Best Cooling Mattress 2023 : Cold Comfort for Hot Sleepers!

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Falling asleep cool and comfortable only to wake up an hour later warm and drenched in sweat is a nightly frustration for many sleepers.

We know this to be true because mattress makers have gone to extraordinary lengths to engineer mattresses that provide the cooling comfort sought after by so many sleepers.

Not all cooling mattresses are created equal, and no two sleepers are 100% alike, which means the consumer is faced with two questions; How do you find the best cooling mattress for you, and what is a cooling mattress anyway?

What is a Cooling Mattress?

Sleeping cool is vitally important to achieve a restorative night of sleep and to wake up rejuvenated. Unfortunately, far too many of us repeatedly wake in the middle of the night because the bed has become uncomfortably warm.

The solution to the problem of overheating isn’t to sleep in front of your refrigerator, or slip ice under the covers, it’s to purchase a cooling mattress.

A cooling mattress is a mattress that is designed to keep its occupant cool throughout the night. The methods in which a cooling mattress regulates sleep temperature vary by mattress design and type, but generally include a combination of features:

  • Increased airflow- Typically achieved via a system of aeration or the use of perforated materials.
  • Materials that wick away body heat – Cooling mattresses are typically manufactured from materials that absorb body heat by drawing it away from the body.
  • Infusions of copper, titanium or cooling gel- Some cooling mattresses include an infusion of specific cooling materials that regulate sleep temperature by remaining cooler longer than the surrounding material.
  • Limited sink- The further the body sinks into the mattress the more encased in the material they become. Cooling mattresses are designed to limit how far the body sinks into the mattress to the minimum required to feel comfortable.

Cooling mattresses can also be defined by the materials that they avoid. Mattresses that feature thick memory foams, heavy wool, and knit covers and dense polymers do not make effective cooling mattresses.

Cooling mattresses, if not constructed from cooling materials, will almost certainly be engineered to circulate air through the mattress, typically via a system of vents and pockets that increase airflow.

The most well-designed cooling mattresses utilize a combination of special breathable materials that work in conjunction with a design the promotes airflow and wicks heat and moisture away from the body.

How Does Temperature Affect My Sleep?

Temperature is one of those factors that is rarely considered until it climbs out of control, but as soon as the terminator needle begins to climb, we realize just how critical a stable, comfortable sleep temperature is to falling asleep and staying asleep.

If you are like most people, it is hard for you to fall asleep when you are uncomfortable. In more instances than not, the purchase of a cooling mattress will solve the overheating problem, but for many sleepers overheating during the night is a symptom of a larger sleeping disorder.

According to the American Sleep Association, 50-70 million adults suffer from at least one sleep disorder. Overheating during sleep is not a sleep disorder on its own, but it is a symptom of more than one sleep disorder including:

If you suffer from these disorders, thermoregulation issues are more than an inconvenience.

  • Body Temperature –Thermoregulation is the way in which all endotherms (hot-blooded animals) regulate their body temperature.

Humans conduct thermoregulation via a system of heat production and retention. In general, most humans maintain an internal body temperature of approximately 98.6 degrees.

Though the body’s core temperature is regulated by the brain, the bodies shell temperature is susceptible to the body’s outside environment.

It is this environment that must be controlled to achieve the optimal sleeping temperature.

  • Room Temperature- The optimal room temperature for sleeping is subject to change from individual to individual; however, most sleepers agree the most comfortable sleep temperature is between 60 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

Any attempt to decrease the temperature of the room you sleep in is a step in the right direction to prevent overheating. Ways in which you can make decrease the temperature of a room to an ideal sleeping temperature include:

  • Opening windows at the far ends of the room to create air flow.
  • Introducing an air conditioner.
  • Hanging light-blocking curtains to block sunshine which can raise the temperature of a room.

However, if you have already turned down the thermostat, and cranked up the air conditioner buy you still feel too warm when you sleep then a new cooling mattress is the next logical step.

How to Choose the Right Cooling Mattress

Feeling cool and dry when you sleep can greatly improve the quality of sleep you achieve, but if you have trouble feeling comfortable because of back pain, or pressure point discomfort, then it hardly matters how well the mattress regulates your temperature.

We are willing to bet that overheating is hardly the only complaint that you have with your mattress. Before you run off to shop for a cooling mattress, you should first thoroughly consider the way in which you sleep.

