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Sleep is a valuable time for you.  Not getting enough sleep can cause grumpiness, low energy, and other unwanted symptoms. But things need to be just right to get the best rest. You like to sleep with the window open. Or you prefer a light blanket without too much pressure. But temperatures are dropping, and it is affecting how you sleep.

Have you ever thrown your sheets in the dryer right before bed? Or used a blow dryer between the layers before slipping into bed? Now you do not need to. You can use a heated blanket before bed. Let it heat the sheets and prepare a warm space for you to crawl to sleep.

Or you can use the electric blanket during the night to keep the chill away and avoid having the heat on all night long. Of course, nothing is stopping you from doing both and experiencing a level of coziness you thought you could only imagine.

Electric blankets have been a go-to for years to keep sleepers warm during frigid nights. Simply plug in the blanket and enjoy a cozy bed as you drift to sleep. But there are more benefits than a warm night when it comes to electric blankets.

During the winter months, temperatures lower and you continue to turn the dial on your thermostat higher. Depending on where you live, heating your home can substantially increase your energy bill. Heated blankets can help you save money.

When you sleep with a heated blanket, all the warmth you need is right on top of you. You do not need to warm the whole room so you can turn down your heater and save on energy.

Add on the fact that keeping your body warm promotes better circulation and can ease aches and pains. A heated blanket can change how you sleep and how your body heals.

If your feet have poor circulation or struggle to stay warm, a convenient, smaller sized heating blanket – like a throw – is an excellent option. Keep in on the couch or move it from room to room. Either way, you will always have something to warm your toes and keep you cozy.

The List

We took the liberty to review top electric blankets to save you time and research. Here are our favorite products.

Best Throw Blanket – Sunbeam Heated Electric Throw Blanket Fleece

You enjoy sitting on the couch and watching TV or reading or just spending time with others. A throw blanket is nice but does not always warm you up how you would like. Introducing the Sunbeam Heated Electric Throw Blanket Fleece and your problems are gone.

This throw blanket is electric and ideal for use around the house. It comes in fun plaid colors and is easy on the eyes and the skin. It is 100% polyester and heats from head to toe. It is an excellent addition to the couch or recliner and has a three-hour auto-off for convenience and peace of mind.

Do not run the heater to warm rooms during the day and spike your energy bill. Instead, wrap this blanket around you and enjoy the warmth of three different settings. Start with one and adjust as needed. Keep in mind it does need to be plugged in, so it is best for stationary use. The plug comes out the bottom of the blanket and stays out of your way. – Buy Now


  • Ideal for couch, recliner, or even twin size bed
  • Three-hour auto-off
  • Design goes well with many styles


  • Only three levels of heat
  • Control hard to reach near the bottom of the blanket

Best Luxury Blanket – Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket

A stylish and comfortable blanket, the Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket keeps you warm all night long. Pre-heat your bed before slipping between the sheets and choose from ten heating levels. This heated blanket is aesthetically pleasing and high-quality. Very luxurious in feel and function.

An auto-off feature lasts ten hours and then turns the blanket off for safety. You can warm the bed up before sleeping and still enjoy warmth through the night worry-free. An adjustable dimmer lets you view the LED display at your comfort level.

Two controls offer dual heating. Each side of the blanket is controlled individually and can be adjusted for the perfect temperature. No more fighting about turning the heat on or off, now you and your partner can sleep comfortably together. – Buy It


  • Five-year warranty
  • Luxurious quality
  • Dual controllers for each side
  • Ten-hour auto-off


  • Challenging customer service
  • Higher price point

Best for Any Home – Sunbeam LoftTec Heated Throw with EliteStyle Controller

Looking for a simple blanket to use around the house? The Sunbeam LoftTec Heated Throw with EliteStyle Controller works great for couches and recliners and keeps you warm without bumping up your thermostat.

The blanket is a solid color and goes with any décor. Made with 100% polyester material, the LoftTec material is ultra-soft and gentle on the skin. Even unplugged, the blanket is warm and comfortable. This blanket plugs in and heats to three different levels. Use confidently with the auto-off after three hours.

ThermoFine heating technology allows for even distribution throughout the blanket and warms from head to toe. The cord is approximately six feet and easy to plug in. The plug-in port is in the middle of the bottom, making it easy for your feet to avoid.

Because this blanket wraps around you directly, you can lower your heat in the house during the day and save on your electricity bill. – Buy It


  • Three-hour auto-off
  • Soft material-can’t feel the wires
  • Perfect size for couches and chairs


  • The controller can be a little hard to reach
  • Control buttons are sensitive

Best for Programming – Giantex Electric Blanket

You want to enjoy the warmth of an electric blanket but do not like how all the auto-offs are pre-programmed. Giantex Electric Blanket understands you have different needs at different times and is designed to be programmable for precisely what you want.

