BeautyRest Mattress Review 2023 : Is It Worth It?

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Since 1925, Simmons Beautyrest has been creating mattresses and developing their technologies to help customers get their best sleep. Using their slogan, “Get Your Beautyrest,” Simmons Beautyrest aims to use innovative quality processes to deliver on their process of excellent sleep.

Simmons Beautyrest has been in the industry for two centuries now; their beds were even aboard the Titanic. They have also had their mattresses promoted by Eleanor Roosevelt in print advertising and through the radio. You may even remember Simmons Beautyrest by their popular bowling ball commercials that demonstrated how one person’s movement wouldn’t affect the other. In an everchanging world, the experts at Simmons Beautyrest know that technology doesn’t stand still, and neither can they.

The company’s rich history is outlined on their website proudly, friendly, and entertainingly. This glimpse of what they’re accomplished shows dedication to their craft. They haven’t stopped inventing and growing in the past 100 years, and it doesn’t look like they’re planning to stop anytime soon.

Product Offering

Beautyrest offers three collections of mattresses. The first is Beautyrest Black. This collection boasts more than 15 luxurious mattresses that use advanced pocketed coil technology. It also uses memory foam and surface cooling technology.

The next collection is the Beautyrest Platinum. This collection was dreamt up to represent elegance and comfort in a refined sleep environment. Also providing more than 15 choices, the platinum hybrid collection brings together the world of pocketed coil technology and pocketed memory foam, along with a trio of cooling memory foams.

Finally, the third collection is Beautyrest Silver. This sophisticated collection is meant to energize and revitalize its sleepers with its intuitive technologies. This hybrid mattress combines pocketed coil technology with DualCool memory foam. These technologies are designed to give customers a restorative night’s sleep of comfort and support.

Separate from the collections is the Beautyrest ST. This high-performance memory foam mattress was created to alleviate pressure points and promote movement freedom. It’s designed to stay cool and comfortable and can be paired with the free sleep monitor.

Other items available from Simmons Beautyrest include adjustable bases, sleep trackers, pillows, covers, and pet beds.

Customer Support

Customer support is available to be reached by an email form on the website or by phone number. There are several different numbers listed for different services. Customers can contact specific emails or numbers Monday to Friday with inquires about the warranty. For other inquiries, see the full list of numbers provided by the website here.

The website also offers a frequently asked questions section, although it is very limited and does not have a search function. You are kind of just stuck scrolling through, and if your questions aren’t answered there, you can submit your own or try calling.

While the general tone of the site is professional, the customer service end does not seem particularly friendly. It’s very black and white, here’s the information. This is disappointing because the “About” section that detailed the company’s history was very engaging, friendly, and fun. The rest of the site does not seem to reflect this attitude. Rather, it seems like the company just wants to get to the point and get on with the sales.

Sleep Trials, Warranties, & Return Policy

Simmons Beautyrest does not offer a sleep trial, which is different than most industry standards. Therefore, you will want to take care in your research before purchasing this bed.

The warranties offered on Simmons Beautyrest mattresses vary based on the mattress. You will have to look at the tag of your mattress to determine which warranty you are under. For example, warranty code B states that your total limited warranty is one year. However, if you have warranty code A, your total limited warranty is ten years. Each customer will need to locate their tag and look up their warranty policy.

If your purchased mattress or foundation fails due to manufacturing defects, and you are still under warranty, your item will be replaced free of charge. However, there are no refunds allowed, only replacements and exchanges. Delivery will be set up by the individual dealer and location.

Coupons, Discounts, Sales, & Deals

Right now, Simmons Beautyrest is offering a free smart bed bundle. You can upgrade your sleep by getting a free Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor with a valid purchase of select Beautyrest mattresses or Beautyrest SmartMotion Bases.

Reviewed: Beachwood Luxury Firm Mattress

What Sizes is it Available In?

The Beachwood Luxury Firm Mattress comes from the Simmons Beautyrest Silver Collection. The Silver Collection sizes vary based on the model. The Beachwood Mattress is available in the following sizes:

  • TWIN
  • FULL
  • KING

What’s it Made out Of?

The Beachwood Luxury Firm Mattress utilizes DualCool technology memory foam that incorporates natural silver and works to remove heat from the surface of the mattress. The layer is meant to keep the sleeper cool and comfortable during the night. Silver’s naturally capabilities help it prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew, which maintain a fresh mattress.

