Best Adjustable Bed 2022 : Top Variable Mattresses for Fine-Tuned Sleep

Adjustable beds used to conjure images of sterile hospital rooms and infirm patients. Nowadays, however, it seems as though everyone has at least tried an adjustable bed.

Those who have simply tried an adjustable bed or mattress on an adjustable frame will tell you that they are a comfortable luxury but are too expensive and impractical.

Those who have actually purchased and regularly sleep on an adjustable mattress, on the other hand, will happily tell you that they have received their best sleep in years. So, who makes the best adjustable mattress? Let’s find out!

What Is an Adjustable Bed?

An adjustable bed is a bed that can be elevated and fixed by means of powered controls to offer the optimal sleeping posture for your body. Adjustable beds come in a number of configurations and function packages including:

  • Flat- The adjustable bed is configured to provide a flat sleeping surface and standard sleeping posture.
  • Head Up- The adjustable bed is configured to provide extra support for the head, neck, and shoulders.
  • Foot Up- The adjustable bed is configured to enable the legs to remain elevated during sleep.
  • Zero Gravity- The adjustable bed is configured to combine the “head up” and “foot up” configurations which provides support for the head, neck, and shoulders while allowing the legs to remain elevated.
  • Leisure- The adjustable bed is configured in an upright position, with the legs elevated to allow for the optimal leisure surface perfect for reading and lounging.
  • TV/PC- This configuration of the adjustable bed enables users to watch television and comfortably utilize their laptops from bed without sacrificing healthy posture.
  • Massage- In this adjustable bed configuration the mattress becomes the massage table and combines the best of functions an expensive massage chair with the comfort of a mattress.

The Benefits of An Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds are more available than they ever have been which means the benefits adjustable beds make possible are no longer strictly reserved for the elderly or the infirmed.

An adjustable bed enables users to create the optimal sleeping and lounging surface for any occasion or purpose.

Sofa hurting your back? An adjustable bed can be configured to provide lumbar support for the lower back while keeping the spine and neck elevated. The perfect posture for reading, working and watching television.

Do you have trouble getting comfortable? An adjustable bed can be easily adjusted and personalized, via remote control, to provide support where you need it without the hassle of stacking pillows.

What’s more, adjustable beds are the ideal option of the elderly and the infirmed who need the support of a medical bed without having to rent one or file an insurance claim. Most adjustable beds can be configured in the same fashion as the adjustable beds used in hospitals.

How Does An Adjustable Bed Affect My Sleep?

Your sleep can only be improved by adding an adjustable bed to your life. Mattress technology has come a long way. There is a preferred mattress for nearly every ailment, and sleeping disorder and all have their merits.

However, utilizing an adjustable bed frame allows users to combine the benefits of their expensive and specially designed mattress with a personalized sleeping configuration that enables the user to find the optimal sleeping posture for their body.

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For example. A person who suffers from sciatica may find it more comfortable to sleep with their legs elevated, but that exerts extra pressure on the hips, lower back, and spine which may cause discomfort. An adjustable bed can be configured to provide elevation to the legs support for the lower back and spine all at once.

How To Choose The Best Adjustable Bed

When choosing the best adjustable bed, it all comes down to preference.

When you purchase an adjustable bed, you are actually buying an adjustable frame that enables you to adjust and elevate your existing mattress into specific and beneficial configurations.

Though many mattresses can be utilized with adjustable bed frames, it’s important to determine whether your mattress is safe to use with an adjustable bed.

Some mattresses are very firm and built on solid support structures that will not yield to an adjustable bed without causing damage to the mattress or the adjustable bed frame.

The types of mattresses that work best with adjustable beds are:

  • Memory Foam
  • Innerspring Memory Foam Hybrid
  • Polyfoam
  • Latex
  • Polyfoam Latex Hybrid
  • Innerspring & Pocketed Innerspring
  • Innerspring Latex Hybrid
  • Airbed
  • Natural Fiber
  • SomniGel
  • Pillow-Top Mattress

The types of mattresses that are not compatible with an adjustable bed frame include water beds and beds that include rigid support and edge rails.

