Best Mattress for Scoliosis : Top Beds That Keep Your Spine Aligned

With a condition like Scoliosis, a proper mattress is not up for argument. There’s no way you can sleep on an old bed, or any mattress, with no support and expect to manage the condition.

Scoliosis may have a few mattress requirements, but with the internet mattress revolution, you actually have quite a few options that won’t thoroughly drain your wallet.

Let’s take a look at a few things you might want to consider, what options you do have, and our recommendations for mattresses that fit the bill.

How Does Scoliosis Affect My Mattress Choice?

If your spine is curved into a C or S shape, treatment includes opening the spinal channel, so it falls in a more natural line. When you sleep, if your mattress is unsupportive, you can undo all your hard work.

Your back compensates for your spine all day. When you sleep, your body is supposed to compress and relax, allowing pain to fade and the body to heal itself. On conventional mattresses, however, your body conforms to the shape of the mattress, causing painful pressure on the lumbar region and the spine to curve out of its target shape.

If you’re a side sleeper, this can be especially painful.  Even if you’ve gotten a softer conventional mattress, it still causes your spine to overextend because you don’t have enough support. Your body will have to compensate for your condition during the day and while you sleep. Not ideal.

Mattress today have contouring and supporting layers to prevent this. They use softer foams on top so that your broader areas sink into the bed while the foam fills in curves around your torso. The supporting layers underneath push back against your body to keep it from sinking too far into the mattress. Together, they keep your spine straight and pressure off your shoulders, hips, and lower back.

What Should I Look For?

Generally, a medium firm mattress is an excellent option to make sure you have the support that you need. It’s suitable for combination support, so whether you sleep on your back or your side, it’ll give you the right support. You probably aren’t encouraged to sleep on your stomach with the condition, but if you do, you’ll need a firmer mattress choice.

Mattresses that have good edge support can help you get in and out of bed because you won’t have to compensate for mattress compression. Also, edge support allows you to use the entire bed without losing support, critical if you sleep with a partner.

You should look for minimal motion transfer as well. Motion transfer is what jiggles you awake at night every time your partner moves, and it creates a dip in the bed under the heavier partner. If a mattress has good, supportive motion isolation, you won’t roll towards the dip all night.

Mattresses with good contouring layers discourage tossing and turning, which may relieve some strain on your back muscles. They also have breathable, cooling layers, so you don’t move around looking for a cooler spot in the mattress.

You may also want to opt for a mattress with a more extended sleep trial so that you have plenty of time to adjust and decide if it’s helping.

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Which Is Better: Innerspring Or Memory Foam?

The best option is one that helps you sleep at night. Which one that is can be complicated. If you’re used to memory foam, you can find memory foam beds that are highly supportive and have layers of adaptive foams that both support and contour.

One advantage of memory foam is zero motion transfer for couples. The less you toss and turn, and the less you wake up having to switch positions, the more your muscles can heal from overcompensation throughout the day. If you experience frequent pain, motion transfer may impact you more strongly because your pain receptors are already on high and likely to be further triggered by every little movement.

Innerspring has an advantage for overall support and mattress integrity. The dead foam feeling may make it difficult to get in and out of bed if your scoliosis is severe while coils help your body get some bounce for a boost out. The downside is that innerspring will never be as good as memory foam at achieving motion isolation.

Again, you should consider mattresses with generous return policies, so you have time to decide if the mattress is helping your pain subside over a longer period of time. It’s tough to know if a mattress is the right one after only a few nights. Some companies offer trial periods of up to a year, which could help you and your healthcare providers better assess the mattress.

Other Considerations

You might also consider a company that offers white glove delivery so that you aren’t stressing your condition trying to get your mattress set up. White glove delivery will bring your mattress to you and help you get it all set up. Some companies will even haul your old mattress away for free. This can ease your transition to your new mattress and prevent worrying about how you’ll get everything set up.

