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Every couple is familiar with compromise. Compromise is one of the most critical facets of any strong, long-lasting relationship. However, one place where couples should never compromise is on their mattress.

Luckily, with the advances in sleep technology incorporated into newer mattresses, there is no need to compromise your comfort, relief and a good night sleep for the sake of your partners. You can, as the saying goes, have your cake and eat it too.

Why Do Couples Need a Special Mattress?

Surveys of American couples have shown that sleeping together every night, though beneficial for the intimacy and stability of a relationship, can be detrimental to the individual’s overall quality of sleep.

In fact, most couples surveyed admitted that they sleep better, wake more refreshed and with less pain when they sleep alone, rather than when they sleep next to their partner.

After evaluating that data, a logical person would conclude that sleeping apart from your partner is the best way to improve your overall sleep quality.

However, a study conducted by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine has shown that the sleep of married couples is frequently in sync on a minute-by-minute basis more so than the sleep of random individuals, which suggests that sleep patterns are regulated not only by when people sleep but also by the partner with whom they choose to sleep.

No survey of couples is needed to conclude that the emotional feelings of support and comfort that are produced when sleeping next to your partner outweigh the physical support and comfort of sleeping alone.

Logic has nothing to do with the feelings of love, emotional support, and intimacy that come with sleeping next to the partner of your choice.

Couples can be very nobles and selfless when it comes to the comfort of their partner. Most will adjust for the sake of the one they choose to sleep next to.

We gain much more emotionally from sleeping next to our partner than we do apart, even if we experience more physical discomfort, which is precisely the reason why couples need a special mattress that accommodates both of their needs.

There is no need to choose between the quality of your sleep and your partner anymore. A particular mattress specially designed and manufactured to accommodate the needs of couples is the answer.

How Does Sleeping Next to My Partner Affect My Sleep?

Studies have shown that the emotional, and mental health benefits of sleeping next to your partner are beneficial and have a positive effect on the relationship as a whole.

According to a study posted in journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science “Restorative Sleep” only occurs when the individual feels safe, comfortable and secure. Those feelings are amplified when individuals sleep next to a partner they trust.

Trust between sleep partners has proven to increase the effectiveness of features designed to reduce sleep disturbances and improve well-being in general.

Responsive partners who would be available to protect and comfort us should things go wrong is the most effective way for us humans to reduce anxiety, tension, and arousal.

Sleeping next to your partner is proven to be emotionally beneficial to more than one aspect of your life, including the quality of sleep you achieve every night.

However, these studies also assume that both individuals in the sleep relationship are physically comfortable and supported when they sleep.

Studies have also shown that sleeping next to your partner, though beneficial to the certain aspects of the relationship can have an adverse physical, effect on the individual, and the quality of sleep achieved.

  • Snoring- Chronic snorers can affect the sleep of everyone in earshot, let alone the person sleeping in the same bed. According to the Better Sleep Council, 42% of women claim that snoring keeps them up at night vs. 20% of men.
  • Firmness Levels- Couples often have different preferences when it comes to the desired firmness of a mattress. In fact, 28% of Americans surveyed by the Better Sleep Council report that they have trouble achieving restorative sleep due to the “Mattress quality, age and/or firmness.”
  • Health & Wellness Requirements- It isn’t often that couples experience the exact same sleep alements, postures, requirements or preferences. The simple fact that no two people are alike make it difficult for couples to find a mattress that is suitable for both of their needs.
  • Temperature Preferences- Some mattresses are designed to keep you warm while some are manufactured to wick away heat and regulate temperature.

If you like to remain cool while you sleep while you partner tends to shiver you may come across some issues finding a mattress that is comfortable for both of you.

To reap all the benefits of sleeping in the same mattress as your partner and sleeping alone at the same time you need to purchase a mattress that is specially designed to accommodate couples and provide the greatest amount of comfort and support for both of you.

Choosing the Best Mattress for Couples

There are a lot of factors that go into determining whether a mattress is ideally suited to accommodate the sleep needs of couples.