At 12.5”, the mattress combines the comfort layer of the DualCool technology with Geltouch Foam, Dynamic Response Memory Foam, 1000 Density Plush Beautyrest, and Pocketed Coil Technology. These layers all combine to give comfort, cooling, body contouring, and support to give you the perfect night’s sleep.

The Beachwood Mattress is designed, tested, and assembled in the United States using the highest-quality materials. The materials are CertiPUR-US certified and free of dangerous chemicals and heavy metals. They also meet low-VOC standards for indoor air quality.

Is it Good For…?

Side Sleepers

No. The very name of this mattress should be a warning for side sleepers. Most side sleepers prefer their mattresses to have a little bit of give and softness to them. This is because a firm mattress makes it difficult to comfortably put pressure on the shoulders and hips. Since this is a firm mattress, side sleepers may find it a little difficult to rest comfortably on their sides. There is not enough give or softness in the top layer of this mattress.

Stomach Sleepers

Yes. Stomach sleepers need to have extra support so that their sleeping position won’t affect their comfort. The Beachwood Luxury Firm Mattress has the stability, durability, and firmness needed to support a stomach sleeper, keeping their face from sinking into the mattress too much. Additionally, these mattresses still provide the proper amount of support needed for a healthy night of sleep.

Back Pain

Yes. Those suffering back pain often find that they need a firmer mattress that is going to support them in all the right places. A hybrid mattress like the Beachwood Mattress uses both memory foam and support coil systems. This combination relieves pressure points and pushes back on the body, supporting it in all the right place. Back pain sufferers will find solace in the excellent firm comfort of the Beachwood Mattress. The medium softness of this mattress will allow pain to dissipate without sacrificing the comfort of a softer mattress.

Hot Sleepers

Yes. The Beachwood Mattress uses DualCool Technology Memory Foam to remove heat from the body and encourage a cooling environment. In fact, this mattress even incorporates natural silver that helps with moving heat. The silver’s antimicrobial properties also help to prevent any bacteria, mold, and mildew from growing, as an added bonus. While the mattress is keeping you cool, the silver’s natural properties are removing moisture to prevent this growth that leads to bad odors.

Heavy People

Yes. Heavyweight people should be looking into firm, durable mattresses. This luxury mattress is strongly designed and is built to last. The firm level of comfort along with the coil spring system push back on the sleeper and prevent it from sagging or forming compressions. Heavy people will find that this firm mattress can support them and will last while giving them the same comfort and cooling as it would for any other customer.


Yes. Firm, durable mattresses are excellent for active couples who intend on using their beds to their fullest extent. Without that sinking feeling that you sometimes get with certain memory foam mattresses, you and your partner will find that you can move around your bed quickly and with ease, without having to climb out of deep compressions. The memory foam incorporates dynamic response memory foam for a quick bounce back.

The cooling technology featured in this mattress will prove to be great when things get hot in the bedroom. Nothing is worse than overheating during the most intimate parts of our lives. This mattress will work with you to absorb the heat produced by you and your partners and keep you cool.

The pocketed coil technology will give excellent support and bounce. Its support extends throughout the entire mattress, meaning you’ll have awesome edge support. This gives you more options in your love life and allows you to utilize the whole bed.

Although firm, the mattress is comfortable enough to ensure you’ll enjoy the time spent on it with your partner. Comfort and support are your best bets for pleasure in the bedroom.

Where Can I Buy It?

The Beachwood Luxury Firm Mattress can be purchased at a variety of different dealers and showrooms. While it cannot be purchased online at Beautyrest or other locations, you are given several options. Prices may vary, but the mattress can be found at Mattress Firm, the Mattress Factory, US Mattress, and Pottery Barn, along with various warehouses and smaller establishments.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Beachwood Luxury Firm Mattress is available in all the standard sizes. It’s price starts at $1,399 but can vary from store to store.

Is it Worth It?

If you’re into luxury mattresses that will provide firm support from a reliable company, the Beachwood Luxury Firm Mattress is for you. While it’s easy to see why this is quality, luxury mattress, it is hard to justify spending this kind of money on something that seems so easy to find. For one, it’s not nearly as convenient as other mattresses that can be shipped to you. The firmness level is medium soft, which isn’t hard to find. Its cooling technology is good, but not out of this world.

This mattress seems common. The only thing uncommon about this mattress is that it integrates silver into it, and it comes from a high-class, well-known brand. The brand’s reputation alone is enough to sell mattresses, but comparably it doesn’t seem extra special enough to justify spending that amount of money, especially given the limited size options.