Types of Adjustable Beds

With the exception of individually designed custom adjustable beds which can cost in excess of $3600, there are generally four types of adjustable beds.

  • Hard-wired systems- A Hard-wired system is one that includes a hand control attached to the bed via a power cord. Most hard-wired adjustable bed systems include two wired remotes, one for each side of the bed.
  • Remote control systems- A remote control adjustable bed system generally includes two remote controls that are battery powered, or charged in a charging dock and do not include or require a cord attached to the bed.
  • Twin- A twin adjustable bed is an adjustable bed that is large typically only large enough for one individual.
  • Queen- A queen size adjustable bed is designed for up to two individuals and designed to accommodate both of their needs, as such both sides of an adjustable queen bed can be configured separately from the other.
  • King- A king size adjustable mattress is the next size up from the queen size and typically accommodates the same features, functions, and configurations.

The Best Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds offer a lot of personalization and come loaded with special features.

However, to be considered the best adjustable bed it must include configurations for all different types of sleepers, sleep disorders and ailments as well as seamlessly combine affordability with ease of installation, use, and maintenance.

Best Overall – The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed

The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed is loaded with features that make falling asleep is quicker and easier than ever before.

The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed includes a dual wave massage feature and programmable capacity-touch remote which enables sleepers to cycle through various massage patterns and endless ergonomic positions to find the ideal sleep posture and alleviate pressure point discomfort.

What sets the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed apart from other adjustable beds on the market is its adaptability and compatibility with other devices.

The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed can be controlled via the Android and IOS compatible app and can even charge your phone via multiple USB ports, so you never need to get out of bed to charge your phone.

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The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed is incredibly functional and intuitive. The MicroHook retention system keeps whichever mattress you choose from slipping off of the base while the under-bed lighting illuminates the area around your bed, so you never stub your toe again.

What’s more, the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed also includes a Pillow-Tilt Articulation feature which both elevates and tilts the pillow to create a supportive base for the neck, shoulders, and spine whether you are sleeping, reading or watching the television.


The first adjustable bed on our list of the best adjustable beds to meet those qualifications is the Sleep Number 360 c2 Smart Bed.

Sleep number markets the 360 c2 Smart Bed as “Comfortable. Adjustable. Affordable.” and we couldn’t agree more.

The 360 c2 Smart Bed is a fully adjustable bed system which means it includes a mattress with a 2-inch gel-infused comfort layer that, when combined with its multiple configurations make it a comfortable sleep surface for any sleep posture.

Both sides of the Sleep Number 360 c2 Smart Bed can be individually adjusted to offer endless sleep configurations and personalized support.

What sets the Sleep Number 360 c2 Smart Bed apart from the other adjustable beds is Sleep Numbers trademark Sleep Number System which enables users to specify the exact setting that provided them with the best, most healthy sleep night after night.

Honorable Mention – Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Ergo King Adjustable Foot Base

When it comes to ergonomic comfort and support, few more brand names are more recognizable than Tempur-Pedic.

The TEMPUR-Ergo King Adjustable Foot Base is an exceptionally well-designed adjustable bed frame that enables the sleeper to enjoy a full night’s sleep in any one of an endless combination of ergonomic features and configurations.

The TEMPUR-Ergo King Adjustable Foot Base includes a wireless remote that enables the user to cycle through many ergonomic positions and even set presets for fast and easy adjustment.

Unlike many other adjustable beds, the TEMPUR-Ergo King Adjustable Foot Base includes adjustable legs. The adjustable foot base comes with inch legs that can be raised with 2 inc extensions or replaced with lower 9-inch, 6.5 inch, or 4.5-inch legs.

The TEMPUR-Ergo King Adjustable Foot Base is the obvious choice for anyone currently sleeping on a Tempur-Pedic mattress, but it is also compatible and works well with most mattresses.