Some of these factors relate to the design of the mattress, its physical characteristics and the features it includes. Other factors relate to how well the mattress performs while under the weight and pressure of two very different people.

Generally speaking, however; seven individual factors should be considered when choosing the best mattress for couples;

  • Mattress Size- The odds of two adult human beings fitting on a mattress smaller than a queen-size mattress are low.

The odds of two grown adults actually achieving restorative sleep on a twin mattress are astronomical. When choosing the best mattress for couples, the best mattress size is queen-size or above.

  • Motion Isolation- Two people on the same mattress, can cause a lot of motion, especially if both people are uncomfortable, are tend to toss and turn.

A mattress that is ideally suited for couples will include a measure of motion isolation. Foam mattresses tend to include greater motion isolation and minimal motion transfer when compared to innerspring mattresses.

  • Temperature- Temperature regulation plays heavily into whether a mattress can be considered suited for couples.

A mattress that remains dry while whisking away heat will work well for couples, but a mattress that wicks away heat in the summer but remains cool in the winter is the best option for both people using the mattress to stay at a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

  • Firmness Level- For both of you to feel comfortable while sleeping in the same bed it is important to find a bed that best suits both of your desired firmness levels.

A bed that is too soft or firm either way can adversely affect your partners sleep while you sleep comfortably. A bed with a medium firmness level is generally recommended for couples who prefer vastly different levels of firmness from their mattress.

  • Support- Support is a feature that is important in any mattress whether you sleep alone or with a partner. A mattress that is best suited for couples will provide the appropriate amount of support for the spine, neck, hips, and shoulders.
  • Comfort & Feel- It goes without saying that both of you should feel comfortable on your mattress, but comfort does not only relate to the firmness of the mattress. The way a mattress feels to the skin contributes significantly to the perceived comfort of the overall mattress.

Best Mattresses for Couples

To be considered the best mattress for couples a mattress needs to be large enough to comfortably accommodate both of you while remaining firm and providing optimal support.

The best mattress for couples also needs to regulate temperature and be strong enough to accommodate the weight of two people, and all the activities two people may undertake in bed.

Best Overall – Helix Mattress

The title of the best overall mattress for couples goes to the Helix Mattress for its innovative approach to split firmness and its ability to simultaneously adapt to the support and comfort levels of two individuals.

The Helix Mattress excels beyond other mattresses that are advertised to couples because it seamlessly incorporates the benefits of sleeping alone while sleeping next to your partner.

Before the mattress is even manufactured customers are asked to complete a comprehensive questionnaire and individually specify desired materials, levels of firmness and support, preferred temperature, sleep postures, elasticity and overall feel.

Both of your specific and, most importantly, individual preferences are then literally seamless incorporated into the mattress. The end result is two, often times, very different beds merged into one.

Couples even have the choice of incorporating both of their preferences into one comprehensive sleep surface or dividing their preferences up the middle to create two different sections of the bed entirely.

The Helix Mattress is manufactured from proprietary helix dynamic foam and includes pocket micro-coils and a high-grade polyfoam base. Helix arranges these three components in whichever configuration is best suited to meet the specifications laid out in the sleep quiz.

What’s more the materials used in the manufacture of the Helix Mattress are designed to minimize motion transfer to a negligible degree.

What materials are included in the manufacture of the Helix Mattress? Unless you work for Helix, no one knows. Helix is proud of the blend of materials they use in the manufacture of their mattresses as well as their manufacturing process.

However, if the materials used in the construction of the Helix Mattresses are of the same quality as the mattress they produce, then they are undoubtedly high-grade.

Runner-Up – Purple Mattress

The runner-up in the comparison for best mattress for couples is the Purple Mattress for the inclusion of a dual-supportive, temperature regulating grid design.

The ingenious “purple grid-system” creates pockets of air within the hundreds of individual sections of the grid which enables greater air-flow, thus preventing the mattress from becoming uncomfortably warm.

However, the Purple Mattress is also encased with a heat-trapping material which never allows the mattress to become too cool, a factor that is especially important during the Winter months.

