce helps absorb impact, so you won’t hear things banging against the wall, but inner springs surrounded by memory foam can also help mute the noise. Ideally, the mattress won’t have an annoying amount of noise even if you’re way out in a single-family house in the country.


You don’t want your activity to wear out the mattress prematurely. Durable mattresses hold their shape and support despite a more significant amount of repetitive movement. Many modern mattresses use more durable materials and are covered by warranties that will protect you in case there are defects in a mattress.

Steel coils are more durable than some of their previous counterparts. Also, manufacturers are using latex layers or all latex because latex holds its shape longer than traditional memory foam.

Your mattress isn’t meant to last longer than a decade or so without some sagging, but you certainly don’t want to see more than two inches of sagging for mattress up to the ten-year mark.

Edge Support

Edge support is a critical feature for any couple’s mattress, but it’s especially relevant to support sexual activity. A proper edge won’t collapse under you as you move around. When you sleep, you can position yourself up to the edge of the mattress without feeling like you’re going to slide off.

During sex, you can use even the edges and feel supported. If the mattress collapses under certain parts of the mattress or you’re continually readjusting, that can put an end to things quickly. A quality mattress should support pressure directly to the edge without showing too much compression.

Which Is Better: Innerspring Or Memory Foam?

Honestly, it depends on your criteria. Memory foam is very comfortable. It shows a lot of motion isolation, so you won’t disturb your partner during the night if one of you is moving around. You’ll also never have to worry about noise with a memory foam mattress. There aren’t any squeaky parts, and the overall lack of motion helps dampen any sound that might be made within the bed frame.

The downside is, well, lack of motion. If you aren’t used to the feeling of memory foam, impact absorption might take you by surprise. You can always get used to the way it feels, but you should consider that before switching.

Innerspring and hybrid mattresses are definitely bouncier, and they’ve got the noise to prove it. There might be foam and contouring materials to help dampen the sound, but these are always going to be a little noisier than their memory foam counterparts.

The upside is they respond well to movement, so it’s easier to get into a consistent rhythm. While you might have to work to get motion in memory foam, the innersprings of the mattress work with you here.

We recommend that if you’re already used to memory foam, you might stick with it. You could also try latex or a hybrid style mattress that gives you the feel of foam with a little bit more responsiveness.

Likewise, if you’re used to innersprings, you might want to stick with that style. You could also switch to a hybrid mattress if you need more contouring or a slightly softer mattress but don’t want to lose support. Latex layers are also very responsive and might help you get the best of both worlds.

The Best Mattresses For Sex

We’ve chosen this list based on a few things like responsiveness and bounce, edge support, and durability.

DreamCloud – Best Overall

DreamCloud is a versatile mattress. It’s a hybrid, so you get the best of memory foam and innersprings here. It uses eight different adaptive layers covered in a soft cashmere blend material that’s breathable and naturally fire retardant.

The first two layers are contouring foams. One is gel infused for more cooling, and the other is a quilted layer to provide a better response. These layers cradle and fill in your curves so that your neck and spine aren’t at an odd angle.

The next two layers are transitional, supportive foams that begin to push back against your body to support your spine and keep it straight. They ease your body to the dense support layer, the coils.

Individually pocketed coils provide the bulk of the support. They’re breathable and very responsive, offering a lot of bounce. The foams help reduce motion transfer so that when everyone is ready to go to sleep, you won’t get woken up with every little movement.

DreamCloud offers a full year trial period. You’ve got 365 days to figure out if the mattress is really both supportive and a good environment for sex. After a few weeks, your body should adjust to the mattress, giving you a good idea about its performance.

You also have a lifetime limited warranty that protects against defects like unnatural sagging. Be sure to keep the bed adequately supported so that you don’t void this warranty. During the first ten years, they’ll replace a defective mattress, and after ten years, they’ll decide if replacing or repairing the mattress is more appropriate.

DreamCloud has the option of white glove delivery. If you aren’t able to situate your new mattress or don’t want to, the delivery person will set up your new bed for you and haul away your old one.

Saatva – Runner-Up

Saatva is another well-made hybrid that gives you the best of both worlds. The top and cover materials are organic cotton with a quilted Euro-style pillow cushioning. This gives you the sense of softness right away. The contouring foam underneath relieves pressure points and helps relieve stress from the lower back.

The support system is a layer of micro-coils and a layer of full-sized steel springs sandwiched between layers of memory foam. These two layers of coils are ultra-responsive and provide a lot of bounce for couple’s activities. There’s also a layer of foam for reinforced edge support.

Saatva has three different firmness options so you can choose if you want a firmer mattress (if you’re a back sleeper) or a softer mattress (predominately side sleeper). Their middle option is excellent for combination support.

We prefer the DreamCloud’s motion isolation over Saatva because we just want to sleep when everything is over, but Saatva’s option is useful if you want more control over your firmness. Saatva also offers white glove delivery to make the transition easier.