A controller gives you five different temperature modes to use. And the timing function allows you to choose anywhere from one to eight hours. You can even select which level to be in for how long. For example, program the blanket to set at temperature four one hour and then transition into temperature two for four hours. This blanket is fully customizable.

The material is soft polyester and distributes heat throughout the blanket. A low-voltage heat function is used to avoid extremely high temperatures and ease the transition between modes. – Buy It


  • Customizable programming
  • Soft material
  • Dual controls


  • Takes a while to heat initially
  • Shorter cord

Best for King Size – Sunbeam Channeled Velvet Plush Electric Heated Blanket

If you have a large bed, staying warm while sleeping can be a concern. But you do not have to compromise size and comfort with the Sunbeam Channeled Velvet Plush Electric Heated Blanket.

Dual control with this heated blanket means you can keep your space at the temperature you want while allowing your partner to be comfortable and choose the best temperature for them. Two controls are easy to use, and the blanket responds quickly. There are as many as twenty custom heat settings.

The material is an acrylic coated cotton and is luxuriously soft. You will not feel any coils or wires as the blanket covers you.

For peace of mind and convenience, there is an auto-off after ten hours. Now you do not need to remember to turn the blanket off and can enjoy a well-rested night of sleep. – Buy It


  • Twenty heat settings
  • Five-year warranty
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
  • A variety of colors to choose from


  • On the higher price end
  • Must cycle through to turn off on the controller

How Does a Heated Blanket Work?

Electric blankets function similarly to small heating pads, but on a larger level. Insulated wires or coils inserted into the fabric allow it to heat. Once connected to an outlet, the wires power up and spread heat through the blanket. A temperature control unit controls how much energy enters to warm the blanket.

A plug-in port usually rests near the end and edge of the blanket and connects the blanket to the energy that will heat the material. These areas can be bulky, so it is essential to adjust, so they are away you and do not intrude on your experience with the blanket.

Plugging and unplugging must be done manually and is required before cleaning blankets.

Most blankets are a combination of polyester and acrylic material because this blend prevents potential fire hazards while still maintaining the warmth you need. See below for more information on the safety of electric blankets.

Types of Electric Blankets

Using an electric blanket dramatically diminishes the need for multiple blankets on the bed and removes bulk so you can sleep better. There are a couple of styles of heated blankets depending on how you like to sleep.

Duvet/Overblanket – This is the most common type of heated blanket. It is designed to lay over top of other blankets or sheets. You can choose from a variety of colors, designs, thickness, and material.

Underblanket – This heated linen is placed on top of your mattress but underneath your fitted sheet. It provides warmth from below and acts similarly to a heated mattress pad. These blankets usually are thin enough to fit under the sheet but still offer consistent heat while you sleep.

Throw – This style of electric blanket looks similar to regular, decorative throws that you would have on your couch. They can help highlight furniture in the room and are smaller than the blankets designed for beds. But the electric design is the same, and they do an excellent job of keeping you warm.

Concerns About Purchasing an Electric Blanket

Whenever electricity is involved, it is smart to be cautious. Concern over electric blankets overheating or catching fire is not uncommon but tends to be a problem of the past.

Newer heated blankets created with a shutoff mechanism that prevents any overheating as well as stopping potential fires. Modern models of heated blankets also introduced carbon fiber wiring. Vehicle manufacturers use carbon fiber for a variety of parts but specifically work well for heated seats. These new wires provide consistent temperatures while improving safety. As long as you buy a blanket made later than 2001, you do not need to worry.

We also recommend not using an electric blanket if you have pets that access your bed. Pets can claw or chew on the wires and cause damage. Using a damaged heated blanket can result in severe problems and should never be done.

Care and Maintenance for an Electric Blanket

Heated blankets are convenient because you can easily clean them at home. Always read the manufactures guidelines, but in general, electric blankets are machine washable and dryer safe. Just make sure not to keep it in the dryer too long as that can cause damage to the blanket and it may not work right. And check that the blanket is completely dry before using to avoid shorting out the wires.

If treated right, an electric blanket should last you years. However, it is important to remember that technology is never perfect. When choosing an electric blanket, make sure it has a warranty. Sometimes products do not work right out of the box or have issues shortly after, but a good company will make it right.

Final Thoughts

Do not let your sleep suffer because you are not the right temperature. Sleeping with a heated blanket warms and relaxes your muscles so you can wake up feeling rested. And the heat helps with injuries or other aches and pains.

Plus, an electric blanket heats you, so you can turn down the thermostat and enjoy all that money you will be saving.

Get an electric blanket for your bed, or your couch or your chair or all of the above. We reviewed the best so you can choose the one with the best features for you. You will have a stylish blanket that keeps you warm for years to come.

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