Amerisleep Mattress Review 2023 : Is It Worth It?

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Lowest Price : Buy Amerisleep Online

Amerisleep prides themselves on direct sales to save every customer the cost of a middleman.

From the time they first started selling mattresses in 2010, Amerisleep maintained a focus on keeping prices reasonable and quality high. This is a direct-to-consumer, foam mattress company that offers variety, customer service, and guarantees satisfaction. Their customer service is easy to engage with, and there is a wide range of models for each different sleeper.

Product Offering

Amerisleep has 5 models that cater to different budgets and many user preferences. Customers can choose which internal construction is best for them, select the firmness level of their choice and include a celliant textile cover for a cooler night’s sleep. They claim to have a mattress for every type of sleeper, but it seems like a tough promise to deliver on. Amerisleep put the focus on 5 distinctly different models in an attempt to craft a product that fit every sleep need.


The firmest mattress available through Amerisleep, it caters towards back and stomach sleepers. This mattress is also the best option for hot sleepers because it cultivates the best airflow.


This model is the best-selling bed for back and stomach sleepers but is known for its versatility. It offers a medium firmness that most people prefer.


Overall the AS3 model is Amerisleep’s best-selling mattress for side sleepers. It is a versatile option that people who share beds prefer because of the mix of support and comfort. Sharing a bed with a partner can cause issues when one person is a strict side sleeper, and the other is not. This mattress is the middle ground, giving both people what they need.


Made with side sleepers in mind the Amerisleep AS4 mattress and is a medium soft firmness allowing for deep sleep.


Using extraordinarily responsive foam, Amerisleep has crafted an ultra-soft mattress that allows versatile sleepers to shift and move throughout the night.

Every model is crafted in the United States using a custom memory foam. Amerisleep’s goal is to provide a mattress for every type of sleeper. They’ve delivered a very wide range of models that are all distinctly different from each other. There’s no confusing the AS1 and AS2 models as they offer significantly different levels of firmness and support.

Customer Support

Customer service is becoming a major area of concern for many direct-to-consumer mattress companies. Not only because the mattress industry has relied heavily on third-party salespersons, but because this is their only chance to stand apart from a physical mattress store.

Amerisleep’s Better Business Bureau rating is a strong A+, and they respond quickly to customers that submit concerns. While it’s difficult to understand how satisfied a customer is after they report concerns to either the BBB or straight to Amerisleep there isn’t anything available showing that customer service is lacking.

The company is based in the United States and keeps their customer service line available Monday through Saturday and posts their hours in Arizona Mountain Time. This time zone reference is a good indication that if you call in for help, or to voice a concern that you’ll speak with an American representative.

Sleep Trials, Warranties & Return Policy

Part of Amerisleep’s return policy is that you keep the mattress for a minimum of 30-days. This trial period allows you to adjust to the feel of a memory foam mattress. It is a downside that they require you fulfill the entire 30-days, but it’s also becoming a standard policy throughout the mattress industry.

Amerisleep offers a 20-year warranty with some strings attached. So, if there are any defects in craftsmanship or material in the first 10-years, they will replace your mattress. However, after 10-years Amerisleep will assess your mattress and decide whether it requires a replacement or repair.

If they determine you need to replace the mattress you must pay half of the original purchasing price. Most people would let an 11-year mattress go for a new one is this is the issue they run into rather than jumping through hoops to repair a mattress.

Coupons, Discounts, Sales & Deals

Amerisleep is known for offering a variety of sales, coupons, or deals to help make a great night’s sleep more affordable. The most popular deal on Amerisleep’s website is to take $200 off any mattress.

They also offer free shipping and free returns, which can make a sizeable difference when you’re ready for checkout. Remember, they’re shipping a queen mattress packaged in a box. If you don’t see a deal or coupon when you are ready to check out, wait a few days and then try again. You will likely see some discount come up soon.

Reviewed: Amerisleep’s AS2 Mattress

The most popular mattress ordered through Amerisleep, it has a medium firmness and is extremely versatile. It delivers excellent back support, uses the open-cell design for a cooler sleep, and is a bed that strives to deliver comfort. All in all, it’s a bed that offers a little something for everyone, except side sleepers.

Made with 3 thin layers of foam this mattress delivers comfort. With 2 layers of memory foam create a medium-firmness while a layer of poly-foam in the center for comfort. The poly-foam comfort doesn’t leave you feeling stuck, instead is help distribute pressure across the bed making it easy to move. It has a wavy design, and Amerisleep has dubbed it the “Affinity Layer.”

