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Weighted blankets are all the rage, and you’re curious to see if they might help you relax and fall asleep faster. The one concern? You sleep hot. Are weighted blankets and hot sleepers incompatible forever? Lucky for you a few companies have considered your specific needs and plan to get you on track.

We’ve put together our top picks for a weighted cooling blanket to help all you hot sleepers out there get in on all the benefits a weighted blanket can have on your sleep. Plus, we’ve answered some questions you may have about what to look for and how to care for one once you’ve chosen it. Let’s take a look.

What’s The Big Deal About Weighted Blankets?

There’s a movement behind the psychology of the weighted blanket. Proponents claim that the pressure on your body helps calm the mind and trigger a stress control response. Deep pressure may be able to work the same way a deep tissue massage does.

By focusing the mind’s stimulus response on the weight itself, it could distract you from those racing thoughts and help bring your focus back to the present, a practice long thought to help reduce some of the worst effects of stress.

A weighted blanket is made with a material that helps increase the weight to around 15 pounds on average but can be a range between five to as much as 30. The materials inside vary, but all have the necessary construction to lay cleanly across your body and apply gentle pressure. You’re still able to move freely, but the weight may help your body to stay more still than it would without the weight.

The clearest study to date came from one published in 2015 that followed 31 adults with chronic insomnia. They switched their standard bedding with a weighted blanket for two weeks before returning to their original bedding. An overwhelming number reported better sleep and less overall stress when using the weighted blanket.

How Do I Choose A Weighted Blanket?

Not all weighted blankets are right for everyone. If you’re unsure what type to get, there are a few things you should consider before you decide.

How Much Do You Weigh?

The blankets come in different weights for a reason. If you’re on the smaller end of the scale, it’s best for you to go for a blanket on the lighter end of the spectrum so that it isn’t uncomfortable for you to move around. It shouldn’t restrict your movements entirely, or you may experience a different kind of panic altogether.

If you’re on the heavier end of the weight scale, you could increase the amount of weight in the blanket until you feel a comfortable “hug” or compression, but not so much pressure that it’s uncomfortable for you. The idea is that you’ll feel the pressure as a comforting. The general rule for estimating how much weight will be comfortable is to start with five to ten percent of your body weight and go from there.

What Size Blanket Do You Need?

IF you’re taking naps on the couch, that’s a different beast than sleeping all night in your own bed. Consider the real size of the blanket you need. Blankets for the bed should be big enough that you can cover yourself the way you would with your comforter or duvet but not so big that they aren’t manageable anymore or add too much weight.

Weighted blankets for use during the day in your chair or on your couch should be able to cover your body without too much issue. However, because you aren’t tossing and turning, you may just need a blanket that you can use to cover your legs and chest to get the full benefit.

What’s Inside?

The materials vary, but some of the best fillers for a cooler feeling would be glass beads. Cheaper blankets use things like plastic pellets, but these can hold in heat and moisture while glass takes a lot longer to warm up truly. Because it’s constantly exposed to cold air, there’s a good chance it’ll never thoroughly warm up to your body temperature.

Make sure the outside materials are highly breathable to encourage air flow. The glass will keep dissipating heat, and you won’t wake up nearly as sweaty. Glass is also easier to distribute and offers a custom molded feel when you lay down. However, with the right composition of plastic, you can still find some quality cooling blankets that use plastic beads and still remain cool (Gravity, for example).

Is It For Your Child?

Children can benefit from a weighted blanket that’s as much as 10% of their body weight, but it’s always a trial and error for children. Children under eight shouldn’t have a weighted blanket at all because of safety issues such as suffocation and affecting growth. Make sure your child is old enough and responsible enough to benefit from a weighted blanket.

What About The Features?

Some weighted blankets come with their own cover that helps with `keeping things clean. Most weighted blankets can’t be cleaned in the washing machine because you risk damaging the interior, but a cover can help keep things clean until you can dry clean your blanket.

Some weighted blankets don’t come with a cover, so you’ll have to find one that you like and add that cost into your overall budget. Don’t skimp on the blanket and then find out you’re having to make your money back up with a cover. And use a cover if your weighted blanket calls for one.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price of the blanket doesn’t necessarily correlate to quality, but we do believe that you get what you pay for. Investing money in your health is always a positive idea. You should balance your budgetary needs with finding a product that accomplishes what you need and provides a quality that won’t disappoint you very soon down the road. If you’re continually investing in cheap bedding, you may end up spending more money in the long run.

What Are The Benefits Of A Weighted Blanket?

Scientists think the weighted blanket accomplishes the same reaction as that of a hug. It helps to release oxytocin, a chemical in the brain that makes you feel good. It’s related to human bonding and enables you to feel loyal to those closest to you.

If you don’t have someone who can give you access to regular touch, or if you have a processing disorder that makes human contact difficult, the weight of the blanket can be a useful alternative.

It can help with sensory processing disorders and those on the autism spectrum. It’s also shown a lot of promise for those with anxiety disorders or ADHD. Researchers think the pressure from the blanket causes a response that quiets the part of the mind responsible for stress, producing more of the hormone that controls the brain when it’s at rest.

One of the best usages is for insomnia. The weight of the blanket can encourage you to be more still throughout the night, reducing the chances you’ll wake yourself up tossing or that you’ll injure a muscle during the night.

What Are The Downsides?

Weighted blankets can sometimes be tougher to clean than standard blankets because of the fillers, so make sure you know what you’re getting into. If you need to purchase more than one cover, that could also run up your budget.

Some conditions could be made worse by using a weighted blanket. Check with your doctor before you begin with a weighted blanket if you have any diagnosed illnesses, just to be safe. Also, if you’re purchasing a blanket for your child, be sure to check with their pediatrician and never use a blanket for children under the age of 8.