Shipping Info

The Beachwood Mattress is not available to be shipped to your door. You can only find the mattress within dealers, stores, and warehouses. This luxurious mattress will have different delivery options that vary from store to store. You will have to contact the dealer closest to you to see what their delivery options, shipping info, and pricing are.

Why Not to Buy a Beachwood Luxury Firm Mattress

Let’s start with the obvious here. This is a firm mattress. Firm mattresses are good for people who suffer back pain or prefer to sleep on their backs. It is also awesome for stomach sleepers. However, it is not so great for side sleepers. Most side sleepers prefer a softer mattress to gently cradle their shoulder and hip, as they are putting pressure on them the most all night. Firm mattresses aren’t able to create that comforting hug that other softer mattresses can give. If you are a side sleeper, we recommend you look into a mattress better suited to your needs.

The next concern with this issue is the price. As a well-established brand with a 100 years of success backing them up, it’s not a surprise that they are able to charge higher prices for their expertly designed and crafted products. But, if you’re on a budget, you can definitely do better. It’s possible to get a firm, comfortable mattress for a better price.

Lastly, if you’re banking on having your mattress hand-delivered to you without the hassle of going to a showroom, you’re not going to find that here. In order to purchase one of these mattresses, you have to find a local dealer that sells them, and then organize the delivery process from there. With the Beachwood Mattress, you lose the convenience of shopping online.

Compare Similar Brands

There are a number of mattresses on the market that offer firm support, cooling technology, and a coil support system. These mattresses all have a variety of technologies and features that make them unique, while also boasting differing prices.

Saatva offers luxury mattresses that range from plush soft to firm. The mattress most comparable to the Beachwood Luxury Firm Mattress would be the Saatva Luxury Firm Mattress. This mattress strives to give the perfect balance of cushion firm and contouring support. It enforces spinal alignment and is great for all sleepers. This mattress is the perfect in between level that will support you even if you swap positions throughout the night. It uses the standard used for hotel mattresses that aim to fit all guests.

The Dacosta Luxury Firm Mattress is a branch of the Serta Mattress. It uses Cool Twist Gel Memory Foam and customer support created by individually wrapped coils. It incorporates cool balance fabric technology to keep sleepers from overheating, too. The mattress promotes spinal alignment and excellent support for back and stomach sleepers especially. Its firm feel combines support and comfort and is designed to give you good, comfortable, and healthy sleep.

The Loom & Leaf company offer a firm mattress that is similar to the Beachwood Mattress. The Loom & Leaf Firm is an excellent choice for those who prefer firm comfort, and those who sleep on their back or stomach. It can also be good for those suffering from back pain. This firm mattress uses cooling spinal gel that keeps you cool during the night while promoting alignment of the spine. It also uses eco-friendly, premium foam that gives firm support.

Also from Serta, the company has what’s called the Blue Max 5000 Elite Luxury Firm Mattress. The Blue Max Mattress is a high-quality, high-priced mattress that incorporates powerful temperature regulating memory foam with other layers of firm memory foam support.

This mattress uses a variety of foams with its Air Suspension Technology to boost comfort and generally enhance support. This product aims to relieve pressure points where pain can form as it works with you to support your body.

The Blue Max Mattress is firm yet comfortable and is excellent for back and stomach sleepers. It is made to relax both body and mind. Its support extends to the edges of the mattress for the ultimate luxury firm experience.


The Beachwood Luxury Firm Mattress is a very nice mattress. There is no argument there. The company itself is very well established. With 100 years of success and development backing it up, this company has earned its stripes in the industry. Therefore, it’s no surprise that a trusted name in mattresses would charge a higher price than a similar product from a different company.

That being said, there isn’t much in this mattress that you cannot find elsewhere. There are many other mattresses out there that provide the same luxurious comfort as the Beachwood Mattress. They all strive to be firm yet comfortable, but the difference sometimes comes down to the price.

The Beachwood Mattress incorporates everything it should for its name. It has excellent support given through its wrapped coil spring system. The foam layers provide comfort, and its cooling technology gives the sleeper a cool environment that lasts throughout the night. The firmness is perfect for back sleepers and stomach sleepers, and it may prove excellent for those who suffer from back pain.

Altogether though, it seems hard to justify spending this amount of money for a mattress that isn’t all that special. On top of that, this mattress can only be found and delivered from dealers and showrooms. This means that the buyer has to visit a store in order to make a purchase. This can be less convenient than other mattresses that can be ordered online and shipped to your door for free.

Because of the high quality of the product combined with the lack of convenience and high price, we are going to give the Beachwood Luxury Firm Mattress an A-.

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