The affinity layer provides most of the comfort in the AS2 model. It’s much firmer than most memory foam but almost has some bounce to it. Most people have issues when transitioning to a foam mattress because they’re looking for that great bounce of a spring mattress. The affinity layer doesn’t recreate the spring but mimics the bounce that people miss.

Finally, it’s topped with 2 inches of comfort level memory foam. With 2 inches of pressure relief, there is that classic memory foam mattress feel of the mattress embracing the contours of whoever lays on it. But, the medium-firmness of the AS2 and open-cell design fight against feeling stuck and overheating. Overheating is a consistent problem among memory foam mattresses.

These 3 layers are covered with Celliant, polyester, and spandex. A material that doesn’t scrunch or bunch up throughout the night and helps the mattress stay cool.  Amerisleep advertises the Celliant cover a lot, but it delivers. The mattress is kind of cool to the touch, but when you settle in it’s much cooler than a standard mattress.

Overall, it’s a quality mattress that provides comfort and versatility. This versatility is great if you and your partner prefer different sleeping positions which can make finding a good mattress hard. The only time a softer mattress model is recommended is if one partner is strictly a side sleeper.

What Sizes Is It Available In?

The AS2 comes a variety of sizes and all ship easily to your doorstep in a box. These are the current prices for each dimension.

Size Dimensions Price
Twin 38”x74.” $999
Twin XL 38”x80.” $1049
Full 54”x75” $1149
Queen 60”x80.” $1299
King 76”x80.” $1599
California King 72”x84.” $1599
Split King 2 – 38”x80.” $1898

What’s It Made Out Of?

The base level is a 7-inch foundation made of firm poly-foam. This creates a support and firmness layer. It allows for deeper compression with an even distribution of pressure to sinkage is minimized and the comfort level stays the same. This poly-foam is also known for its durability, so the mattress has a change to last through its 20-year warranty.

After the base level is a 3-inch layer of poly-foam that is the affinity layer we mentioned earlier. The wavy texture allows the layer above it to sink and contour without you getting stuck. The wavy form also allows more for more air flow. Battling the recurring, overheating issue that comes with memory foam mattresses.

The comfort layer is what makes the AS2 a versatile choice. It offers direct pressure relief and distributes the weight evenly. It contours your body for the classic comfort of a memory foam mattress. This layer also uses open-cell technology to bring in air from the top surface.

Is It Good For…?

Everyone has their sleep preferences, and most people just can’t get a good night’s sleep if it means they can’t find comfort in their preferred position. So, who does the AS2 fit best?

Side Sleepers

No. There is some versatility with the AS2 but because of its firmness side sleepers would experience unpleasant pressure in their shoulder and hip areas. Because it doesn’t have more “give” or flexibility when it comes to pressure, a side sleeper probably wouldn’t get a good night’s sleep on the AS2.

Stomach Sleepers

Yes, this mattress is designed with stomach sleepers in mind. The pressure is evenly distributed to keep sinkage minimal but comforting. There are very few pressure areas for stomach sleepers with the AS2.

Back Pain

Yes, the firmness level combined with the pressure distribution provides spinal support that is difficult to find in other mattresses. Using the AS2 as a back or stomach sleeper, the back will have a substantial amount of support throughout the night.

Many people with back pain have difficulty finding the appropriate amount of support. This is the same issue that drives them to memory foam mattresses. Because the support comes from the memory foam contouring closely to your body, the pressure is more evenly distributed and supported. The three layers in the Amerisleep models respond to multiple pressure points.

This is the one time that a softer mattress is recommended for back and stomach sleepers. With back pain, it’s best to have a thicker layer of top memory foam to contour rather than the slimmer layers like the AS2 model.

Hot Sleepers

Yes, while there is some debate on how effective the Celliant cover is, the rest of the mattresses is engineered for air flow. Unlike other foam mattresses, the Amerisleep AS2 has open cell foam on its top layer and a wavy middle layer. These layers should work together to increase airflow and reduce heat.

Some people sleep hotter than others, and memory foam mattresses usually aggravate this issue. Because the mattress sits closer to your body the feeling is that the hot air is a layer around you. But, less sinkage and more comfort in top layers can help divert this layer of heat. With foam mattresses, you have fewer heat problems with a firmer mattress.

Heavy People

No, although sinkage is reasonable or a memory foam mattress the heavier a person is the further into the mattress they will find themselves. For heavier people, a firmer foam mattress would offer more support. In the AS2 a heavy person would likely find themselves with that stuck feeling.


