Bear vs. Leesa Mattress Comparison 2022 : Which Is Better?

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Do you consider yourself an early adopter of new technology or do you wait until all the results are in? Bear and Leesa might be an answer to that question.

Bear uses new technology that claims to help your recovery during the night while Leesa uses tried-and-true mattress construction for an excellent night’s sleep. So which one should you choose? We’ve got our recommendation in this Bear versus Leesa review.

About The Brands

Let’s keep a few things in mind.

Bear Recap Full Review

Why To Like

  • Celliant in the cover materials helps aid recovery
  • all foam and hybrid options
  • highly affordable

Why To Doubt

  • no white glove delivery option
  • no option for heavier people

Leesa Recap Full Review

Why To Like

  • white glove delivery option
  • simple all foam option has excellent motion isolation
  • very affordable

Why To Doubt

  • no hybrid option
  • no choices for heavier people

Bear And Leesa Comparison

Not all internet mattresses are created equal. Let’s break everything down.

How are Bear And Leesa Similar?

Although their approaches are different, the companies do share some similarities.

Contouring And Support

One good thing about modern mattresses is that they really get the way your body sleeps. Old mattresses were better than the floor (or hay), but those interlocking springs weren’t so great at being comfortable. If you blew a spring, your mattress got lumpy fast. It forced your body to conform to the surface of the bed. It caused pain and sleeping limbs.

The other end of the spectrum, soft mattresses, were even worse. They sagged and lost support causing pain in your back and pressure points.

Both Bear and Leesa use contouring layers and support layers to help relieve pressure and support your spine. The layers here are excellent. Each one is targeted to either contouring or supporting while regulating your temperature and providing response. We love the way these companies have arranged the layers for pain relief and discouraging tossing and turning.

Although they don’t approach contouring and supporting layers in quite the same way, they do combine the layers well. Neither of these is your grandmother’s mattress.

Edge Support

Speaking of support, a common complaint of bed in a box mattresses is that you can’t sit on the edge without falling off. The sides aren’t reinforced enough to support your weight. The compression causes you to slide right off.

Bear and Leesa have reinforced their edges so that you can use the entire mattress, whether sitting on the edge or sleeping. Bear’s edge support is a little better than the Leesa, but you shouldn’t experience too much compression with either.

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If you’re part of a couple, this is good news. You don’t have a sweet spot in the middle of the mattress to fight over. Every inch of mattress real estate is usable.

Motion Isolation

Bear and Leesa have taken steps to reduce the amount of motion you feel if your partner moves around. Memory foam is excellent at dampening motion transfer, so if your partner wakes you up continually moving around on the mattress, you’ll be glad to know that motion transfer is at a minimum here.

A lesser-known benefit of motion isolation is reducing the indentation underneath the heavier partner. It only takes a small weight difference to create that indent, sending one partner rolling into the other all night. Bear and Leesa, however, reduce that occurrence, so no more rolling (unless you want to).

Temperature Regulation

Memory foam has a reputation for being hot. Bear and Leesa buck that tradition by using materials designed to pull heat away from your body and return it to the ambient temperature of the room.

Bear uses gel-infused foams to draw heat from your body and trap it inside the gel particles. Leesa uses open cell foams that help air move through the mattress as you move around. Both help draw heat and keep it from storing up in the core of the bed.

Bear’s gel layers are a little bit cooler than Leesa’s open cell foam, but overall, the temperature should remain cooler than a traditional memory foam mattress. Keep in mind, if you sleep cool, and like that classic memory foam hug, you aren’t going to feel that warmth here.

Manufacturing And Customer Service

Both companies manufacture their mattresses in the United States from domestically sourced materials. They also have customer service representatives located in the US as well. Both have excellent reputations for customer service, solving issues quickly and politely. You shouldn’t experience any delays or language barriers if you have to call.


If you can’t swing the entire cost of the mattress today (or you’d just rather not), both companies offer convenient monthly financing, interest-free, for qualified buyers. You should receive a decision in just a few minutes. You can check out from their page as usual.


Both companies have a range of accessories designed to complement your bed. Both mattresses are adjustable foundation compatible as well. Leesa offers their own adjustable foundation if you’re looking to redo your entire bedroom situation.

Sleep Trial And Warranty

You can’t try Bear in stores (select Leesa products are in some West Elm locations), but both companies have a generous sleep trial, allowing you to try the mattress out for a few days before deciding officially if it’s the right one for you. Make sure you give the bed at least 30 days before deciding to return it.

New Mattresses need time to break in, and your body needs time to adjust. Don’t make the decision too early. However, if time goes by and you don’t feel your mattress is helping you, you can return the bed before the trial period is over.

Both also offer a ten-year limited warranty against mattress defects. You should be able to enjoy your mattress for at least that long without experiencing any abnormal sagging or wear and tear. As long as your mattress is supported adequately, you’re covered.

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How are Bear And Leesa Different?

This is what we like. The good stuff.

Mattress Models

Bear and Leesa take slightly different approaches to their comfort and construction.

