Best Daybed Mattress 2022

If you are thinking about putting in a daybed or just replacing your existing daybed mattress, the first question that might come to your mind is what constitutes a daybed? Understanding what makes a daybed will help immensely in your decision-making process for purchasing the best daybed mattress.

Daybeds are 38 or 39 inches wide and 75 inches long. This means they are identical to twin mattresses. The one thing you may want to consider is its thickness. It may be perfectly acceptable for your situation to have a luxuriously tall daybed mattress, just like a high-end twin.

But for some, it may be more aesthetically pleasing to keep a smaller profile. If your daybed has a trundle, the trundle mattress is usually going to have to be between eight and ten inches thick to fit underneath in its hideaway space.

What to Look for in a Daybed?

There are a few things to look for if you want the best daybed mattress for you. And we have come up with a few crucial factors that we will use to determine the best all-around daybed mattress. A great daybed should be made out of high-quality materials and be durable. It should be extremely comfortable and be a leader in its class when it comes to pressure relief.

Daybeds are small, so they need superior edge support. They should disperse body heat and sleep cool, especially since they are often used for daytime naps and are often placed near a window where direct sunlight could create extra warmth.

Finally, the bed should have a decent warranty and rate highly in other company considerations like sleep trial, customer service, and consumer reviews.

Let’s look a little bit deeper into each of the determining factors that we will use to figure out which daybed currently on the market is the best.

  • Quality Materials
  • Durable
  • Edge Support
  • Comfort
  • Relieves Pressure
  • Regulation of Temperature
  • Warranty and Considerations
  • Price

High-Quality Materials

The best daybed mattresses will be manufactured with high-end materials and use safe processes as well. There have been a lot of reports lately of lower-quality beds that have lengthy off-gassing periods; meaning they release toxic fumes that can be harmful to you and your family.

They should use environmentally friendly processes to make the materials that rate highly in indoor health as well. Some companies go the extra mile when it comes to protecting our health and the environment.

Beds that are manufactured with food grade materials and safe indoor health methods translate into toxin-free mattresses that will not slowly poison us while we sleep on it. I myself am a parent, so protecting my family and any guests that may use a sleep product in my home is my number-one priority.


Durability is directly related to the quality of materials used to build the bed, but it is also has a lot to do with the craftsmanship and attention to detail used when assembling the daybed. When we spend any decent amount of money on a product, we want it to last. Otherwise, it feels like we wasted our money.

Edge Support

Because daybeds are only 39 inches wide, edge support is vital. Full grown people are likely to sleep near the edge of the bed, so the mattress has to be able to support your weight comfortably. Poor edge support makes it feel like you will slide or roll off the bed while sleeping along the side of the mattress. With adequate edge support, you will feel just as safe and secure along the edge as you do in the middle.

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Although daybeds are not typically meant to be slept on every single day, you still want it to be comfortable. The best mattress for daybeds will evenly support your weight without sagging, feeling too soft, or too firm. Even if you are just laying down to read a book, you don’t want to be uncomfortable.

Pressure Relief

Hand and hand with comfort pressure relief is critical in getting a great night (or afternoon) of rest. The best mattresses will conform to the curves and points of your body just enough to fill the spaces between so that you are amply supported without causing any pinching or pressure-points.

Temperature Regulation

Certain foam mattresses can sleep quite hot. So it is essential that hybrid and foam-based daybeds are manufactured with modern technological advances that will keep the sleeping surface cool while you are on it. Nobody wants to feel sweaty or overly hot while they are trying to rest. It makes you uncomfortable and disrupts quality sleep.

Warranty and Considerations

When two or more mattresses are quite comparable, the tie-breaker might go to the one that has the better warranty and sleep trial or has earned our trust with outstanding reviews and a rock-solid customer care record. There a few other considerations as well that tie into things that we mentioned in the section about materials like how environmentally conscious they are and if they are involved in any social or charitable initiatives.


When searching for the best daybed mattress, price is definitely a big factor. We don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on what comes down to a twin mattress. So bang for your buck plays a major role in our how we rank the best daybeds.

Best Overall – Saatva

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Saatva is changing the game in the direct to consumer sleep product market. They have flipped the industry on its head by offering a superb luxury mattress, 100% made in the USA at an affordable price. Saatva is our top pick because when we compare them to other brands, they sit at the very top of each of our different deciding factors when it comes to deciding the best mattresses for daybeds.

The Saatva comes in three different comfort levels, Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm so that you can get that perfect level of comfort for you. And they come in two different aesthetic options: a lower profile 11.5-inch “Custom Slim” version and the uber-plush 14.5-inch Premier Luxury. No matter what type daybed you have, there is a Saatva mattress that will look great in it.

Saatva also tops the charts with their materials and manufacturing processes. They are recognized by the sustainable furnishing council because they use eco-friendly materials that are CertiPUR-US certified, guardinⓇ botanical antimicrobial fabric treatment, are hypoallergenic and maintain a low carbon footprint.

On top of all this, they include white glove delivery for free and a 120-day trial If you don’t like the mattress for any reason, they will give you a full refund and even pick up the daybed mattress for free. If you decide to keep the bed (most people do), their 15-year non-prorated warranty will protect your investment.

How Saatva is Constructed

The Saatva mattress is a luxury hybrid mattress. It looks and feels like something that you would find in a 5-star hotel. Hybrid means that it is part traditional spring mattress and part memory foam so that you reap the benefits of both technologies.

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This mattress looks just as beautiful as it feels, and this starts with its 100% organic cotton cover with euro pillow-top.  Below the pillowtop is a layer of convoluted foam that helps to promote airflow and keep you sleeping fresh and cool. It is also ‘lumbar support enhancing’ that provides pressure relief and reduces tension in the lower back.