Always make sure that you, your pets, or children aren’t trapped by the blanket. It should always lay on top of you and never be tucked in so that you can’t move your limbs. Make sure the blanket is light enough that there is no trouble breathing and never cover your or your child’s head or face.

Best Cooling Weighted Blanket: The List

We’ve chosen our cooling blankets based on their effectiveness and quality of construction. Each one should help you balance needing to stay cool with the type of pressure that can truly help you get a better night’s sleep. Let’s take a look.

Our Top Pick – Gravity Cooling Blanket

Gravity blankets are one of the biggest names in weighted blankets now, but if you’ve invested in the past, you probably slept a little, well, sweaty. The good news is that Gravity is back with a cooling option for those who just couldn’t get comfortable with the original.

It features three different weights (15, 20, and 25 pounds) made with plastic poly-pellets. The cover is a breathable polyester blend that helps air move through, continuously cooling the interior. It features a grid stitching that helps keep the fill in place so that it never needs fluffing.

The cover is machine washable, and Gravity sends it to you with free shipping. You have 30 days to try the blanket out, and if it isn’t the one for you, just return it for a refund. If you think you may want to return it, you must keep the original plastic case or Gravity will not process the return. No exceptions.

What Customers Like:

  • grid stitching keeps filling in place
  • breathable cover
  • machine washable duvet

Common Complaints:

  • poly-pellets instead of glass beads
  • must keep plastic case to process a return

Runner Up – YnM Cooling Blanket

The YnM is a cooling option that features two weight options (15 and 20). It uses premium glass beads with a grid seaming to help keep them evenly distributed. The outside is a bamboo viscose blend that’s highly breathable and allows air to cool the beads and wick away moisture even if you usually sleep hot.

The blanket isn’t machine washable, so we recommend investing in a duvet cover to make sure it stays cleaner for longer. Spot clean the blanket itself if you need to with just a wet cloth. There is a double layer of material and cotton fill to help ensure that the blanket doesn’t leak beads, but the company also includes a three-year repair warranty if the seaming comes loose or you notice leaks.

The company’s blanket sizing runs small on purpose, but it may take some getting used to. Make sure you give the blanket a few days to get used to the queen or twin sizing being much smaller than your standard duvet.

What Customers Like:

  • glass beads
  • the bamboo blend is breathable and soft
  • repairs available for three years

Common Complaints

  • sizing runs small
  • the duvet isn’t included

Budget Alternative – Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket

Degrees of Comfort uses something called nano-ceramic beads to help add a more efficient weight. This blanket is more akin to sand instead of a bean bag, and the pressure is evenly distributed throughout the larger grid seaming.

It features two different covers, one a tactile cover for maximum comfort and the other a cooling blend that helps with air flow. You can switch them out based on the season or your mood. The blankets come in five different weights (6, 10, 15, 20, and 25 pounds) and a few different sizes. Some of the dimensions could be great for travel blankets if you need something like that.

The squares are much larger than the other two blankets on the list, so while it does help with the distribution, the filling still bunches up in corners of the grid squares. The weight is excellent, but the distribution may be difficult for some people with sensory issues. The blanket may also have difficulty keeping the sand-like particles from leaking.

What Customers Like:

  • more affordable than other choices
  • comes with two different covers
  • plenty of weight and size options

Common Complaints

  • may not be suitable for sensory issues
  • leaks are more common

Best For Children – Luxome Weighted Blanket For Kids

The Luxome is an eight-pound blanket suitable for older children. It features glass beads sewn into a grid to prevent bunching and keep distribution even. The squares are small enough that there should be an even distribution suitable for those with sensory issues.

The bamboo cover is machine washable and sewn directly to the weighted inner part to prevent issues with bunching. You can throw the entire blanket into the wash on delicate and get everything clean with no other fuss.

It’s only available in two different weights (child size and adult size), but the ratio was determined very carefully to be comfortable for a wide range of people. Make sure your child is old enough for the weight, and there shouldn’t be any danger from use.

You don’t have the option for a lot of different sizes, so that could be an inconvenience. If your child is much larger (teenagers and such), the 18-pound size could be more appropriate, but you just don’t have a lot of choices.

What Customers Like:

  • integrated cover for ease of use
  • good distribution of glass beads
  • suitable or children

Common Complaints:

  • not many choices of weight
  • only two sizes

Best For Heavier People – Rocabi Weighted Blanket

The Rocabi comes in heavier sizes suitable for those who are heavier than average weight. It features a glass bead filler designed to stay in place through a six by six-inch grade seaming. It lays well and is engineered to be around seven to 12 percent of your body weight.

It comes with two different covers a luxury, breathable cover that helps with cooling and airflow, and a simple cotton cover, also for cooling purposes. The entire blanket is highly breathable and allows heat and moisture to dissipate efficiently.

You can choose blankets up to 30 pounds in a variety of sizes suitable for both heavier and taller people. It comes with a limited product warranty (check with your seller for specifics) and a hassle-free return system. Just try the blanket for a day or two, and if it doesn’t work out, the company will refund your money, no questions.

What Customers Like:

  • suitable for both heavier and taller people
  • smaller grid seaming keeps distribution even
  • two covers included

Common Complaints:

  • expensive
  • possible to get a blanket much heavier than you need

Final Thoughts

Weighted blankets can be just the thing you need to help calm your mind and keep your body rested. They’re great for all sorts of sleep issues as well as come mental concerns including anxiety and depression.

Make sure you give the blanket a few days so that you can get used to it and determine if you can still move safely underneath. Otherwise, get your mind off your anxiety and stop tossing and turning throughout the night. Take advantage of what studies say could be an excellent, non-medication option for some of life’s most persistent sleep issues and wake up more rested.

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