Bear Models

Bear has an original and a hybrid model. They both use Celliant in the cover materials, a type of material that transforms body heat into infrared light. The light reflects back to your body and encourages more blood flow, helping you to recover faster.

The original’s first layer is a gel and graphite infused memory foam that actively draws heat away from the body and helps you sleep better. It contours to your curves and allows your broadest points to sink further into the mattress.

Two layers underneath help transition the body to the dense support layer. They’re progressively more supportive, filling in curves around your waist and lower back. High-density foam keeps your spine aligned and provides structural integrity to the mattress.

The hybrid uses individually pocketed coils for the bulk of the support. Dense foam and contouring layers help reduce motion transfer and provide contouring.

Bear mattresses are designed to help athletes (and anyone experiencing pain) recover from pain and soreness faster. These mattresses use the body’s own recovery process to help aid the quality and duration of sleep.


Leesa makes one model of a mattress (with a sister hybrid, the Sapira). It’s an all foam option with three different layers. The first layer is a contouring one that allows your broadest points to sink further into the mattress. The middle layer is a transitional layer, providing bounce and response.

The final layer is dense support foam that gives the mattress structural support and edge support. It pushes back against your weight and keeps your spine aligned. It provides simple support that discourages tossing and turning which can put stress on your back muscles.


Both mattresses offer standard, free delivery. The bed is safely compressed and packed into a box about the size of a golf bag or maybe a little bigger. It arrives right on your doorstep without you having to sign or be at home to receive it.

When you’re ready, just unpack the box and gently tear the plastic away from the mattress. It will reinflate and be ready in only a few hours.

Leesa has the option of white glove delivery. Your mattress will be delivered to you by a delivery person who will get everything set up for you. You can opt to have your old mattress removed as well. It makes the entire transition much more smooth.


The original bear mattress starts out just under $550 for a twin and goes up to just under $950 for a California king, meaning you can get a mattress for the whole family for under $1000 each.

The hybrid is more of an investment. That will cost you about $1050 for a twin and about $1650 for a California king.

The Leesa starts at $525 for a twin and goes up to just under $2000 for a California king, placing it right in the middle of the two Bear options. With frequent sales, the Bear may end up being cheaper overall than the Leesa depending on the special.

And The Winner Is…

Bear! Buy Online Now

We’re confident recommending Bear as the best choice based on our analysis of key factors that an average, discerning mattress shopper would care most about. We don’t usually go for technology over established reputation, but here, Celliant is one of the most exciting pieces of technology to hit the mattress market.

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If preliminary studies hold up, this new type of technology can help your natural healing defenses ramp up during sleep, giving you even more reason to make sleep a priority. The infrared light created by the material from your body heat is just a cool feature that makes the bed even more critical for your health.

We love how cooling the mattress is as well. The gel and graphite infused top layer really draws heat away from your body and reduces the amount of time you spend tossing and turning. And since that heat isn’t going to waste, we think you’ll love the feeling overall.

  • Quality – Tie
  • Price – Leesa (by just a hair)
  • Reputation – Tie
  • Sleep Trial – Tie
  • Warranty – Tie
  • Customer Support – Tie
  • Product Selection – Bear

For sleepers with specific needs…

Side Sleepers: Choose Bear

Here’s why… Bear’s universal comfort and support should give side sleepers plenty of cushioning for those painful pressure points. It also has slightly better edge support than the Leesa, so you can use the side of the bed to get into a comfortable position.

Stomach Sleepers: Choose Bear Hybrid

Here’s why… Universal comfort and edge support are non-negotiable for stomach sleepers. The Celliant technology can also help relieve some pain you may feel throughout the night and give your shoulders a break.

Back Pain: Choose Bear Hybrid

Here’s why… The Bear Hybrid provides excellent support through the coils. Celliant technology can help relieve back pain (along with the medium firm support of the mattress itself). Plus, cooling contouring layers prevent tossing and turning, which could make back pain even worse.

Heavy People: Choose Neither

Here’s why… Unfortunately, neither mattress really takes your unique needs into consideration. Bear can support a little bit more weight than the Leesa, but overall, we recommend that you find a bed which supports more weight without collapsing (Winkbeds Plus, Helix, or Ghostbed would be excellent starts).

Couples: Choose Bear Hybrid

We love the bounce of the Bear Hybrid. It’s hard for memory foam alone to replicate the response of springs, so this hybrid is a good solution. It has good motion isolation, so at the end of the night, everyone has a pristine place to sleep and won’t get jiggled awake.


Bear’s use of Celliant is an exciting addition to a bed in a box. We like the potential of Celliant to revolutionize healing during your sleep, and we’re excited to see how continued research turns out.

Leesa’s mattress is an excellent option with all memory foam, but the two options from Bear, and the slight price difference doesn’t tip us towards Leesa. Even if you’re on a tight budget, frequent sales from Bear often make their original cheaper than the Leesa.

Overall, we’re taking the plunge for a mattress that promises to help us recover more quickly as we sleep and boasts tried and true methods for keeping sleep as comfortable as possible. If the research continues to support Celliant, you’ll be glad you made the switch too.

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