  • Sleep Posture & Preferences- Your sleep posture is the position that you assume to fall asleep. Every sleeper falls into one of three categories; stomach, back or side sleepers.

To truly get the most out of your cooling mattress it is important that you purchase a cooling mattress that is also designed to provide exceptional comfort for your sleep type.

  • Sleeping Disorders- For those who suffer from a sleep disorder, the importance of selecting a cooling mattress that also accommodates your specific disorder cannot be overstressed.
  • Sleep Partner- It’s never a good idea to neglect your sleep partner. Be sure to consider their specific sleep posture and preferences and select the bed that best accommodates both of you.

Types of Cooling Mattresses

Today it is hardly uncommon to find a mattress that claims to offer a cool, dry and comfortable night’s rest, but if every mattress offers a cooling feature, how do you determine which of the cooling mattresses is the best?

You start by weeding out mattress types that are notorious for overheating.

  • Memory Foam (Viscoelastic polyurethane foam)- Memory foam is the worst offender when it comes to overheating. Memory foam encases the body which has the effect of preventing heat from dissipating away from the body.

Memory foam mattresses are at such a disadvantage to other types of cooling mattresses that they will often feature some sort of hybrid construction or gel infusion.

Gel-infused foams are generally effective at preventing overheating because the gel remains cooler than the surrounding material for longer, which has the effect of reducing the overall temperature of the sleep surface.

  • Heavy Knit & Pillow Top- Mattresses that feature heavy knit pillow tops or which are manufactured from wool have a tendency to retain heat and moisture. The best cooling mattresses utilize materials that wick away moisture and dissipate body heat.

Though every mattress brand will claim to offer cooling comfort, some mattress types are simply more effective and efficient at regulating a cool and dry sleep temperature than others.

  • Innerspring- Innerspring mattresses are typically designed with space between the innerspring which keep airflow unobstructed.
  • Air Bed- Though not recommended for regular use, air beds feature little that prevent them from sleeping cool.
  • Waterbed-  A waterbed isn’t recommended for regular use as they typically lack any support for the spine; however, the water held inside tends to maintain a cooler than average sleep temperature.
  • Hybrid- Hybrid mattresses generally consist of materials and design features taken from other mattress types and assembled to create the most comfortable cooling mattress possible.

Hybrid mattresses typically include a combination of latex, memory foam, and innerspring design.

  • Latex- Latex mattresses include a core of springy latex and have a reputation for providing a firmer sleep surface. Latex mattresses make good cooling mattresses because they minimize how far the body can sink into the mattress.

The Best Cooling Mattresses

Remember that the best cooling mattress for you and your sleep partner is going to be the one that meets all of your sleep preferences. Just because firmer mattresses tend to sleep cooler than soft mattresses doesn’t mean you shouldn’t purchase a soft mattress.

The mattresses presented here qualify for our list of the best cooling mattress because they provide a cool, dry sleep without sacrificing exceptional comfort, and they do it for less than the price of the leading competitors.

Best Overall – ZenHaven All-Natural Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses tend to perform very well when compared with other cooling mattresses because latex is so breathable. The ZenHaven All-Natural Latex Mattress excels as a cooling mattress even when compared to other quality latex mattresses.

The ZenHaven All-Natural Latex Mattress is entirely breathable and creates a sleep surface that remains exceptionally cool all night long.

The latex used in The ZenHaven All-Natural Latex Mattress is manufactured with tiny pinholes which aerate the surface. The aerated sleep surface breathes everytime it is compressed which draws in extra airflow and prevents the mattress from ever overheating,

We consider The ZenHaven All-Natural Latex Mattress on of the best cooling mattresses because, unlike the competition, the ZenHaven All-Natural Latex Mattress is flippable and more durable, and affordable on nearly every budget.

Runner-Up – Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattress is a new mattress brand that is establishing a reputation for innovation and ingenuity.

The Purple Mattress is constructed from a hyper-elastic polymer which provides all of the comforts of memory foam without allowing the body to sink too far into the mattress where it can easily overheat.

In fact, when tested against a 100-pound weight the Purple Mattress only yielded 5.5 inches of sink, which is great news for heavy and overweight sleepers.

The secret to how the Purple Mattress remains cool, even when compressed is in its engineering.

The hyper-elastic polymer is constructed into a supportive design called the Purple Smart Comfort Grid.

The Purple Smart Comfort Grid creates a temperature neutral sleep surface by evenly distributing body weight, dispersing body heat and increasing airflow.