You might also consider a company that offers compatible accessories to help your condition. Some offer pillows, mattress toppers, and other types of products you can use to improve your alignment further and prevent tossing and turning.

You might also consider a mattress that offers multiple firmness options so you can customize based on the severity of your condition and your sleep position. While most medium-firm mattresses are universally comfortable, you might find a softer or firmer mattress accomplishes your treatment goals.

The Best Mattresses For Scoliosis

Let’s take a look at our top picks.

Puffy Mattress – Best Overall Buy Online

puffy mattress

Puffy’s Luxe model mattress is an ultra cooling, all memory foam mattress that contours and supports. It’s rated as a medium-firm model which is universally comfortable and provides combination support.

If you tend to sleep hot, and change positions because of it, Puffy might be a good choice. It uses three foam layers. The top is a gel-infused foam that uses conduction to draw heat away from the body and return the surface to ambient room temperature quickly.

The next layer is an adaptive foam that contours to the widest points of your body and fills in gaps like those around your lower lumbar region. It eases your body to the support layer. That layer is a seven inch, dense foam that pushes back against your weight to keep your spine straight. It has some of the best support we’ve seen in a memory foam mattress.

It offers a 101-night sleep trial, which might be too short if your condition is severe. However, for mild sufferers, this could be enough time to decide if it’s the right one for you. Make sure to give it at least a few weeks before deciding.

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You’re covered by a lifetime limited warranty for mattress defects and sagging. Make sure your mattress is adequately supported, so you don’t accidentally void the warranty.

Puffy doesn’t have the option of white glove delivery, so you’ll need to make sure someone can help you. Puffy is over twice the investment of Nectar, so it might be more difficult to hire someone to help you or to haul away your old mattress.

Nectar Mattress – Most Affordable Buy Online

nectar mattress

Nectar is a budget bed in a box that offers excellent support and contouring. It’s all memory foam with Tencel cover materials that wick away moisture and heat. The first two layers are gel infused memory foam. These prevent heat from building up in the core of the mattress and reflecting onto your body. One of the layers is quilted, so you get more cushion and pressure relief.

The next layer is an adaptive foam that supports what needs more support, such as the lower back, and gives underneath shoulders and hips. It eases your body to the dense support layer that keeps your body from sinking too far into the mattress and keeps your spine aligned.

Nectar has good edge support and almost no motion transfer. It’s rated medium-firm so it should provide proper support whether you sleep on your back or on your side. It’s compatible with a variety of bed frames.

Nectar gives you 365 nights to sleep on your mattress to decide if it’s the right one. You’ll have plenty of time to decide with your healthcare provider if you’re seeing improvements in your condition or sleep patterns.

You’re also covered by a lifetime warranty against defects. During the first ten years, they’ll replace a defective mattress. After that, they’ll decide if replacement or repair is the right choice.

Nectar doesn’t offer white glove delivery or mattress removal, but since you’re getting the mattress for such a budget price, you could have some room to hire someone to handle it. Overall, we think this one is an excellent choice and checks most of our boxes.

Honorable Mentions

We have some mattresses with a few specific criteria. If you fall into one of these situations, one of these options might be a better choice. Let’s explore.

ZenHaven Mattress – Best Two-In-One Buy Online

zenhaven mattress

If your treatment progresses, you might find that your needs change. Zenhaven’s all latex option is excellent at supporting that transition. Latex is highly durable and breathable. The layers are arranged to contour to the widest parts of your body while making sure the gaps never compress.

The dense support layer provides structural integrity to the mattress and keeps your spine aligned. One side of the mattress is slightly softer than the other so as your needs change, your mattress can change with you.

The firm side is good for back support and for maintaining strict spinal alignment. This side can help you release tension from overcompensating throughout the day and allow your muscles to relax fully.

The softer side is good for side sleepers and if you have to use other tools to get proper alignment. The softer side can make it easier to get those sleep props into place so that your sleep position is fully modified.