As we get deeper into the construction of the bed, you’ll find hundreds of individually wrapped, pocketed coils adjust to and support all of the different points of your body separately. The result is extreme motion isolation and unparalleled full body support with pressure relief like no other mattress. The coils also give you that bit of bounce that helps you feel like you are floating on the bed instead of sinking into it.

Where Saatva comes into its own is the fact that the individual coils sit on top of a traditional innerspring system. We all know that innerspring mattresses are durable and provide excellent support, but by themselves, can be a bit uncomfortable. Saatva distributes the individual coils across an additional sheet of memory foam between the two spring systems so that you are left with the best support any bed can offer with unsurpassable comfort, even for weighty people.

The whole thing is encased in super high-density memory foam that makes up their “Dual Perimeter Edge Support System.”  The way it all comes together makes for an incredibly durable bed that even larger people will feel comfortable sleeping right along the edge, all for less than $600.

Runner-Up – DreamCloud

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DreamCloud is another luxury hybrid mattress. In fact, the company and their product are very similar to Saatva, but they only make the runner-up because they are designed in the USA but manufactured overseas.

That said, DreamCloud has excellent quality assurance and only uses hand-selected high-quality materials. Even though they are produced in Asia, their standards are high enough that they managed to get many of the same certifications as Saatva, such as CertiPUR-US. Believe me when I say that they don’t hand that certification out willy-nilly.

DreamCloud has one of the best warranties and sleep trials in the business. Their industry-leading sleep trial is 365 nights. So you have a full year to decide whether or not you want to keep your DreamCloud bed. Like Saatva, if you are not 100% satisfied with your twin-sized DreamCloud daybed, they will come and pick up your mattress free of charge and refund all of your money. Those who choose to keep their products get the ‘Everlong Warranty.’ Your new bed will be guaranteed for as long as you own it.

How DreamCloud is Constructed

As we mentioned above, DreamCloud is a luxury hybrid as well. It is made out of eight distinct layers, starting with their hand-tufted cashmere-blend euro-top cover. Not only does it look and feel beautiful, but it also provides breathability works hand-in-hand with the gel-infused memory foam directly below to keep your sleeping surface cool all night long.

The gel-infused memory foam isn’t only there to keep you cool. It is also the first step in cradling your body for perfect support.

Four more layers of foam follow. The first is their proprietary Super Soft Quilted Memory Foam. It is what gives the DreamCloud the feeling of sleeping on a cloud. Next is the natural latex foam layer. It is naturally hypoallergenic and adds an element of responsive cushioning with a bit of bounce. Latex foams are known for their durability as well.

For deep contouring support, the “Dream Plush” foam layer acts as a support layer for the latex foam. And below that, there is a super-high-density foam layer that supports your weight and evenly distributes it across the ‘Best Rest’ Coils.

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Packed differently into five distinct zones specifically designed to be perfect for each region of your body, the Best Rest coils are foam encased micro-coils that give head-to-toe support and help to isolate motion. Finally, we have another layer of highly-dense foam that acts as the foundation for the entire bed.

Honorable Mention – Nuvanna

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Nuvanna is all about creating balance in people’s lives by giving them great nights of sleep. They have taken a yogi-like philosophy and brought it into the world of sleep products. This idea makes sense when you think about it. If you get a great night (or day) of rest, you start out balanced and ready to take on the world.

Because Nuvanna mattresses are all-foam, they classify as a bed-in-a-box brand. Meaning they deliver right to your doorstep for free, rolled up and compressed in a box. At 10 inches thick, and only $425.00 after you apply the online coupon code, this would be the perfect mattress for your trundle section of your daybed.

Other considerations helped Nuvaana to be one of the best mattresses for daybeds. They have an industry-standard 100-night risk-free sleep trial and a ten-year warranty. Like our other choices, their daybed (twin) ships for free. If you are not happy with the mattress, they will refund your money and donate it to charity. And according to TrustPilot, a third-party review verification system, Nuvanna has a customer satisfaction rating of 9.3 out of 10.

How Nuvanna is Constructed

They keep it simple with three extremely high-quality Certi-PUR US certified foam layers and removable Tencel cover. The first foam layer is a phase-changing foam layer that is engineered to keep you cool as well as contours to the curves of your body. Phase-changing means it has gel particles that disperse heat and ‘change’ to room temperature which is generally much cooler than your body temperature.

The second layer is the motion control layer. It absorbs motion so that if you are sleeping by another person, your movements won’t disturb each-other. It also acts as the transition between the conforming, phase-changing layer and the support layer below. Nuvanna’s Progressive Support System or NPSS is a specialized high-density foam that independently supports each-body part and helps keep your spine properly aligned to relieve back pain.


Saatva is hands-down, our all-around winner as the best mattress for daybeds. It is long-lasting, made of eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, extremely pressure relieving and comfortable, has superior edge support and is cost effective. It will make your daybed look and feel luxurious like a bed that costs three times the price you spent.

We also gave you a couple of other great options as well. DreamCloud is a great daybed that is quite comparable to Saatva. DreamCloud’s warranty and sleep trial are the very best in the business, the only reason that Saatva gets the nod is that they are one-hundred percent designed and manufactured in the United States.

Some people love that foam feel. So, if you want an all-foam mattress instead of a hybrid bed or innerspring, Nuvanna will take your daybed to a state of nirvana. Nuvanna will work for your main daybed mattress but could also be used in a trundle bed, where Saatva and DreamCloud would have too tall of a profile to slide into the cubby.

Now you should have enough information to get started on the purchase of the best daybed mattress for you

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