Yes. Unfortunately, memory foam mattresses have a bad reputation when it comes down to intimacy. While you expect regular sinkage, the memory foam responds to weight and overly responsible foam with sink severely with more than 1 person involved. However, the bounce that comes with the AS2 allows for reasonable recoil during sexual activity. Now, if you stay in one spot for an excessive amount of time, you’ll find yourself sinking eventually.

There is still the motion transfer that comes with any bed. Although you can’t balance a glass of wine on the bed while jumping, your partner will sleep comfortably, and you can get in and out of bed. But, during sexual activity, you will experience less motion transfer than with a traditional bed.

Where Can I Buy It?

Amerisleep is a very proud direct-to-consumer, an online retailer. You can utilize their store’s website and explore the options that fit you best. They deliver right to your door and provide easy returns after 30-days if you find that it isn’t the right fit for you.

How Much Does It Cost?

These are affordable mattresses that begin to enter the luxury price range. They are aimed to fit many different budgets with their size availability and the different models you can select from have some price variance as well. However, if you’re looking for something more cost-effective, other brands are cheaper.

Keep in mind that these options are still a bit higher in price than other deliver-to-your-door foam mattresses. But, when compared to a standard mattress they are significantly more cost-effective. There is also no reason to need a new bed frame or foundation, although Amerisleep does have options specifically designed for their mattresses.

Weigh your options when it comes down to budget. If you’re spending more on a mattress with a 20-year warranty it could be better in the long run than spending less on a mattress; you’ll need to replace in 5 to 7-years.

Is It Worth It?

For the price you’re paying, Amerisleep is a high-quality foam mattress. The variety of the models and availability of sizes make it a good choice for many. It is worth it if you’re looking for a foam mattress to last you years. Now, if you’re looking for a bed to get you through a few years at a college or until you can find more permanent living space, maybe not.

Many people are turning to deliver-to-your-door mattresses because they are usually a lot cheaper than a traditional mattress. If you’re looking just to save money, there are cheaper options than the Amerisleep models.

Shipping Info

These mattresses ship throughout the United States for free and packaged in a box. Mattress compression is a new method of packaging that has many consumers raising some questions.

Amerisleep compresses their mattresses. It comes in a lot of plastic packaging, and after removing all the plastic, the mattress will begin to expand. Within about 6 hours, it will look like a standard mattress. However, it can take 24 hours to expand fully.

This time lapse means that you probably shouldn’t spend your first night on it, instead give it time. With the mattress needing up to 24 hours to reach its appropriate level of firmness and size it’s best to wait.

Best Foundation for Amerisleep Bed

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Foundation

Finding your perfect sleeping position is difficult, and adjustable beds are becoming more popular. These mattresses are designed to work well with this specific bed base. There are two options which vary in size and range of motion.

Using a remote, you can change the angle of your feet, knees, and head on the mattress easily. Snoring partners can prop up a bit, while those with constant back pain can elevate their knees or feet to straighten out their spine for greater support. These aspects make an adjustable bed foundation a top choice for couples who need a bed that can deliver two different sets of needs.

Why Not to Buy an Amerisleep Mattress?

Most people turn away from Amerisleep because of their warranty conditions and the mandatory 30-day sleep trial.

These, especially working together, make consumer’s feel like they’re stuck with a product. If you decide after 2 weeks that a foam mattress isn’t right for you, you have to wait another 2 weeks before returning it. Many people cannot afford to purchase a new mattress without returning the initial purchase first. We’ve all slept on a bad bed and know the feeling of needing a new mattress. Then there’s the other option of 30-days not being enough time to decide.

The other part of people choosing not to buy an Amerisleep mattress is the warranty. When you hear “20-year warranty” you imagine that it means they’ll cover the cost of repair or replacement for 20 years. However, the conditions, including paying 50% of the purchase price after 10-years makes this more like a 10-year warranty.

Compare Similar Brands

If you’re looking for similar brands that offer quality consistent to an Amerisleep bed without the issues of mandatory trials, confusing warranties or the higher price, check these out:

Brand Trial Period Warranty Price
Bed in a Box 365 days – non-mandatory 20-year $599 +
Brentwood Home 120 nights 10-year $795 +


The Amerisleep brand and specifically the AS2 model get an A- here. They are a great brank that offers a lot of quality, however, for specific needs, there are better options available. The price is reasonable, but there are cheaper options available through other brands. The comfort is great, but there are more specifically designed mattresses for each sleeper available.

Amerisleep is still a relatively new brand that has engineered a great mattress and will probably continue to improve their products. They’re worth their 30-day trial, especially if you’ve never used a memory foam mattress before.

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