Saatva offers you a 120-night sleep trial to decide if the mattress is the right one for you. It isn’t as long as DreamCloud’s, but you should have plenty of time to decide. You’re covered by a 15-year limited warranty against mattress defects like sagging (be sure to support the mattress adequately).

Honorable Mentions

Here are a few considerations if you have specific criteria for your bed. If you fit one of these situations, you may want to consider these alternatives.

Zenhaven – Best All Latex

You don’t want springs, but you don’t want the dead foam feeling of traditional memory foam either. Zenhaven’s all latex mattress might be a good compromise. Latex has more bounce than conventional memory foam, so it will feel a bit more responsive without losing the absolute motion isolation and silence of memory foam.

The cover materials are organic cotton and wool, which are breathable and naturally flame retardant. The first layer is a zoned comfort layer that has more give around the shoulders and less in areas such as the lower back where you need more support.

The dense support layer is heavy latex. It’s breathable and eco-friendly. There’s no petroleum-based latex here, just Talalay latex. It’s bouncier, silent, and has no weird, lingering odors.

Zenhaven’s mattress has two different firmness levels that you can choose just by flipping the mattress over. One side is softer than the other, so if you decide you need a different level of support, you have that option.

Zenhaven offers free white glove delivery and mattress removal. You have a 120-night sleep trial to decide if it’s the right one for you. You’re covered by a 20-year warranty against mattress defects because latex is more durable than traditional memory foam.

Zenhaven is going to be a much more significant investment because of the latex. It’s going to be about twice as much as the Saatva or DreamCloud above, but if you have allergies or require an utterly silent mattress, it’s worth it.

Winkbeds Plus – Best For Heavier Sleepers

The Winkbeds Plus hybrid mattress considers the stress weight can put on traditional foam or springs and reinforces their mattresses to support heavier than average sleepers. It’s rated for sleepers who are over 300 pounds, so the bed will feel more firm if you’re average weight.

The top is a Euro-style pillow layer that cushions and conforms to your natural curves. The next layer is responsive micro springs for bounce and better air flow. The dense support layer is full sized springs sandwiched between layers of foam for better motion isolation.

The mattress is rated at a medium-firm level, so it’s appropriate for combination support. You won’t lose any of the benefits for your extra weight, and the mattress won’t show signs of wear sooner than average.

You have 120 nights to try the mattress out before officially deciding if it’s the right one for you. If it isn’t, you can return it before that period for a full refund. You have a lifetime warranty to protect against mattress defects. Make sure the mattress is properly supported, so you don’t accidentally void this warranty.

Winkbeds doesn’t offer white glove delivery, so make sure you are able to set the mattress up or know someone who can help you set it up. You’ll also have to arrange to have your old bed taken away.

Nectar – Budget Option

If you like the concept of the Zenhaven, but don’t want to spend as much on a new mattress, Nectar might be a good alternative. It uses Tencel cover materials, which are better at wicking away moisture and heat, plus two gel-infused foam layers underneath. One is quilted to add some spring and response.

The next layer is adaptive foam. It’s manufactured to be more responsive, so the foam won’t feel so much like quicksand. The dense base gives you excellent edge support and provides structural integrity to the mattress.

It won’t feel quite as responsive as innersprings, but if you’re already used to the feeling of memory foam, it’ll shave off a few hundred dollars (or in Zenhaven’s case, over half the investment).

Nectar gives you a 365-night sleep trial, so if you want to try memory foam for the first time, you have plenty of time to adjust and decide if you like the feeling. If you can’t get used to all foam before the year is up, you can return the mattress for a full refund.

You also have a lifetime warranty against mattress defects. As long as your mattress is supported correctly, if you experience any sagging or other wear and tear outside what’s typical, you’re covered. The first ten years, they’ll replace the mattress. After that, they’ll decide if it’s more appropriate to replace it or repair it.

Our Final Thoughts

Sex isn’t the only consideration to make when you’re choosing a new mattress, but if you’re investing in a mattress with a partner, it might be a detail you overlook. We think a variety of beds are suitable for good sex, but if you’re used to one particular type of mattress, it might take time to get used to a different kind.

If you’ve already adjusted to memory foam, switching to a latex or hybrid mattress might get you a more responsive feeling without completely losing the memory foam feel you’ve come to love. If you still need a silent mattress, then all latex is a good option for that.

Make sure that the mattress is supportive and doesn’t cause any pressure points while you sleep. If you’re waking up in pain every morning, you aren’t going to be as interested in couple’s activities, are you?

Inner springs have come a long way since that old hand me down mattress you had. They’re quieter and more contouring than generations ago, so you can also find a mattress with the response of inner springs and the contouring of a memory foam mattress. Make sure it has good motion isolation so when it’s time to sleep, everyone does.

Have you gotten used to the feeling of memory foam or do you still crave the bounce of innerspring mattresses? Let us know in the comments below.

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