The purple grid-system incorporated into the Purple Mattress also provides nominal support and pressure relief for both of you regardless of individual sleep postures, or how frequently you or your partner change position throughout the night.

In fact, couples who sleep on the Purple Mattress report the most significant reduction in motion transfer of any other mattress. This is, once again, due to the genuinely ingenious design and incorporation of the purple grid-system whose individual pockets isolate and eliminate motion and vibration.

Purple Mattress is manufactured from high-quality ultra-durable polyurethane foam which is lightweight and incredibly durable when compared to stain-attracting memory foam, or innerspring mattresses which degrade over time.

The Purple Mattress doesn’t make it to the level of “Best Overall Mattress for Couples,” but it’s ability to provide long-lasting, individualized support, and comfort for you and your partner without a confusing and burdensome sleep preference survey.

Honorable Mention – Nectar

Many couples are hesitant about incorporating a memory foam mattress into their lives because of the assumption that a memory foam mattress makes it harder to find a balance between soft comfort and firm support.

The Nectar mattress is able to achieve high levels of comfort and support due to the incorporation of five specially designed layers.

The tencel cooling cover wicks away heat and moisture from the body. The tencel cooling cover sits on top of a layer of quilted gel memory foam on top of a layer of standard gel memory foam. When combined all three layers create three inches of cradling, memory foam that enables a cool, dry sleep for you and your partner.

A second layer of one-and-one-half inches of adaptive memory foam that has a quick response time to pressure and assists in supporting the combined weight of you and your partner.

The base layer of the Nectar mattress comprises nearly six inches of high-density foam which is designed to provide support to the body and create the sturdiest, most durable foundation for the mattress.

The Nectar mattress achieves an honorable mention on the list of best mattresses for couples because it is one of the only mattresses that provide as much comfort and support for couples as it does for the individual.

Honorable Mention – Leesa

Some sleepers prefer the firm support of a traditional innerspring mattress while some sleepers prefer the cradling comfort of memory foam. For couples with split preferences, finding a mattress that is supportive to your individual sleep needs can be daunting.

The Leesa mattress achieves honorable mention because of its incorporation of the best aspects of memory foam and innerspring mattresses to create a sleep surface that is supportive without being too firm and cradles the body but isn’t too soft that you feel like you are sinking into the mattress.

The Leesa mattress incorporates a mixed foam design that features two foam comfort layers and a supportive core. These three layers combine to contour to the body without trapping heat as is often the case with most standard memory foam mattresses.

The Leesa mattress stands out as well suited for couples because it is minimally bouncy, transfers little motion and provides the “universally-adaptive feel” precisely as advertised. However, the Leesa mattress only achieves honorable mention because it does not perform as well when for heavier couples and may feel too firm for lighter individuals.

Honorable Mention – DreamCloud

Not every couple can afford a mattress that is specially designed to accommodate the needs of two people who sleep in one bed.

The mattress by DreamCloud is an affordable, hybrid option for couples looking to improve their quality of sleep without spending all of their hard-earned money.

The DreamCloud mattress is supported by a base layer of coils that enables a neutral spine alignment and comfortable support. Pocketed-coils are incorporated into the DreamCloud mattress with layers of motion-halting memory foam and natural latex. This makes the mattress ideal for combination sleepers, thus well-suited for couples.

The feel of the DreamCloud mattress is also impressive. Couples need not spend thousands of dollars on an expensive mattress to achieve the luxurious comfort and feel provided by the DreamCloud Mattress.

The DreamCloud mattress ranks as a firmer mattress, which may not be the most comfortable for those who prefer a very soft mattress. However, the memory foam layers provide an enveloping, comfortable sink that eliminates the worst aspects of a mattress that is too soft while remaining firm enough for most preferences.


The best overall mattress for you and your sleep partner is going to be the one that provides the most individualized comfort and support. The hands-down winner in that category is the Helix Mattress.

Couples will be hard pressed to find a more customizable and individualized sleep surface than the Helix. Just be sure to fill out the sleep survey they send you as accurately and honestly as possible to receive the Helix mattress that will do the most for you and your partner.

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