Honorable Mention – Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 Plus with Lumbar Support (Split King)

No one should ever underestimate the value of lumbar support. The Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 Plus makes the list of best adjustable beds because it is one of the only adjustable beds that includes an adjustable lumbar support system.

The added lumbar support enables the hips and lower spine to remain level and supported regardless of sleep posture which makes the Prodigy 2.0 Plus with Lumbar Support is ideal for anyone who suffers from lower back pain when they sleep and stomach sleepers.

The Prodigy 2.0 Plus is also endlessly customizable and comes with a programmable remote. Like the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed, the Prodigy 2.0 Plus can be controlled via the Android/IOS app and includes a sleep timer and a gentle-wake alarm.

The Prodigy 2.0 Plus also includes a dual-body wave massage feature designed to alleviate muscle discomfort and gently carry you to sleep, as well as programmable configurations, under-bed light and articulating pillow tilt.

Honorable Mention – Reverie 8Q

The Reverie 8Q is one of the best adjustable beds not only for its endlessly customizable sleeping configurations and high-tech features but because it is one of the few adjustable beds that is compatible with any headboard or decorative frame.

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One of the most often filed complaints about adjustable beds is their lack of compatibility with decorative frames and headboards.

The Reverie 8Q combines the best of a fully functional and infinitely customizable adjustable bed with the endless decorative options of a standard mattress without sacrificing quality, reliability or the number of available features.

What’s more, the Reverie 8Q is one of the only adjustable beds to come in split and single foundations, which means that individual sleepers can now enjoy the extra space of a large queen without having to pay the extra cost for its split foundation.

The Reverie 8Q provides a very firm base which ensures the mattress doesn’t sink into the low spots of the base and create an uneven, lumpy sleep surface.

A firm sleep surface is ideal for most sleeping postures, back pain and other ailments that can affect the quality of sleep, however, this may not be ideal for someone who prefers a softer bed.

Winner: The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed

Finding the right sleep posture can be a tedious and frustrating task, especially for anyone suffering from nighttime ailments like snoring, sleep apnea, and chronic pain.

People who suffer from those conditions require customizable support in key areas of the body, often simultaneously. In these instances, an adjustable bed is the easiest and most effective way to provide the much-needed support and healthy sleep posture.

The adjustable beds featured on this list can and do provide endless configurations of the head, back, knee and leg support. They make excellent, comfortable surfaces from which to lounge, sleep and even work, but only one includes the best of comfort, configuration, and compatibility.

All of the beds on this list include nearly infinite sleep configurations and many share the same features. The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed is the winner of the title of best adjustable bed because it goes above and beyond what is expected from an adjustable bed.

The Amerisleep Adjustable Beds full body massager, pillow-tilt articulation are the features that qualified it for the best adjustable bed list.

However, the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed is the only adjustable bed to include life compatible features like USB ports, and smartphone compatibility with intuitive features like under-bed lighting, Micro-Hook retention system, and Wallhugger engineering.

When combined these features prevent your mattress from slipping on the adjustable frame and keep it firmly where you want it to be, next to all of the devices that make your life easier and more intuitive.

The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed also stood out because of how easy it is to install and maintain. Where the other adjustable beds include a relatively benign installation process, they still require an installation process to follow.

The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed requires merely the legs to be screwed into the base and for the plug to be inserted into an electrical outlet to be ready to go. No tools or complicated instructions to follow.

The endless sleep configurations offered by the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed make it as adept at providing quality sleep as it is at providing them a comfortable surface to lounge, and work. Of Course, we have not neglected affordability. Though many adjustable beds can cost in excess of $3600 the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed is available for half that at $1800 average.

Indeed, the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed is a splendid all-around adjustable bed that is ideally suited for sleepers of all ages and sleeping disorders or ailments. It stands out for its quality of construction, ease of installation and its intuitive design which enables it to be seamlessly compatible with the technology-centric lives we all live.

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