However, the feature that distinguishes the Purple Mattress from the other cooling mattresses is its appeal to the largest number of sleepers. The Purple mattress remains cool, supportive and comfortable regardless of sleep preference.

In nearly every feature the Purple Mattress not only excels but innovates. We consider the Purple Mattress one of the best cooling mattresses because it performs exceptionally well at maintaining a cool, dry sleep surface, but also because it never ceases to impress.

Honorable Mention – Casper Essential Mattress

The Casper Essential Mattress is the only all foam mattress on our list of best cooling mattresses, which distinguishes it from any other cooling mattress.

The Casper Essential Mattress is constructed from a combination of foams and polymers that provides an exceptionally cool, and comfortable sleep surface for far less than the competition.

To achieve such performance, Casper designed their Essential Mattress with a layer of memory foam below the comfort layer, which allows for the comfortable sink of memory foam, yet enables the mattress to remain cool for the entire night.

The Casper Essential Mattress is designed to be breathable and prevent the bed from retaining too much heat. Each layer of foam supports and cradles the body yet never seems to warm up or become uncomfortably damp.

The Casper Essential Mattress scores high on our list of the best cooling mattress because it manages to accomplish what memory foam mattresses so often fail to do, remain as cool as they are comfortable.

It’s the perfect choice of mattress for college students who are often confined to living in uncomfortably warm dorm halls and on a strict budget.

Honorable Mention – Saatva Mattress

Innerspring mattresses typically occupy the same space in our minds as dial-up connections and VHS tapes, but that isn’t the case regarding the cooling mattress from the experts at Saatva.

The Saatva Mattress stands out from other innerspring and cooling mattresses because it features a unique “coil on coil” construction.

The “coil on coil” design includes two coil sets, arranged one on top of the other which increases airflow and enables a cool, dry and comfortable sleep. The Saatva Mattresses unique design creates large areas of unoccupied space within the mattress.

The Saatva Mattress also features a layer of memory foam. This feature would normally allow the body to sink too far into the mattress and overheat, however, the Saatva Mattresses innerspring construction adds multiple layers of support to prevent sinkage.

The Saatva Mattress performs exceptionally well with back and stomach sleepers due to its high level of support and pressure relief but isn’t too firm to feel uncomfortable to side sleepers and those who enjoy a luxurious feel.

Honorable Mention – GhostBed Luxe Mattress

A luxury mattress can’t be called luxury if it isn’t exceptionally comfortable, and a mattress cannot be exceptionally comfortable without a featuring a measure of temperature regulation.

The Luxe Mattress from GhostBed manages to combine the best features of a luxury bed with a high-quality cooling mattress. The GhostBed Luxe mattress features several cooling features that function so well the bed is often cool to the touch.

The Luxe Mattress is manufactured with phase change materials which actively cool and regulate the temperature of the sleep surface and a layer of gel-infused memory foam which provides for maximum comfort, yet never overheats.

What distinguishes the GhostBed Luxe Mattress from other cooling mattresses is its utilization of phase change materials and gel-infused foam in multiple locations throughout the mattress. This enables every part of the mattress to remain cool and dry for longer than mattresses that only feature cooling technology in one location.

Winner: ZenHaven All-Natural Latex Mattress

The best cooling mattress on our list is clearly the ZenHaven All-Natural Latex Mattress.

As the name states the ZenHaven All-Natural Latex Mattress is manufactured from 4 layers of breathable Talalay latex that enable it to provide for exceptional comfort while remaining cool and dry.

The ZenHaven All-Natural Latex Mattress excels as a cooling mattress because, combined with the known cooling properties of natural latex, it includes a cooling cover which absorbs moisture, wicks away heat and is cool to the touch.

To be considered the best cooling mattress, however, a mattress must also be considered a high-quality choice for a vast array of sleep preferences and types. In that regard, the ZenHaven All-Natural Latex Mattress is still the winner.

The ZenHaven All-Natural Latex Mattress is luxuriously comfortable, yet firm enough to provide full spinal support and relief from uneven pressure on sensitive areas of the body. The breathable latex draws in cooling air with every motion and provides the springy bounce that latex mattress lovers have come to expect from their bed.

If you are shopping for the best cooling mattress, you will be hard pressed to find a mattress that provides for as much dry, cooling comfort as the ZenHaven All-Natural Latex Mattress.

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