Zenhaven is also twice the investment of Nectar, but the company can’t compress the mattress without ruining the integrity of the foam. As a result, it offers free white glove delivery and mattress removal, so you won’t have to pay for those. The sleep transition is seamless.

You get 120 nights to sleep on your new mattress, which may or may not be long enough depending on the severity of your condition. You’re covered by a 20-year warranty against mattress defects as well. Make sure to support your mattress so that you don’t accidentally void this warranty.

DreamCloud Mattress – Best Hybrid Buy Online

dreamcloud mattress

If you can handle a bit more spring, DreamCloud may be a good choice. It uses eight layers of adaptive foams and springs to provide excellent contouring and support. The cover materials are a breathable cashmere blend while the first two layers are contouring foams. One is gel infused for better temperature control, and one is quilted for a softer cushion.

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The next two layers are adaptive layers of foam that begin to support your body and ease it to the dense support layer. DreamCloud uses coils sandwiched between layers of foam for the majority of support and structural integrity.

It has excellent edge support and pretty good motion isolation. If you have a lot of pain, the motion may still be too much, but those with less severe pain should see improvement.

It offers a full year sleep trial, which is plenty of time to chart whether it improves your sleep quality along with your scoliosis treatments. You’re also covered with a lifetime warranty against mattress defects. Make sure your mattress is appropriately supported to fulfill warranty terms. During the first ten years, they’ll replace a defective mattress, but after ten years, they’ll replace or repair the mattress.

The mattress is very affordable, but the company also offers the option of white glove delivery for a small extra fee. If your condition prevents you from setting your mattress up, this is welcome news.

Ghostbed Luxe Mattress – Best for Heavy People Buy Online

ghostbed luxe mattress

If weight is an issue and part of your scoliosis pain, you need a mattress with proper support. Ghostbeds is an all memory foam option that uses a heat regulating cover material with a zoned support latex layer underneath.

The latex layer is perforated at different rates along the mattress so that it’s more supportive underneath the back and legs while giving more underneath shoulders and hips. It keeps your spine decompressed by filling in gaps around your lower lumbar region. The next layer is a gel infused adaptive foam that prevents heat build-up in the core of the mattress and improves overall breathability.

The bottom layer is a dense support foam that pushes back against the body to keep the spine aligned and all pressure points supported. Edge support is average but suitable. Motion isolation is excellent.

Some mattresses lose contouring benefits and collapse underneath heavier than average weights. Ghostbed is rated for a combined weight of up to 750 pounds so you won’t have to worry about poor support and mattress compression.

Ghostbed gives you 101 nights to sleep in your new bed, which should be enough unless your condition is very severe. You’re covered by a 20-year warranty against mattress defects so make sure your mattress is supported correctly to comply with the warranty terms. They’ll replace any mattress for free that shows signs of abnormal wear and tear or sagging.

Ghostbed doesn’t offer white glove delivery, but the mattress investment is very affordable. It should be easier to pay for set up and to haul away an old mattress if you need to hire someone to help you.

Our Final Thoughts

You and your healthcare provider should work together to find a solution to your sleep issues. If you’re sleeping on an old mattress, investing in a new, properly supportive mattress is an excellent option. We love that Nectar offers you a full year to figure out if it’s helping your sleep patterns, and although it doesn’t offer white glove delivery, the price shouldn’t be too much to overtake your entire budget.

Keeping your spine correctly supported and allowing muscles and pressure points to relax during the night might relieve some of the pain your feeling day to day as your body overcompensates for your spine. You could also consider specialized pillows and other complements to your bed to help keep everything in the proper position.

If you aren’t too progressed, DreamCloud’s hybrid option does give you white glove delivery and a year-long sleep trial, so consider how much motion transfer is acceptable. If you can’t stand any, Nectar is the way to go. Otherwise, consider both options carefully.

What position do you sleep in for scoliosis relief, and do you use any kind of sleep prop to help your position? Let us know in the comments below.

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